Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Maxine Waters Hugged Vicious Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan but Calls Trump A Racist

Watch at the  3.48 mark Maxine Waters Hugging the Vicious Black Racist 

Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA), who has had no problem labeling President Trump a racist, had no problem hugging one of the worst racists on the planet in 2006 as she joined members of the Congressional Black Caucus to meet virulent anti-Semite Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.
Farrakhan’s history of vehement Jew-hatred was amply illustrated by former White House spokesman Ari Fleischer on Monday, as he castigated the press for their double standard in condemning politicians who have countenanced KKK leader David Duke but not members of the CBC for meeting with Farrakhan.
Roughly two weeks ago, Waters issued a statement calling President Trump a racist and urging his impeachment after his alleged “s***hole” comments regarding Haiti and African countries. 
But hugging someone who calls Judaism a “gutter religion,” someone who said of Jews, “You are the Synagogue of Satan and therefore will be dealt with by God,” is perfectly fine in Waters’ world.
What an astonishing hypocrite.

Mishpacha Magazine Blocks a Photo of a murdered lady murdered in the Camps

So now we know that Chareideim get turned on by photos of murdered fully clothed women!

I swear its sick out there and getting sicker!

In last week’s issue of Mishpacha, a charedi magazine, part of a photo of Holocaust victims was pixelated to hide a woman’s face, prompting JOFA (Jewish Feminist Orthodox Alliance) to condemn the decision in the strongest of terms.

Sruli Besser, an editor of Mishpacha, responding to the criticism in a Facebook post, noted that the photo originally came from the Hebrew version of Mishpacha, which tends to follow stricter modesty guidelines.
“The picture was not pixelated by us: we wouldn’t have done so — in fact, in the very same article on the same page, you clearly see a picture of a girl,” wrote Besser.
He followed up with a second post on Monday night, saying the conversation about women’s pictures in Mishpacha is “not for everyone.”

“The problem is that every time we open a door and show a willingness to engage in dialogue, a whole horde of angry agenda-driven people who — while well-meaning and sincere — aren’t part of our conversation, see a chance to grandstand and they seize it,” wrote Besser. 
“But we aren’t a People [magazine] who changes things because of a hashtag campaign or Facebook ambush. That’s not how it will work, not what’s going to dictate the process.”
Critics of Mishpacha defended their right to call out the magazine’s policies. Shoshanna Keats-Jaskoll, who recently penned an op-ed calling out this practice and has been one of a number a number of activists working on this issue, responded to Besser in her own Facebook post.

“The idea that because I am not charedi, I cannot/should not speak out against erasing women is ridiculous. I am a Jew.”

Tu Be'Shvat !!


Members of the anti-Zionist Charedi  group Neturei Karta, a group financially supported by Satmar Organizations, recently met with the family of Ahed Tamimi, the Arab teen who was arrested last month for assaulting IDF soldiers.

The Hirsch family and other activists from the ultra-Orthodox group arrived at the Tamimi family home in Nabi Salah, near Ramallah, with Palestinian flags in their hands and expressed their support for the family's struggle for the girl's release, according to the Charedi news website Kikar Hashabbat.

The delegation met with the girl's father, brothers and friends to express their condemnation of what they view as undemocratic behavior of the State of Israel: arresting an innocent girl for no fault of her own.

"We came to express our solidarity with what happened to the family," said Rabbi Israel Meir Hirsch. "At the meeting we spoke against the occupation and against the ongoing oppression of the Palestinians... It is not only this arrest but the entire conduct of the Zionist establishment against the Palestinian people, this situation."

"We arrived at the village and everyone appreciated our actions," said Hirsch.

Tamimi was arrested during a raid on her home in the West Bank village of Nebi Salah on December 19, after a video showing her slapping and kicking Israeli soldiers who did not respond went viral. Another young Palestinian woman filmed the action with her cell phone, suggesting that Tamimi was actively seeking to provoke a violent reaction by the soldiers.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Obama Picture Hidden For 13 Years

So here you see a smiling Obama with a smiling Louis Farrakhan the well spoken anti-Semite!

We all knew, except for Satmar, that Obama was an anti-Semite, and now there is proof in a photograph!

Obama gave billions to Iran even after Iran vowed to wipe Israel off the map.. R' Aron TeitelBUM, had urged Congressman to vote for this murderous deal and to boycott Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to Congress to warn them of this treacherous pact with Iran.

