Monday, December 31, 2018

More than 6.6 million Jews living in Israel on eve of 2019,

Israel’s population neared nine million on the eve of the new year, the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics reported Monday.

A total of approximately 8,972,000 people lived in Israel as of December 31st, according to the CBS’ estimates.

Of those nearly 9 million people, roughly 74.3%, or 6,668,000, are Jews. 

Approximately 1.88 million, or 20.9% of the population, are Arabs, while 426,000 (4.8% of the total) are neither Jewish nor Arab, and are classified as “Others”. 

A large portion of this third category are non-Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe who moved to Israel under the Right of Return after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

According to the CBS report Monday, Israel’s population grew by two percent during 2018. Of the total population growth in 2018, 81% was the result of natural growth (the number of live births minus the number of deaths), while 19% was the result of net positive migration to Israel.

A total of 28,000 new immigrants moved to Israel during 2018, while 185,000 children were born. 

In addition, 12,000 returning citizens moved back to Israel in 2018.

Of the 185,000 live births in 2018, 74.4% were to Jewish mothers, compared to 22.8% to Arab mothers. Only 2.8% of live births were to mothers in the “Others” category.

By comparison, 7,000 Israelis emigrated from Israel in 2018, and there were a total of 45,000 deaths recorded.

The Charediem Have Succeeded in Pressuring Publications to Erase Women & Girls From All Publications

MAZEL TOV! A 4th Chareidi Grandchild For Israel PM Netanyahu

While Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara continue their visit to Brazil, his chareidi daughter, Noa Roth, gave birth to a healthy baby girl. This is the fourth child in the family, after two sons and a daughter.
Noa is married to Chabad businessman Daniel Roth and they live in the Sanhedria neighborhood of Yerushalayim, where he is viewed among the prominent figures in the neighborhood.
The prime minister’s daughter became frum years ago and got married around twelve years ago.
The birth was on Sunday at Hadassah Mount Scopus Hospital in Jerusalem, BeChadrei Chareidim reported.
Family sources tell BeChadrei that there is a connection between the prime minister and his son-in-law, his daughter and his chareidi grandchildren, but they are unaware if a call took place from Brazil to wish Noa a mazel tov.

Munkatcher (R' Burechel) Rebbe's Dati Grandson Wants To Be A Rebbe (Hebrew Video)

Day Yoimie Snippets ... Chullin 26, 27, 28,29, 30, 31, & 32

Hey ladies ... here is an opportunity to test your husbands and see if he really goes to the daf....

Also it is a good opportunity for the entire family to share thoughts on the daf ... so that the family feels united by discussing what the head of the house is studying.   
You can copy and print this without my consent, since Torah belongs to all of us..... 

See  previous Daf Yoimie Snippets 

"דף כ''ו "הבדלה במוצאי שבת וחג      
Page26  Mesectas Chullin  
"Havdala of Motzei Shabbos & Yom Tov" 
The Halacha is that on every single Motzei Shabbos, even if Motzei Shabbos falls on the night of a Yom Tov, we make the Havdala ceremony. 

The Mishna on this Daf rules that when Yom Tov falls on Motzei Shabbos, the Havdala includes the phrase
" המבדיל בין קודש לקודש'' .  
"Blessed are You Hashem, Who separates between the holy and the holy." 

Normally, when it comes to mark the close of Shabbos and a weekday, the Havdala blessing mentions the separation "between holy and the mundane," המבדיל בין קודש לחול''
but since in this case we have a festival come in just as the Shabbos ends, we do make a Havdala, a separation, but it is between the holiness of the Shabbos that just ended and the holiness of the upcoming festival.

The purpose of making this Havdala is because by making Havdala we are sanctifying the Shabbos that just ended.

Just like we made kiddush on Friday night to distinguish the holiness of the Shabbos and the mundane aspects of the past week, so too when Shabbos ends there is a Mitzvah to distinguish between the holiness of the past Shabbos and upcoming mundane aspects of the new week.

