Monday, November 30, 2015

Russians ban Soros Foundation as ‘threat to Russian national security’

The Russian Prosecutor General’s Office has recognized George Soros’s Open Society Institute and another affiliated organization as undesirable groups, banning Russian citizens and organizations from participation in any of their projects.
In a statement released on Monday, prosecutors said the activities of the Open Society Institute and the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation were a threat to the foundations of Russia’s Constitutional order and national security. They added that the Justice Ministry would be duly informed about these conclusions and would add the two groups to Russia’s list of undesirable foreign organizations.
Prosecutors launched a probe into the activities of the two organizations - both sponsored by the well-known US financier George Soros - in July this year, after Russian senators approved the so-called “patriotic stop-list” of 12 groups that required immediate attention over their supposed anti-Russian activities. Other groups on the list included the National Endowment for Democracy; the International Republican Institute; the National Democratic Institute; the MacArthur Foundation and Freedom House.
In late July, the Russian Justice Ministry recognized the US National Endowment for Democracy as an undesirable group after prosecutors discovered the US NGO had spent millions on attempts to question the legitimacy of Russian elections and tarnish the prestige of national military service.
The Law on Undesirable Foreign Organizations came into force in early June this year. It requires the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Foreign Ministry to draw up an official list of undesirable foreign organizations and outlaw their activities. Once a group is recognized as undesirable, its assets in Russia must be frozen, its offices closed and the distribution of any of its materials must be banned.
If the ban is violated, the personnel of the outlawed group and any Russian citizens who cooperate with them could face heavy fines, or even prison terms in the case of repeated or aggravated offences.
The Soros Foundation started working in Russia in the mid-1990s, but wrapped up its active operations in 2003.

Senior Hamas Official Al-Bardawil: Jews Kill Palestinian Children to Knead Their Blood into Matzos

In a November 26, 2015 interview on the Hamas Al-Aqsa TV channel, Salah Al-Bardawil, a Hamas leader in Gaza, said that the Jews had “ancient biblical beliefs, which instructed them to kill children and collect their blood, in order to knead it into the bread that is eaten on Passover.” “This is the killing of a Palestinian child in order to collect his blood and to knead it into the bread they eat,” he said. 

Mir Bochrim protect IDF Soldier that was Attacked by other Jews at the Beis Yisrael Shteiblach

Unbelievable Chutzpeh! 
Yidden are are going thru living hell in Eretz Yisroel right now, and instead of blessing and thanking the IDF, these animals attack them!
And what did the IDF soldier do to deserve the beating? He went to daven! 

It's not enough that the IDF are targets by Arab murderers and have to watch their backs, they now cannot find peace in a Shul!

The savage behavior by these bastards come from the Yeshivos...
Its time to cut these savages off.... I stopped giving anyone from Meah Sheorim any Tzedaakah, even though I am sure that there are children there that need it ... let them take money from the "medinah" 
I also stopped shopping there!

Thank G-d for the Mirerer Bochrim, probably Americans that protected him!

An IDF soldier was attacked by Yidden at the shteiblach in the Beis Yisrael area of Yerushalayim on Monday morning 18 Kislev.
Police were quick to respond. 
One person was detained, but released by police.
 It does not appear that the soldier was seriously injured B”H
 Yeshiva Bochrim from the nearby Mir Yerushalayim were davening at the shteiblach at the time and surrounded the soldier and protected him while he continued davening.

Insanity reigns in the UN mad-house

It may have escaped your notice,
 but the world went completely insane in the last week of November.

In the wake of the Paris Islamic outrages that left over 130 killed and more than 300 badly injured, after the carnage in a Mali hotel, following the downing of Russian passenger and fighter planes over Sinai and Syria, and the never-ending mayhem in the Middle East with its consequential million plus refugees desperately trying to find shelter in a Europe and America that are locking their doors, 

the United Nations continued its blind hatred of Israel by passing another SIX resolutions condemning the Jewish state for all sort of alleged misdemeanors.

No other country was sanctioned, only Israel.

The depravity of their anti-Israel decision making was encapsulated in one resolution that
 “Determines once more that the continued occupation of the Syrian Golan and its de facto annexation constitute a stumbling block in the way of achieving a just, comprehensive and lasting peace in the region.”

They are not only blindly ill-informed at the UN, they are certifiably insane. 

Someone needs to knock on their door and tell them about Islamic State, Jebhat Al-Nusrah, the slaughter of Christians, Muslims, Yazidis and Kurds by international meddlers but mostly by the murderous Assad regime.