A photo of former President Barack Obama smiling with the Minister of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan, has surfaced thirteen years later.
The photographer, Askia Muhammad, said he took the photo during a Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) meeting in 2005, when Obama was an Illinois senator. He said he “gave up the picture at the time and basically swore secrecy.”
Muhammad believes if the photo had been released during Obama’s presidential campaign, “it absolutely would have made a difference.”
According to the ADL, Farrakhan has alleged that Jews were responsible for the slave trade and that they conspire to control the government, the media, Hollywood, and various Black individuals and organizations. He also frequently denies that Jews have a legitimate claim to their religion and to the land of Israel claiming that Judaism is a “gutter religion” and nothing more than a “deceptive lie” and a “theological error” promoted by Jews to further their supposed control over America’s government and economy.
Farrakhan claims Israel and Jews had a role in orchestrating the 9/11 attacks, stating “Israelis had foreknowledge of the attacks” and that Jews were warned ahead of time not to come to work that day.
Muhammad said a staff member for CBC contacted him “sort of in a panic.”
“I understood what was going on,” Muhammad told Talking Points Memo. “I promised and made arrangements to give the picture to Leonard Farrakhan (the minister’s son-in-law and chief of staff.)”
Also in the picture is Farrakhan’s son-in-law Leonard Farrakhan Muhammad, his son and security chief Mustapha Farrakhan, Minister Farrakhan’s son Joshua Farrakhan, and the Reverend Willie Wilson, executive producer of the program for Farrakhan’s Million Man March in 1995, and a chairman of the 20th anniversary.
Muhammad said he gave away “the disk” from his camera but “copied the photograph from that day onto a file” on his computer.
“Realizing that I had to give it up, I mean, it was sort of like a promise to keep the photograph secret,” Muhammad said.
Republicans have long argued the media gave Obama a pass on his alleged ties to Farrakhan during his 2008 presidential run, though Obama argued he had “thoroughly denounced” Farrakhan.

Auerbach "crazies" create a New Narrative that the IDF has a new Decree against Chareidie Girls

In the last few weeks the Satmar Yiddish weekly "Loshon Hara" rags and even Yeshivishe publications have given the perception that there is a new "decree" by the IDF recruiters to draft frum Girls....
These are all lies and fabrications driven by the Auerbach terrorists.
Nothing has changed in IDF rules which exempt any girl that is frum.

The Auerbach fanatical meshegoim were upset that their leader wasn't crowned "Gado Hador" when Rav Shach passed away and instead the Yeshivishe Oilim Crowned Rav Shteinman.

So Auerbach sulked and broke away and started his own party called Hapeles.

Now that Rav Shteinman z"l passed away and the Yeshivishe oilim crowned Rav Edelstein, the Auerbach terrorists are at it again, creating false narratives and straight lies about the IDF to show that Auerbach is a force to be reckoned with ........ and so they will shortly start the riots and stop traffic again.
They also teamed up with the Satmar gypsy R' Zalman Leib of Satmar who hates other Jews that don't agree with him but has no problem taking Government funds in London even if it means signing a contract that prohibits the Satmar schools from teaching that there is a G-D that created the world!

Sefardic Rabbis Scream that Their Girls Are Being Drafted to the IDF

Sefardic Rabbis are not immune of the hypocrisy disease. 
First they don't hesitate to throw out girls from their schools if they don't tow the line, and then when these girls go "off the derech" and are drafted to the army, the Rabbis scream and yell at the government!

These Rabbis threw these Jewish girls out in the street and abandoned them like stray dogs, and now they blame the recruitment offices .......

Take care of these Jewish souls when they are still in your care and you won't have to "scream and yell" at the government!

Satmar London Signed Contract to Teach Atheism In Schools Just so they could get Govt Funds!

Satmar chastises Ger, Visnitz and Litvishe Yeshivois in Israel because they take money from the Zionist Government in Israel.

But what they won't tell you is that the school administrators of Satmar in London signed a government contract which had a stipulation that the school cannot teach that there is a G-D in heaven or any belief in Intelligent design all for money!

 Satmar hypocrisy cannot be measured .... 

Who can forget when in the Satmar Monroe Public School they removed the mezuzois so they could get government funding ....
So taking away G-D from the Satmar Curriculum is ok as long as they don't take Zionist Money.....

Protest against Satmar Public School which removed Mezuzoit to receive Govt funds.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

R' Chaim Kanievsky "the Latest Chareidie Uproar against "Girls" being drafted are all a bunch of "LIES"

Kikar HaShabbos reports, that the latest uproar that the IDF is changing its policy to force frum girls to "enlist girls" is not an "actual decree," according to Rabbi Kanievsky.

 A girl  who observes Shabbas and kashrut, has no fear that the IDF exemption will be revoked. Girls that the army drafted, lied and are not really religious,"

דעת הגר"ח קנייבסקי: אין "גזירה" בפועל, מופצים שקרים

Nothing changed .... 