Before the era of the  אנשי כנסת הגדולה, the "Men of the Great Assembly" there was no specific text of how to recite the Havdala; everyone who made Havdala made up the verses  as he went along.

The "Men of the Great Assembly" which was made up of Ezra Ha'Sofer and his Bais Din composed the "nusach" of all organized prayer and included the Havdala text that we have today!

Press "read more" immediately below to continue to the rest of the dafim!

76.9% of Chareidim Living in Bnei Brak Own Their Apartments Yet they Earn the Least of all citizens Living in Israel ????

Data from the Central Bureau of Statistics show that the average 

per capita income in the city of Bnei Brak, the city of Torah and Chassidut,  is only NIS 2771

New data published today by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) shed light on the average income and expenditure per capita in Israeli cities.

The report "Household Expenditures in the 15 Largest Cities in Israel in 2017" opens with the following data: 
Gross income per household in Israel is NIS 20,027; The net income is NIS 16,518 and the average monthly expenditure per household is NIS 13,114.
In Rehovot, the most money spent: NIS 14,056, and in Bat Yam the average of the lowest expenditure was NIS 10,455.
As always, the ultra-Orthodox cities - mainly Bnei Brak - lead the bottom of the lists in several studies
• About a quarter of the household income in Bnei Brak comes from allowances and subsidies - more than twice the national average (only 61.1% of the income comes from work). 
However, the percentage of residents of the city who live in apartments owned by them is the highest in Israel - 76.9%..
• In Bnei Brak, per capita income is the lowest in Israel - as well as expenditure per capita. The average income is only NIS 2,771, and the average expenditure is only NIS 2,357
• The average income per household in Bnei Brak stands at NIS 14,185, also the lowest in Israel.
• In Bnei Brak, the highest percentages of ownership of air-conditioners and freezers were recorded - 

"Shvartzas" The New face of Anti-Semitism

Jews (Tuchis Lekkers) Marching With Rev Martin Luther King for Civil Rights

This is what happens when you keep helping people who hate you ... 
Jews were in the forefront in the Civil Rights Movement, marching with Rev Martin Luther King, Jews were murdered while helping blacks fight for civil rights ....
What do they get in return???? 
Then get kicked and bitten in the ass!! 

The new face of anti-Semitism in America is increasingly black, liberal and famous.

Last weekend, LeBron James, the biggest name in basketball, posted on Instagram the lyrics to a song by the rapper 21 Savage.

The line James typed out to his followers feeds off the ancient libel against Jews, that they control the world's money supply: "We been getting that Jewish money, everything is Kosher."

James quickly apologized, saying he didn't understand the historical context of the slur, or even that it was offensive.

The NBA and James' Los Angeles Lakers accepted that lame excuse, and now want to move on. No mandatory sensitivity training for James, no scrutiny of pro basketball for evidence of a broader problem. Starbucks should cry foul.

Rav Eliezer Mordechai Kenig of Breslov, Tzefas Passes Away at 73

The feeling of Aveilus spread rapidly in the Breslov community on Monday morning with the announcement of the Petira of HaGaon HaTzaddik HaRav Eliezer Mordechai Kenig ZT”L, who was niftar in Tzefas at the age of 73. The Rav was the Mora D’asra of the Breslov Kehilla in Tzefas.
The Rav’s condition deteriorated of late as tefilos for his recovery were heard around the world. During the night, the Rav was transported by a paramedic ambulance to Ziff Hospital in Tzefas after he complained of difficulty breathing. His major organs collapsed towards the predawn hours and he was niftar despite resuscitation efforts.
Rav Kenig was scheduled to fly to the United States on Monday for a complicated medical procedure that was to have stabilized his condition.
Rav Kenig was the leader of the Breslov tzibur in Tzefas – Nachal Novei Mekor Chachma, the kehilla which was established by HaGaon Rav Gedalyahu Kenig ZT”L, which numbers hundreds of families, with the community located in the lower part of the Old City of Tzefas, near the Ancient Cemetery.
Rav Kenig was a major figure in Breslov, and many many turned to him for advice regularly and in addition to the local kehilla, many chassidim from outside Tzefas regarded the niftar as their rov.
Levaya information: 
The levaya will begin at noon from the niftar’s home on Chassam Sofer Street in Tzefas and then towards the Trisk Beis Medrash, and then the route the niftar took daily, walking to the main Breslov Beis Medrash in Kiryat Breslov, and then to the Tzefas Cemetery for kvura. There will be transportation from Breslov communities throughout Eretz Yisrael.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Guy Dressed Up As A Lady Has Tantrum After Cashier Called him "Sir"