If there is anywhere on the Syrian border where peace and justice reigns, it is Israel’s presence on the Golan Heights.

If the immorality of these resolutions wasn’t bad enough, not one European nation voted against the Syria-Golan-peace resolution. Not one!

So, while the world is going to hell in a hand-basket, according to the UN it is Israel maintaining a peaceful Golan that is driving them there, and liberal democratic Europe is their navigator.
The United Nations has become the mad-house of international diplomacy and its inmates keep proving, over and over again, that they are certifiably insane.

Barry Shaw is the Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies. He is also the author of best-selling ‘Fighting Hamas, BDS and Anti-Semitism.’

Sunday, November 29, 2015

New York Times invents backlash against NY Muslims

Listen. I have been in the news business all my life, even wrote an entire book about it here, so I know how it works.

Let’s pretend for a moment that I am managing editor of a New York newspaper and it’s a slow news day, which drives me crazy. I need news. I need a headline.
Anything will do, and quick.

I glance across the newsroom. I ask around. Anything happening? People shrug.
“Oh come on,” I yell. “Something. Anything. This is the town that never sleeps.”

I ask Abdul, who runs our Foreign Desk, if he’s got anything to give. “The usual,” he pouts. “Nothing for front page.”

On the Op-ed side, no worries. I’ve got Tom Friedman blaming Israel for this and that. So that’s covered.

At City Desk I remind Aziz that the Paris bombings happened only weeks ago. There must be some reaction.

How about this? 

He suggests that we run a story about local Muslims coping with an Islamophobic backlash.

“Anything to this?” I ask.

“No, but we can invent, make up a story.”

“Done” – and presto, ladies and gentlemen, Wed, Nov. 25 a story appears in The New York Times with the following headline:


Are Jewish students frightened? You bet.
Gevalt! – except that the story immediately falls apart and never lives up to the headline.

Muslims, says the piece, are being cautioned not to stand too close to subway rail tracks. 

Has anyone been thrown overboard? No. 

Have mosques been burned? No. 

Have Muslims been shot, stabbed, run over while walking 
along Fifth Avenue  --as are Jews in Israel at the hands of Jerusalem Muslims? No.

Have New York Muslims been verbally assaulted. Yes!
Millions? No. Thousands. No. 

How many? 


That is the entire story. 
Two New York City Muslims report being verbally harassed or “elbowed.”

The Times got this info from CAIR, the disgraced Council on American-Islamic Relations….but that is good enough for the Times.

Good enough to profile an entire population and paint the entire city of New York with the brush of bigotry.
Good enough to entertain the paper’s zombie Liberal readers.
Exactly what happened to these sensitive New York Muslims? Elbowed, yes, but also “spat upon.”

This is special to Muslims? 
Happens to everybody in this town that I know – that and much worse.
Horrors – 

but then we learn that following the Nov. 13 Paris attacks, there was only ONE hate crime alleged and reported against Muslims. 

On hate crimes throughout the US, 
Muslims suffer the least,
 Jews the most – a whopping 83 percent. 

Good journalism would demand that this counterpoint be noted, but we’re talking The New York Times, which long ago forgot what it’s supposed to be doing…print the truth.

Still acting on orders to manufacture a crisis, reporter Kirk Semple keeps to his shaky premise by quoting one Muslim after another as being “frightened.”

These days, aren’t we all?
One New York letter-to-the-editor simply put it like this: “I am Jewish and I am frightened.”

Are Jewish students frightened? You bet. 

From campus to campus they are consistently bullied and harassed by judeophobic bullies.
Oh that! Never mind. Only Muslims bleed, according to the Times. Jews, never; Christians, neither.

New York-based bestselling novelist Jack Engelhard writes a regular column for Arutz Sheva. He is the author of the international classic “Indecent Proposal” now followed by the clash of civilizations newsroom thriller “The Bathsheba Deadline.” Engelhard is the recipient of the Ben Hecht Award for Literary Excellence. Website:

Former NYPD Jewish Cop Reveals ‘Hard to Listen to’ Recordings of Anti-Semitic Abuse From Fellow Officers

A Jewish New York Police Department officer who was forced to quit his job — after a request for a transfer to another department was denied by his superiors – released recordings of the relentless antisemitic abuse he suffered from fellow officers, ABC News show “The Investigators” reported this week.
David Attali, a six-year veteran of the NYPD with the World Trade Center Command, told ABC that the slurs he received began to escalate from jokes about Jews to constant references to the “good job” Hitler did.