Pence Makes a Bracha "Shecheyanu" in the Knesset

Neturei Karta Encourage their children to mingle with Palestinian Children

Cryin' Schumer Flip Flops

Evidence suggests a massive scandal is brewing at the FBI



During the financial crisis, the federal government bailed out banks it declared “too big to fail.” Fearing their bankruptcy might trigger economic Armageddon, the feds propped them up with taxpayer cash.
Something similar is happening now at the FBI, with the Washington wagons circling the agency to protect it from charges of corruption. This time, the appropriate tag line is “too big to believe.”
Yet each day brings credible reports suggesting there is a massive scandal involving the top ranks of America’s premier law enforcement agency. The reports, which feature talk among agents of a “secret society” and suddenly missing text messages, point to the existence both of a cabal dedicated to defeating Donald Trump in 2016 and of a plan to let Hillary Clinton skate free in the classified email probe.
f either one is true — and I believe both probably are — it would mean FBI leaders betrayed the nation by abusing their powers in a bid to pick the president.

John Kerry Tells Abbas to Ignore Trump and "play for time" because he "wants to run for President in 2020

While the White House confirms that since the “Jerusalem Declaration” there has been a complete disconnect between the Palestinian Authority and the Trump administration, it turns out that the previous administration actually maintains contact with PA officials.
Ma’ariv reported that former US Secretary of State John Kerry met in London with a close associate of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, Hussein Agha, for a long and open conversation about a variety of topics. Agha apparently reported details of the conversation to senior PA officials in Ramallah. A senior PA official confirmed to Ma’ariv that the meeting took place.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Yitzchak Bergel Who Spied For Iran Against Israel Released After Serving 4.5 Years in Prison

Meah Shearim resident Yitzchak Bergel was arrested back in 2013 on suspicion of trying to spy against Israel for Iran. The father of six, who is a member of Neturei Karta, faced a serious criminal indictment and the state wanted him imprisoned for four years while the defense was seeking a 3.5-year term. He was ultimately sentenced to a 4.5-year prison term.
Bergel was released after serving his time, allowed to return to his family this past erev Shabbos. On motzei Shabbos, he held a siyum in a local shul for all the learning he completed while imprisoned.
A serious indictment including charges of espionage was filed against Bergel in the Jerusalem District Court and he has been imprisoned since July 2013 for his actions, contacting Iranian diplomatic officials to offer his professional spy services.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Satmar Chassidim rescued from massive California hotel fire Visiting the Holy Rebbe

Dozens of Satmar hassidim were rescued by firefighters after the California hotel they were staying at went up in flames on Friday night.

The hassidim were spending Shabbat at California's Royal Hotel in Palm Springs in order to be near their Rebbe, or grand rabbi. On Friday night, the hotel was mysteriously engulfed in flames for reasons which firefighters are still investigating. While no one was hurt, many lost their belongings in the blaze.

"A fire broke out at the Royal Hotel in Palm Spring on the night of the Shabbat. The hotel was attended by nine families of Satmar Hasidim who came to be near Satmar Rebbe, and in a miracle, everyone was saved, but we did suffer property damage" tweeted Asher Wagshal, one of the hassidim at the hotel.

"Members of the local Jewish community found places for them to stay until Shabbat was over," Wagshal added.
According to CBS 2 California, the fire started at the hotel's second floor on Friday night and quickly spread to the hotel's third story. "The fire was lapping up and it extended into a room on the third floor directly above the main fire unit," recounted Palm Springs Fire Department Batallion Chief Robert Wright.

A cause has yet to be determined.

Rav Zushe Blech z"l of Monsey Dies Suddenly Kashrus Expert

We regret to inform my readers  of the Petira of HaRav Zushe Blech Z”L, one of the world’s leading kashrus experts. He was Niftar on Erev Shabbos.
He was the husband of Vittie Blech, father of Ariella (Yitzchak) Greenberg, Dalya (Dovid) Addi, Benzion (Lakie) Blech, Daniel Blech and brother of Debbie Berson
The Levayah will take place Sunday January 21, 1:30PM Graveside at Agudas Yisrael, 6300 Hamilton Ave Rosedale, MD
Shiva will be observed at 6205 Lincoln Ave, Baltimore, MD 21209 (please park at Ner Tamid); Shacharis 7:30am, Mincha/Maariv 5:00pm, Mincha Friday 1:00pm.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Pope Invokes "Loshon Hara Halacha" Against Victims of Sexual Abuse

So now the Pope is also into learning Hilchos Loshon Hara!
Maybe he can give some mussar talks to the oilim.
He blames the victims of sexual abuse of spreading Loshon Hara.

Pope Francis has accused victims of Chile's most notorious paedophile of slander.
He made the astonishing claim at the end of a visit meant to help heal the wounds of a sex abuse scandal that has cost the Catholic Church its credibility in the country.
On Thursday the Pope said that until he sees proof that Bishop Juan Barros was complicit in covering up sex crimes of the Reverend Fernando Karadima, accusations against Barros are 'all calumny.'

