Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Ezra Friedlander Poses In Front of X-Mas Tree In Trump Whitehouse He Had Begged Jews to Vote For Nadler Who Is On A Mission To Impeach Trump!

How low can human go????

I guess very low .... 

Not too long ago he begged Holocaust survivors to vote for "Fat" Nadler, who was advocating for  the Iran deal that would have handed nuclear weapons to the murderers of Iran! 
Iran vowed to wipe Israel off the map! 

Nadler who touts his Jewish background refused to attend the ceremony in Jerusalem when Trump moved the US Embassy to Yerushalayim! 

Fat Nadler, a back-stabbing Jew is now heading the Trump Impeachment movement in step with that boring idiot Adam Schiff another Jew!

Is it any wonder that anti-Semitism has now become out of control?
Is it any wonder why a guy would mow down Jews in a Shul on Shabbos??? Nooooooooooo! Not in Germany ...... Noooooo
Here in these Unites States of America!! 

Who can forget when that skunk Ezra escorted Nadler to meet with Jewish leaders and Rabbonim so that they could convince  dumb naive Jews to vote for that rat Nadler!
Guess who they voted for???? 
Dumb Jews that haven't learned any lessons from the Holocaust voted overwhelmingly for Nadler!

Meanwhile this ugly two-timing scoundrel, Ezra the Kapo, pow wows with Trump officials at the Chanukah Party that was hosted by President Trump! 

Ezra, the empty suit, had no schooling, has no talents and makes his money fooling  his naive brothers and sisters into thinking that he is an "asken"!   

Yes! An "asken" that mingles with people that would wipe us out ... His organization represents an Arab anti-Semitic country that supports terrorism all around the world and has  ties to Hamas and Hezbollah!

What a Blood Sucker and faker..... What a fraudster??? 
If I ever hear the word "asken" again, I'll puke!!


Frum but normal said...

Why be surprised at Ezra the Kapo for voting for kapo Nadler yemach shemo who voted for the murderous Iran deal,shouldn't come as a surprise because kapo Ezra grew up and is a product of the criminal gangster Satmar education system,where they teach the brainwashed lemmings that you must pray three times a day for the demise of Medinas Yisroel,and where the chief gangster and Godfather Aron Teitel-Bum,wrote letters to all the n.y representatives in congress to support Obamas deal with Iran

Anonymous said...

He's very well hooked up - Protected.
Tree aah hehr tree aah heen. Others are not so well connected and he is.
So far he laughing all the way to the ??????

Agudah Kuved Zucher said...

Very lousy quality. A kid with a Fisher-Price camera could capture better video footage than that.

DIN, why are you in such a diplomatic mood today? Surely you see some other phony hadras punims there that Kapo Ezra is not the only shvantz attending the party who will do anything for a few bucks.

Ezra Friedlander Group scam alert said...

Friedlander attended the Bobover school. The literacy he attained there is on display in his tweeting.

He is given office space downtown in NYC by Joe Stam, the older guy with him at the event.

How is Ezra's buddy the toeiva practitioner Christine Quinn, who he worked for when she ran for NYC Mayor a few years ago? Is he gonna make her a phony Tu Bishvat seder again? Does the guy have any standards at all?

Ezra Friedlander is a scam artist.

His father is a Rebbe of a very small (if any-well, maybe he counts his family as his Chasidim) Chasidic sect in B.P. He is trying to build him up with his phony PR tactics, by putting out a stream of videos and photos. If you look carefully at the photos and videos he puts out, however, you will see that there is almost no one there. They have quite a low attendance, and remember, it is not like he is in Kalamazoo, he is in one of the Hasidic centers.

Friedlander-Vos Iz Neias connection said...

Ezra Friedlander is also connected to the "Vos Iz Neias" scam website that claims to be "The Voice of the Orthodox Jewish Community" (despite the fact they were banned by many rabbonim).

What a fraud. Who elected or appointed them?

In a recent piece they ran from JTA about the late President Bush, they added in a photo of Friedlander with him. And they promote and favor him at other times as well.