Attali, originally from Israel, said he initially tried to ignore the incessant barbs, many of which were voiced in front of supervisors.
“Certain officers will come in, regardless of who is standing there, sergeant, lieutenant, not referring to me as David,” but rather “dirty Jew.”
Another commonplace greeting Attali recounted he would receive was, “I should throw you in an oven.”
When Attali’s request to be transferred to another command was denied, he decided to begin recording his fellow officers.
This week, Attali went public with the tapes for the first time on “The Investigators,” whose anchor called them “hard to listen to.”
The following are examples of the kind of comments to which he was subjected on a daily basis:
Police officer (in fake German accent): “Do you want to go to this camp for the summer?”
Attali: “Why?”
Police officer: “Oh, you will lose so much weight, you’ll be in the best shape of your life.”
Attali: “How so?”
Police officer: “It’s a concentration camp.”
Police officer: “Think about it. Where do Jews with ADD get sent?”
Attali: “Where?”
Police officer: “Concentration camps.”
“You smell like (expletive) and fish,” one officer told him. “You smell like Gefilte (expletive).”
Officer No. 1: “I hate that haircut.”
Attali: “Want me to shave my head?”
Officer No. 1: “I want to push you into an oven and (expletive) burn.”
Officer No. 2: “I want to tattoo a number on you.”
Officer No. 3: “DKS7741, step up, breathe in this tube. And, oh wait, he died, surprise, surprise.”
Attali said that his locker was also a target, with antisemitic slogans and photos – such as a supermarket ad for pork — being plastered in it by coworkers.
He eventually filed a complaint with the NYPD Office of Equal Employment, which concluded that though his locker had been vandalized, his allegations of verbal harassment were unsubstantiated.
“It was too much for me,” Attali said, bemoaning how his dream job had turned into his worst nightmare. “That’s it, I’m done. I’m out… I really had no option.”
Since quitting the force, Attali has filed a discrimination lawsuit against the NYPD and nine officers. His lawyer, Rocco Avallone, told ABC that his client “had to quit. He was what we call constructively discharged. They basically forced him to quit once the transfer got denied.”
The NYPD says it is conducting an internal investigation into this case, and disciplinary charges have been filed against three officers.

5 Devastating Facts About Black-on-Black Crime

FACT 1. Over 1,400 more black Americans murdered other blacks in two years than were lynched from 1882 to 1968.
According to FBI data, 4,906 black people murdered other blacks in 2010 and 2011. That is 1,460 more black Americans killed by other blacks in two years than were lynched from 1882 to 1968, according to the Tuskegee Institute.
FACT 2. Black People (mostly men) commit a grossly disproportionate amount of crime.
In 2012, white males were 38 percent of the population and committed 4,582 murders. That same year, black males were just 6.6 percent of the population but committed a staggering 5,531 murders.
In other words: black people–at just a fifth of the size–committed almost 1,000 more murders than their white counterparts.
The figures above highlight a horrific truth that black racialists and white liberals routinely ignore: Lawbreaking black Americans, young black males particularly, put themselves in close proximity to (mostly white male) police officers at rates sometimes five to 10 times higher than whites. This is a recipe for disaster. Thusly….
FACT 3. Despite making up just 13% of the population, blacks committed half of homicides in the United States for nearly 30 years.
DOJ statistics show that between 1980 and 2008, black people committed 52% of homicides.
In 2013, black criminals committed 38% of the murders. Whites accounted for just 31 percent.
There are five times fewer black people than white people in America and, yet, they consistently carry out a larger share of the crimes? Given this rate, it’s no wonder that there aren’t more assistances where cops kill black criminals.
FACT 4. Chicago’s death toll is almost equal to that of both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, combined.
There have been almost as many deaths in one American city as there have been in the two major wars carried out by the U.S. military this century.
Chicago’s death toll from 2001-November, 26 2015 stands at 7,401. The combined total deaths during Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003-2015: 4,815) and Operation Enduring Freedom/Afghanistan (2001-2015: 3,506), total 8,321.
FACT 5. It would take cops 40 years to kill as many black men as have died at the hands of others black men in 2012 alone.
University of Toledo criminologist Dr. Richard R. Johnson examined the latest crime data from the FBI’s Supplementary Homicide Reports and Centers for Disease Control and found that an average of 4,472 black men were killed by other black men annually between Jan. 1, 2009, and Dec. 31, 2012.
Professor Johnson’s research further concluded that 112 black men died from both justified and unjustified police-involved killings annually during this same period.

