Monday, December 24, 2018

"Let them eat cake." Baker creates extraordinarily lifelike cakes

 Baker Sebastian Davies creates extraordinarily lifelike cakes
Sefarim You can eat.... 
אם אין קמח אין תורה

A Cakeburger ... ?

Cakes he has created include a Christmas turkey, a bottle of red wine, a pair of boots and even designer bags. 

The self-taught baker has discovered a nascent talent for creating spectacular illusion cakes: 
from edible sculptures of beloved pets and replicas of classic cars, to mouthwatering models of first edition tomes, designer handbags and vintage crates of wine, his creations know no boundaries. 

"If you say that again,I'll eat my Shoes!

This cake cost more than my Wife's Bag 

Indeed, he's made the kind of burger and fries you might be served in a fast-food drive-thru, a family serving of toad-in-the-hole, a whole roast turkey, and an appetite-whetting menu of other savory fare, all in the form of delicious cakes. 
Careful on what Bracha you make on this "wine , it may be a Bracha Le'vatalah

Delicate potted orchids, miniature cherry blossom trees and festive poinsettia plants, featuring over 200 sugary leaves requiring over 100 hours of exacting work, are some of the more labour-intensive creations to have emerged from his west London kitchen.
'I tend to work with just two tried and tested sponge recipes - vanilla or chocolate - that have the right consistency to make sculpted cakes,' explains Davies, now passing gum paste through the pasta-making attachment on his KitchenAid mixer, so he can craft realistically-thin holly leaves. 
Here, Sebastian's finely-tuned eye for detail comes into its own, adding an aged finish to 'leather-bound books', subtle shading to a dog's coat, or alarmingly realistic 'rust' to the hub caps of a battered Land Rover cake.
You can eat that with a glass of milk!!

In the countdown to Christmas, Davies has been commissioned to make a pair of edible ski boots, a trio of logo-ed designer clutch bags which have winged their way across the Atlantic with a delighted client as gifts for her girlfriends and an array of seasonal cakes that make the average Christmas bake look decidedly mundane.
And, you might ask, is the proof of the pudding in the eating? 'It's quite hard for the brain to compute that something that doesn't look like a cake will taste as a good cake should - and I take great pride in making a delicious bake as well as delivering the visual wow factor,' says Sebastian, lighting the wick of one of his signature candle cakes, and placing it on the mantelpiece to complete his festive tableau. 
The Artist with his Chanukah Sock 

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