A transgender "woman" threw a tantrum at a GameStop in Albuquerque, New Mexico, after claiming the cashier called him “sir” instead of “ma’am.”

The trans woman then threatened to “take it outside” with the male store clerk and also wanted the number of the corporate offices to file a complaint. After much cursing and rage expressed, another patron called him sir and asked him to leave the store, in a video released Friday.

“If you call me a sir again, I will show you an (expletive) sir!” he said.

Neturei Karta Are "Menachem Aveil" Palestinan Family Who are Sitting Shiva For their "Terrorist" Son Shot by the IDF

A Group of Jewish capos who call themselves Neturei Karta arrived for condolences to the family of a Palestinian youth who was shot to death by IDF soldiers.

The Terrorist, lived in the Silwan neighborhood in Jerusalem, and was shot about a week and a half ago by soldiers at the Focus checkpoint near Bet El!

Rivkah Levy 25 Dies Suddenly in Florida

Rivka a"h died suddenly of a heart attack. The deceased is the daughter of the head of the World Kashrut OK Organization, Rabbi Don Yoel Levy.
She is survived by Her parents Rabbi Don Yoel and Malka Levy, Crown Heights, and siblings: Rikal Fogelman, Crown Heights, Yitzchak Levy, Miami, Florida, Pnina Hanoka, Crown Heights, Menachem Levy, Crown Heights, Esty Scheiner, Miami, Florida, Devorah Leah Chein, Crown Heights, Chaya Camissar, Miami, FL, Shmuly Levy, Miami, FL, and Berel Levy, Crown Heights.

The levaya will take place on Sunday, 2 pm at the Mount Sinai Memorial Park Cemetery 1125 NW 137th street, Miami, Florida. 

Shmuley Boteach and Pam Anderson at Shabbat Seudah

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach made a surprise appearance at the Carlebach Shul’s annual comedy show at Stand Up NY and told how Pamela Anderson came to his Shabbat dinner one year.
A fellow guest later told him he “was the only man who could sit next to Pamela Anderson and ogle her Rolodex!” Boteach told the sold-out crowd.
The author noted it was the 20th anniversary of his book “Kosher Sex” and said, “Even for the uncircumcised, kosher sex is a cut above!”
Comic Talia Reese said, “Babies are like beer. There’s a lot of pressure to have another from people who should have stopped a long time ago.”
Reese also quipped, “They say only the good die young. Maybe that’s why I’m so afraid of the elderly.”
Comic Sam Rubinoff said, “I watch a lot of crime dramas. Fifty percent of the time, someone in a relationship murders them. I’m not in a relationship … I’ve doubled my survival rate!”
David Weinbach riffed on the horrors of airplane travel. “My aunt works for TSA security,” he said. “She makes me take off my shoes … and belt … every time I enter her living room.”
He continued, “Airplane mode on your smartphone means the phone looks [like it’s] on, but is actually dead inside — kinda like the look of most passengers in coach!”