Theodore Schiffman killed crossing street in Lawrence

Theodore Schiffman, 82, of Boca Raton, was crossing Nassau Expressway at the intersection with Broadway when he was struck by a southbound 2013 Dodge near the center divider about 5:45 p.m., police said.
Schiffman was taken to an area hospital and pronounced dead at 8:32 p.m. by hospital...

 Mr. Schiffman was a member of the White Shul for close to 50 year, and previously served as Chairman of The Board. He was visiting Lawrence for Shabbos.

The driver of the Dodge, a male 66 years of age, remained at the scene while the investigation was conducted. A brake and safety test was administered at which time it was determined the vehicle was operating properly and released to the driver. There is no criminality indicated at this time.
Local Askonim from the Achiezer Organization worked closely with the medical Examiner to ensure proper Kavod Hamaes over Shabbos.
The Levaya details will be published when available.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

There is no future for Jews in Europe', says Brussels' chief rabbi

Brussels' chief rabbi has warned there is 'no future for Jews in Europe' following the Paris attack and lockdown across Belgium
Rabbi Avraham Gigi was interviewed on Israeli radio when he gave the bleak outlook for Jewish people in Europe. 
He warned that people were afraid to walk the streets or meet up in large groups following the attacks which claimed the lives of 130 people and injured more than 300 others. 

Chief Rabbi of Brussels Avraham Gigi, centre, said Jewish people had 'no future in Europe predicting that an ever greater number of people will move to Israel or Canada
Chief Rabbi of Brussels Avraham Gigi, centre, said Jewish people had 'no future in Europe predicting that an ever greater number of people will move to Israel or Canada
Speaking to Israeli radio, Rabbi Gigi said that people were afraid to meet up in large groups due to the threat
Speaking to Israeli radio, Rabbi Gigi said that people were afraid to meet up in large groups due to the threat
Rabbi Gigi said the synagogues in the city have been closed for the first time since the Second World War
Rabbi Gigi said the synagogues in the city have been closed for the first time since the Second World War
Belgium raises threat risk to the highest level in Brussels
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The Jerusalem Post reported Rabbi Gigi's comments to local radio station 103FM. 
He said:'There is a sense of fear in the streets, the Belgians understand that they too are targets of terror. Jews now pray in their homes [as opposed to at synagogues] and some of them are planning on emigrating.' 

Rabbi Gigi told listeners that Brussels has been paralysed since the attacks. He said: 'The synagogues were closed, something which has not happened since World War Two. People are praying alone or are holding small minyanim [small prayer groups] at private homes. Schools and theatres are closed as are most large stores and public events are not permitted. We live in fear and wait for instructions from the police or the government,' 
He said Brussels had a Jewish population of approximately 25,000 with a further 18,000 in Antwerp. In total there are 50,000 Jewish people in Belgium with the remainder scattered across smaller communities. 

Rabbi Gigi claimed that many Jewish people in Belgium were considering leaving the country.

He added: 'There has been aliya to Israel as well as emigration to Canada and the US. People understand there is no future for Jews in Europe. Jews should not make aliya out of fear because this will result in a poor absorption experience as a feeling that something was left behind will always remain. People should make aliya out of a love for Israel.'

