Monday, December 31, 2018

The Charediem Have Succeeded in Pressuring Publications to Erase Women & Girls From All Publications


Passaic said...

And the anti-vaxx have been using all kinds of dirty tricks & censorship.

Isn't that right Mrs. Brianna Moron, or is it Toron?

The Facebook page mind you with the loony Philly conference call has had about 20,000 users read it and some Passaic women have been vocal there in asking Queen Jadis Toran to post it on her Passaic site. I've asked around and no one I asked is aware of her allowing it.

Sam said...
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The Red pustules with Coats are coming said...

Kaminetzky's kooky anti-vax following known as PEACH, on their Twitter, are attacking medical professionals by name who are being brought in to educate at heimish moisdos during this measles outbreak. They call the doctors "heretics".

And PEACH has infiltrated the Orthodox Jewish Nurses Association. OJNA has always been problematic in that it's top leaders are Liberal Democrats and/or Open Orthodox, but one thing they got right is they are pro-doctor and do not allow the anti-vax to have a voice in their forums.

Recently, OJNA was putting together a Power Point to debunk the anti-vax. A PEACH infil-traitor stole the draft (what is legally defined as intellectual property is also bichlal the issur of stealing) and took it back to PEACH who hurriedly put out a spoof that they pre-emptively used as a rebuttal to sabotage an attempt at pikuach nefesh.

This is no chiddush coming from Philadelphia who already have a din rotzchim after all the gedolei haposkim opposed their dangerous shita on vaccination. There is a Ralbag in Nach that stealing is m'ain murder.

Very "nice" values being advocated by a so called yeshiva.

Anonymous said...

Why do these oh-so-holy men who set all these modesty laws/standards automatically assume that if orthodox Jewish women are allowed some leniency towards display of their visibility/ attractiveness, however discreetly, it automatically means that all Jewish women will do a sudden 180° turn from 'no-display' to absolute flagrant decadency?