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Kidnapped Lev Tahor Children Have Been Recovered in Mexico

The two Lev Tahor children kidnapped on a Shabbos morning earlier this month in upstate New York,have been successfully recovered in Mexico and are in the custody of child services.
The operation involved FBI, Interpol, the US State Department and Mexican Police.
14-year-old Yante Teller and her 12-year old brother Chaim Teller are in good condition B”H, and are expected to be reunited with their mother in the United States some time next week.
Additionally, an effort is underway to have 5 leaders of the cult – arrested two weeks ago in Mexico – extradited to the United States. Their list of charges has grown since the kidnapping of the children.
Aron Rosner of Williamsburg remains in custody in New York for allegedly orchestrating the kidnapping.
According to an indictment unsealed earlier this week Rosner kidnapped the children from their family in Woodridge, NY, dressed them in clothing with superman logos (to avoid detection of law enforcement) and drove them ON SHABBOS to an airport outside of Scranton, Pennsylvania where they boarded a flight to Mexico.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Satmar Monroe Will No Longer Fundraise Using The Internet .......

The Poster praises the Dushinski Rebbe for no longer raising funds for their mosdois from the internet, and Satmar will follow his lead!

Israel blocked 19,000 people from entering in 2018

Israel turned away visitors at a record pace in 2018.
Of the about 4 million visitors to Israel in 2018, nearly 19,000 were turned away by immigration staff when they reached an entry point over concerns that they would commit criminal or security crimes in the country, the business daily Globes reported, citing statistics from the Population and Immigration Authority.
Some 16,534 people were turned away in 2016, compared to 1,870 who were refused entry in 2011, according to the report.
Staff from the Population and Immigration Authority are stationed at Israel’s airports and other entry points and are empowered to refuse to allow a foreign visitor to enter.

Satmar News Site "VIN" Vos Iz Neias Defames the IDF Quoting the Anti-Semitic B'Tzelem Organization!!

The Satmar guys running VIN, VosIzNeias, wait like hungry rats  to pounce on the 'medinah" even quoting from Nazi organizations like B'Tzelem! 
To bury, so to speak, the State, they will quote from the Chareidie hating JTA.

Copying and pasting from the JTA, they report that over "90% of Israeli Jews trust" the IDF. 

 Headlining the article 

"Are Israeli Media Too Soft On The Country’s Popular Military?"

What utter nonsense.... ...what would they want... ?? 
that the media attack the IDF, the only Jewish army in the entire universe?

They quote from the Jew hating B'Tselem organization funded by Arab murderers:

According to B’Tselem, the army  misled the public about the shooting incident in Tulkarem.
“When the incident was made public, the military responded by claiming that a ‘violent disturbance of the peace had developed’ in the area, that ‘dozens of Palestinians were throwing stones,’” B’Tselem said in a statement. “The video footage and the eyewitness accounts collected by B’Tselem from people who were near Habali show no absolutely no of sign of any ‘disturbance,’ stone-throwing or use of crowd control measures.”

Then VIN, the gypsy Satmar Website quotes anonymously ...
The following week, B’Tselem accused the IDF of “manipulating the truth” in its accounts of the deaths of two Palestinians teens killed in northern Gaza by an Israeli munition. Israel claimed he had been accidentally killed by an explosive used as a “knock on the roof” to inform residents that their building was about to be leveled. In a video posted to YouTube, B’Tselem and the British-based group Forensic Architecture alleged that the IDF intentionally omitted video footage showing that Israel’s highly touted method for warning civilians was not as safe as popularly believed.
“When reports like these come out they tend to cast doubt on the credibility of the IDF spokesman’s office,” said one senior foreign correspondent who asked to remain anonymous.

Vin, continues it's vitriol and hate, 
NGOs like B’Tselem wield significant influence in how the the outside world views the Israeli military, which it sees as as less than honest in admitting its failures.
“When human rights violations are exposed, the IDF spokesperson tends to immediately respond without substantiating claims and with no thorough research,” B’Tselem spokesman Amit Gilutz told JTA. “Thus, time and again it changes its unfounded versions, after being caught sending the media unreliable information. All this is predictable, as the spokesperson operates like a de facto PR agency for the military. What is surprising is how readily the media still publishes the military’s claims with no reservation despite such claims proven wrong, misleading or inaccurate time and time again.”

