Monday, January 4, 2016

Holocaust Survivors Don’t Accept Apology From Mr. Yosef Mizrachi Over Comments Made About 6 Million Kedosim

On Sunday, Mr. Mizrachi issued a half assed apology 

One well-known survivor, Dr. Moshe Katz, agreed to go on camera and deliver a message to Mr. Mizrachi.

Dr. Moshe Katz is a noted author and lecturer about the holocaust. He is the author of the well-received holocaust book, “Nine Out of Ten.” He has lectured at hundreds of Yeshivos, shuls and schools about the holocaust.

Dr. Katz was also one of the founding members of several Yeshivos and schools including Yeshiva of Southshore, Yeshivas Sh’or Yoshiv, Yeshiva Darchei Torah, and Torah Academy for Girls. He is both a pillar of the Torah community as well as a pillar of the survivors of the holocaust. 

Below is his reaction to the unfortunate lies regarding the holocaust that was promoted by Mr. Mizrachi.
(Dov Gefen

Here watch where Mr. Mizrachi claims that secular Jewish women posed in the nude to Nazi murderers knowing full well that they will be murdered minutes later..
How sick and perverted can a guy be? How low can a guy go?
And he calls himself a "rabbi"!

This is an outright lie and a rational human being wouldn't even understand this sick statement! 
He seems to be busy with woman all the time and in this video he admits  looking at nude photos of  secular and religious Jewish dead women of the Holocaust!
And how does he know when he looks at a nude lady whether she is frum or secular? 
You cannot tell by the hair, because many frum women have their own hair underneath the shaitel or the scarf!
Does a frum lady have an identifying mark on her body that a secular lady does not?
Let's ask the expert ..... Mr. Mizrachi!


Romanisher Ferd said...

Satmar could use a guy like this for their anti-Zionist propaganda. He makes as much sense as the talking points they put out.

Anonymous said...

Viewing this latest horrible video,you realize this bastard is not only a vicious criminally insane holocaust denying KAPO animal but is definitely a crazed sexuall pervert who needs to be locked up in an institution for the criminally insane sexual predators.
This Jew hating animal needs to be declared PERSONA NON GRATA by every Jewish organization,
If there is one person who deserves to be put into CHEREM it is non other that Yossie mixers yemach shemo