Jonathan Pollard’s Final Cruel Punishment

After thirty long years of imprisonment, unprecedented punishment for the crime of spying on behalf of an American ally, Jonathan Pollard is at last a free man.
Pollard’s incarceration in a maximum security prison which he spent in solitary isolation for lengthy periods of time is finally over. Even those appalled by his offense must surely find sufficient compassion in their hearts to be gladdened by his long-awaited release, having more than paid for his unlawful actions many years ago. Today Pollard is a frail and sickly man, far from a threat to American security, anxious only to live out his remaining years with a small measure of comfort and tranquility.
But Pollard’s punishment is not yet over. By the terms of his release, he will be denied the one dream most precious to him, the one hope for which he prayed while fulfilling the terms of his sentence. Jonathan Pollard wants to end his days on earth together with his wife in the land of Israel. And this, the American government has told him, he is not allowed to do for at least five years.
What is the rationale for this cruel ruling? Why add this restriction if Pollard’s release from prison clearly makes the statement that he has paid his dues to his country, to his government and to society? We just learned the answer from Joseph E DiGenova, the former United States attorney who prosecuted Pollard. “If Mr. Pollard were allowed to go to Israel, where his case has been a cause celebre, there would be a parade and events just rubbing it in the United States’ face.”
The United States was afraid to release Pollard earlier and continues to be afraid to let him now emigrate to Israel because there might be some who will publicly express approval for his past actions - and the highest priority must be given to prevent criminals from becoming lionized.
But, with galling hypocrisy, that is a policy which America chose for itself but never deemed necessary when it came to Israel. For years, the United States has pressured Israel to release Palestinian prisoners as “a goodwill gesture,” an indication that Israel “truly wants peace,” a step forward “demonstrating compassion.” These were not people who merely spied for a friendly ally. These were butchers of innocent civilians, men, women, children and infants. These were terrorists guilty of the cruelest and most barbaric acts imaginable. At White House urging, all too often, Israel complied. And brutal murderers became Palestinian national heroes, released killers turned into heroic role models for a new Arab generation to be guided by hatred and brainwashed into martyrdom.
Palestinian society’s habitual glorification of terrorists is one of its most effective means of promoting terror. This is how the Palestinian authority entices future terrorists by offering them an opportunity for future glory and honor. Terror and murder are the Palestinian’s tickets to fame and national adoration
Those who are idolized are a veritable rogue’s gallery of sadistic and brutal killers. Those who have killed the greatest number are paid the greatest honor. Abd Al-Baset Udeh, killer of 30 at the Passover Seder massacre, had a soccer tournament for 14-year-olds named for him. His brother was honored with distributing the trophies. Dalal Mughrabi, terrorist bus hijacker who led the most lethal terror attack in Israel’s history in 1978, when she and other terrorists killed 37 civilians, 12 of them children, has had summer camps, schools, graduation ceremonies and sporting events named for her, as well as many TV documentaries honoring her.
We might imagine, based on America’s antipathy to criminal glorification with regard to Pollard – albeit only as a possibility – there would be strong denunciation of this continued ongoing practice among Palestinians, particularly coming from the supposed “moderate” camp of Prime Minister Abbas. Yet there is not a peep of protest, in the aftermath of the horrific stabbings and killings of innocent Israeli victims, when stabbers become saints and killers become poster models for martyrdom.
On Oct. 3, 2015, Palestinian terrorist Muhannad Halabi, 19, attacked Aharon Bennet, 21, and his family, who were on their way back from prayer at the Western Wall through the Old City of Jerusalem. The terrorist killed Aharon and Nechemia Lavi, who came to the family's aid, and injured Aharon's wife and 2-year-old son. The Palestinians honored “Martyr (Shahid)” Muhannad Halabi by naming a football tournament after him.
The PA Ministry of Education is now planting olive trees honoring the “Martyrs” who have taken part in brutally murdering and injuring Israelis throughout the country.
“This event is meant to illustrate the devotion of the ministry and its staff to honoring the Martyrs, among them school students, and to strengthen the sense of belonging to the land… [and] in order to highlight the permanent presence of the Martyrs and to honor their sacrifices,” PNN, an independent Palestinian news agency.
And the list goes on and on.
If the fear of glorifying criminals was strong enough to delay Pollard’s release for years and to prevent him now from going to Israel to avert a possible parade in his honor - a fear which is far from a certainty – why is it not reason enough to be applied to the Arab world which continues to do precisely that for its terrorists? Can we still maintain the absurd delusion that those who idolize terrorists want anything other than ongoing terrorism?
And can we – America and the civilized world – not demand that if Palestinians truly seek peace they cannot continue to hold up as saintly role models those who know only the ways of fanatic extremism and violence?

Tzipporah Unger gets killed in Monsey Accident

Tzipporah Unger seen in photo

Mrs. Tzipporah Unger tragically lost her life Wednesday night, after her car collided with a Monsey Trails Bus in the Town of Ramapo. 

The Ramapo Police Department in a statement said that Mrs. Tziporah (Holly) Unger A”H (57) was driving on Viola Road near Ramapo High School at around 7:15PM Tuesday evening, when she collided with the bus.

According to the police investigation, for reasons unknown her vehicle suddenly left her lane and struck the bus which was stopped at the time with no passengers in his lane going in the opposite direction.

Hatzolah Paramedics transported the woman to Westchester Medical Center, but unfortunately she was Niftar a few hour later due to serious injuries.

Police said they had not determined a cause of the accident, and the investigation is ongoing at this time.

Mrs. Tzipporah Unger A”H, is the wife of R’ Shmuel Unger.

According to a GoFundMe campaign set up to raise money for funeral expenses, the family had moved to Israel several years ago, but moved back to the Monsey area for financial reasons.  

The Levaya will take place today, Thursday, in Bais Medrash Tefila Lemoshe, 35 Brockton Road at 1:00 PM.