Of course, I realize that they are just copying and pasting directly from the lefty website JTA, but VIN chooses which articles they want to post when they see something that bashes our children serving so bravely in the IDF ... they pounce!!!

Nazi Nuremberg Laws Are Back In Europe .... Shechitah to Be Outlawed in Belgium as of January 1, 2019

At the beginning of 2019, Shechitah will be outlawed in the Flanders region of Belgium. The region is home to the city of Antwerp and 60 percent of the country’s Jews presenting a huge problem for the Jewish community throughout the region.
The law, which was passed in June 2017, requires that all animals should be stunned prior to their slaughter for humanitarian purposes. This requirement is not allowed according to the Halachos of Shechitah, thus making kosher shechitah illegal.
Since the law was passed, the Jewish community of Belgium, as well as various federations and organizations across the country and Europe, as well as the World Jewish Congress, have fought against the law claiming that it violates EU law, the European Convention on Human Rights and the Belgian Constitution. All three of those bodies of law guarantee the freedom of religion. In this case, that freedom is breached by making Jewish shechitah illegal.
Another region in Belgium known as the Walloon region passed a similar law in the same year. This law will come into effect in August of 2019. It too was challenged in court.
President of the Belgian Federation of Jewish Organizations, Yohan Benizri, said when the law was originally passed that: “Legislators have given Belgian Jews a worrisome political signal, by trumping their right to practice their faith, in violation of the crucial principle of separation of church and state. That’s very sad, but it is also unlawful. It is a violation of European legal norms, including the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, and we are hopeful it will be overturned as such. If this legislation ever comes into force it would be a dark day for freedom in Belgium.”
Particularly hit hard in this new process are Mashgichim and Shochtim who will face a double burden of losing their parnassah as well as having difficulty trying to find meat to give to their families.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

After 2 1/2 Minutes of "Mitzvah Tantz" Michatanim Had Enough and Break It Up!

DIN Invited to witness ceremony of First-Ever Ethiopian Israeli Get His Wings!

So we are finally on the map .... 
We were honored and privileged to be invited to the ceremony of the Israeli Air Force Graduation class of 2018.

We witnessed the first-ever Ethiopian-Israeli  graduating and watched how he received his wings along with the rest of his class at Hatzerim Air Force Base in southern Israel.
The cadet, Lieutenant Y, is the first member of his community to graduate the program; he is slated to begin active duty as a combat navigator.
We heard Bibi Netanyahu addressing the cadets and listening to him give the cadets his brachois, I was thinking that he sounded just like a rebbe .... 

Fake News reports "Migrant Boy Died In U.S. Custody" But he dies after his father refused medical attention!

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials said on Wednesday that the 8-year-old Guatemalan boy who died in U.S. custody this week did so after his alleged father declined additional medical treatment.
The boy, Felipe Gomez Alonzo, was initially taken to the hospital after CBP agents noticed that he was sick and was "diagnosed with the common cold, given prescription medications and discharged," ABC St. Louis reported.
A spokesperson for DHS said on Wednesday that the boy later continued to complain about not feeling well and started vomiting, "but the man claiming to be his father told agents that the boy did not need to return to the hospital and that 'he had been feeling better.'"
The agents later checked on the boy and noticed that his condition had worsened, at which point they decided to take him back to the hospital where he later died.
"Our system has been pushed to a breaking point by those who seek open borders," Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen wrote on Wednesday. "Smugglers, traffickers, and their own parents put these minors at risk by embarking on the dangerous and arduous journey north."

Moshe Moskowitz 34 Married Father of 3 Killed With His Own Gun in Telz-Stone

ברוך דיין האמת
 בקרית יערים טלז-סטון, נפטר אתמול באופן פתאומי ר' משה מושקוביץ ז"ל, והוא בן 34 בפטירתו. 
Yesterday, in the town of Telz-Stone, R' Moshe Moshkowitz died suddenly, He was just 34 years-old.
אמש (שלישי) בשעות אחר הצהריים, נהרג ר' משה מפליטת כדור לפתע בביתו, מאקדח אותו החזיק ברישיון. פטירתו הפתאומית בדמי ימיו הכתה בהלם את תושבי קרית יערים טלז סטון, שהלכו אחר מיטתו בהלוויה. 
It was after 3:00PM in the afternoon, when he was killed with his own licensed gun. Shocked residents of Telze-Stone followed his remains to the funeral! 
המנוח ז"ל נולד ברעננה, להוריו שיחי' בבחרותו למד בישיבת היישוב החדש בתל אביב ולאחר מכן בישיבת "מאורות התורה" בטלז סטון, שם קנה את תורתו מראשי הישיבה ולאחר מכן נישא לרעייתו ובנה את ביתו בקרית יערים טלז סטון. 
בטלז סטון מספרים ל'בחדרי חרדים' כי המנוח היה איש עדין נפש, שתמיד הלך בצידי דרכים וקבע עיתים לתורה בכל רגע פנוי. 
הותיר אחריו את רעייתו שתחי' ושלושה ילדים יתומים שנותרו ללא משענת. 
מסע הלוויה יצא אמש בשעה 22:00 מישיבת 'מאורות התורה', שם ספדו לו ראש הישיבה הגאון רבי נחום רגוזניצקי, שפתח את הספדו בפסוק "משפטיך תהום רבה, אין לנו שום הבנה על מה שקרה וסיפר על טוב ליבו, הוא היה רחוק מהשקר. אם היה מצווה בתורה לשקר אני לא יודע אם הוא היה יכול לקיים את זה. לאחר מכן הספיד בבכי ראש הישיבה הגאון רבי שמואל גריינמן, אשר סיפר על גדלותו של המנוח שהקים בית של תורה ויראה". 
אחיו הרב שאול יהודה מושקוביץ, נשא דברי הספד וסיפר כי לאחרונה כי התקיימה הגרלה בכולל "נחלי דעת" ביישוב למי שתורם ור' משה זכה בגורל על סך 10,000 שקלים זכות קנייה בצרכניית 'ברכת יוסף' בטלז סטון, הוא לא היסס וביקש מהכולל, שיעבירו את זכות הקנייה בו זכה - לאברך נצרך במקומו. 
כל המספידים עמדו על הצורך הגדול לעזור למשפחה החשובה ואף הוקמה קרן על ידי 'קופת העיר'. 
לאחר מכן יצא מסע הלוויה להר המנוחות בירושלים, שם נטמן למנוחת עולמים. 
תהא נשמתו צרורה בצרור החיים. 

Peleg Tzaddikm Rip Tichel Off Lady Trying To Stop Them From Blocking Cars!

These are Malkiel Kotler's followers!!! 
Keep sending Hard earned Jewish $$$$ to Lakewood...

Take your kids out of the "freezer" and place them in other Yeshivois...


Harvard Law School Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz said in a Wednesday interview on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal that CNN — which he described as an “anti-Trump network,” alongside MSNBC — no longer invites him as a guest following his repeated statements in opposition to Democrat calls for impeaching President Donald Trump.

Dershowitz said:

More and more I’m getting called on only by people who misunderstand and think I’m pro-Trump. I’m not pro-Trump, but it’s been harder for me to get on anti-Trump networks – not that I’m craving to be on television all the time. I have a good life, but it has had an impact on which channels seek my services more often, and that’s changed. I used to be, for example, on CNN more often than on Fox. I was a regular — not paid — but just a person who was on all the time debating with [Jeffrey Toobin]; debating with others.
I haven’t been on CNN, now, since the summer, and Fox calls me all the time. I’d love to be available to people who watch all channels and I try to write op-eds widely for different newspapers and different media.
If I had written a case against impeaching Hillary Clinton — if Hillary Clinton had been president — they’d have built a statue to me on Martha’s Vineyard, but instead, my friends on Martha’s Vineyard need trigger warnings. They don’t want to be seen in the same room as me, because my book has been The Case Against Impeaching Donald Trump. There are many reasons I wish Hillary Clinton had been elected president, one of which is, I would’ve kept many more friends if I had written the book The Case Against Impeaching Hillary Clinton, but I want to emphasize, it would’ve been essentially the same book.

Moshiach Seen Outside The Old City Wall

Chassidishe Wedding Canceled Because Chasan Has Measles

A Chasidic wedding scheduled for tonight has been called off at the last minute because the groom is infected with the measles.
One of the musicians who was hired to play at the wedding  confirmed that the New York City Department of Health put the kibosh on the wedding which was to have taken place at the Vayoel Moshe hall in Williamsburg.
The DOH declined to comment on the matter, citing a policy of not sharing information on specific patients.
 The groom is from Antwerp and showed signs of having measles when he landed in New York,  the bride is a Williamsburg resident.  
The wedding was scheduled to take place in the Vayoel Moshe Hall on Bedford Avenue in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn.

Rabbi Yisroel Pinto, Owner of Orot Hotel in Uman Dies at 34

Swine flu has struck the small Israeli Jewish community of Uman, in Ukraine, and taken the life of 34-year-old Rabbi Yisrael Pinto, z’l, according to a report posted on the Hebrew-language Actualic news website.

Rabbi Pinto served as a spiritual leader in Uman’s Breslov community, and was the owner and manager of the Orot Hotel. The rabbi was transferred to Odessa for medical care when his condition began to deteriorate, and when it was obvious that he required better care he was transferred to Israel’s Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center in Jerusalem – but he did not survive.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

IDF Jets Strike Hezbollah Leaders & Arms Depot Near Damascus....Airstrike targeted Hezbollah leaders

Israeli warplanes flying over Lebanon fired missiles toward areas near the Syrian capital of Damascus late Tuesday, reportedly striking several leaders of the Hezbollah terror group, hitting an arms depot and wounding three soldiers, Syrian state media reported.
Sanaa News Agency reported that the air defense systems in Syria were activated and shot down some Israeli missiles.
The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a war monitor, said Israeli airstrikes targeted three positions south of Damascus that are arms depots for Lebanon’s  Hezbollah terror group and Iranian forces.
In an apparent Hezbollah retaliation, the IDF spokesperson said that the Israeli air defense systems shot down an anti-aircraft missile fired into Israeli airspace and that no damage or injuries were reported.

NYPD Officer Fights Off Group of Homeless Men Inside Manhattan Subway Station, CHARGES DROPPED!

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Monday, December 24, 2018

Women's March leader claims she was kicked out of group for being Jewish as rift becomes so deep that TWO rival protests are to take place on the SAME day next month in New York

A former leader of the Women's March has claimed that she was kicked out of the group because she is Jewish.
Vanessa Wruble, from Brooklyn, left and formed her own group called March On, which is set to hold a protest on the same day as Women's March next month on January 19.
Wruble claims that she confided in the Women's March group that it was her Jewish heritage that inspired her to try to help repair the world.
She alleged that she was told by fellow leaders Tamika Mallory, a black gun control activist, and Carmen Perez, a Latina criminal justice reform activist, that Jews needed to confront their own role in racism before they kicked her out.
The activist told the New York Times that one of the group insisted that centering a Jewish woman at the heart of the campaign may deter other groups such as Black Lives Matter from supporting the movement.     
Wruble's new progressive group states a strong message against anti-Semitism while the Women's March will focus their protest on women of colour this year.