His remarks provoked outrage and shock among victims and their representatives, who noted that Karadima was sentenced by the Vatican to a lifetime of 'penance and prayer' for his crimes in 2011. 

A Chilean judge also found the victims to be credible, saying that while she had to drop criminal charges against Karadima because too much time had passed, proof of his crimes wasn't lacking.
'As if I could have taken a selfie or a photo while Karadima abused me and others and Juan Barros stood by watching it all,' tweeted Barros' most vocal accuser, Juan Carlos Cruz. 
'These people are truly crazy, and the pontiff talks about atonement to the victims.
'Nothing has changed, and his plea for forgiveness is empty.'

Karadima's victims reported to church authorities as early as 2002 that he would kiss and fondle them in the swank Santiago parish he ran.
They claimed Barros had witnessed the abuse but did nothing about it.
But officials refused to believe them and Barros denied the allegations.
It was only when the victims went public with their accusations in 2010 that the Vatican launched an investigation that led to Karadima being removed from ministry.
The emeritus archbishop of Santiago then apologised for refusing to believe the victims from the beginning.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

6 Year Old Yehuda Applebaum Killed by Bus in Beit Shemesh

Tragedy struck Beit Shemesh on Thursday morning, when a 6-year-old boy and his father were struck by an Egged bus. Tragically, the boy was R”L pronounced dead on the scene.
Magen David Adom and United Hatzalah responded to the calls just before 8:30AM for struck pedestrians on Nachal Kishon Blvd. in Beit Shemesh.
Arriving emergency personnel found the child pinned under the bus.
Director of United Hatzalah Moshe Teitelbaum was among the first responders at the scene: “This was a particularly difficult scene in which a father and his son, pedestrians, were hit by a bus. Unfortunately, paramedics at the scene were forced to pronounce the child dead due to his massive injuries. United Hatzalah volunteers were able to treat the father of the child who was moderately injured.”
MDA reports that the father, in his 30s, was transported to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital.
Police traffic investigators arrived on the scene to begin collecting evidence to piece together the fatal incident, but it appears that the child had apparently been crossing the street with his father.
 The Levaya was held on Thursday afternoon

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Reform Rabbis "Fress" Chazir at Trefa Banquet in San Francisco

Excited like an inmate in an asylum , David Wilensky a proud Reform Jew, writes an article published in JTA,  relishing the fact that "Rabbis" of his soon to be extinct religious sect, enjoyed a banquet that served "little neck clams" and "soft shell crabs.,"  adding with glee that, 
" the mouths of rabbis and foodies dripped with Peanut Butter Pie with Bacon, a Rabbit Crepinette and a Pulled Pork Potato Kugel with barbecue sauce."

Wilensky with the chazir still dripping from his lips  boasts that the event was supplied with "an array of Bay Area chefs that presented a buffet meal of treif, treif and more treif."

It is no coincidence that this Trefa Banquet took place in San Fran-Sicko, since the event was  loaded with an assortment of dysfunctional Chazir-fressing "Rabbis" and gays. 

Thank G-D, no one except Wilensky wore a Kippah at this sicko event...... 
Oh ... did I mention that there was another attendee wearing a Kippah? ......... It was a Lady Rabbi .... the venerable Rabbi Sydney Mintz........more from her soon...

Wilensky himself never wore a Kippah until Trump became president and in his own words, says that the fact that he wears a Kippah now "has nothing to do with G-D"....

Now I hope you are sitting ...and  I hope you have nothing in your mouth, because he writes on his own webpage that he wears a Kippah because ...... because ........
Ready for this????? 
I'll put it in his own words.... because if I paraphrased it ...you would accuse me of lying:

"Since the surprise of Election Day, members of the alt-right, white nationalist groups and racists, misogynists, Islamophobes, homophobes, ableists (against the disabled) and, of course, anti-Semites of every stripe have been emboldened. As a Jew, I want the bigots and their victims alike to know that I stand with the outsiders.”

Crazy......... meshiginar ....... 
Instead of thanking his Creator that there is a man in the White house who has Jewish grandchildren and who just cut funds to the Palestinians because they use American taxpayer money to fund murderers of his own brothers and sisters, and who was brave enough to carry out US law to name Jerusalem the capital of the State of Israel ............
Instead he writes that he wears a Kippah not to identify as a Jew, Chas Ve'Sholom, or because of his religion ..... no ... he wears a Kippah because Trump got elected😂🤣

Wilensky, sounding like a mad cat that just ate a mouse, scribbles that the event started with a "Bracha" by the above mentioned, Lesbian Rabbi Sydney Mintz who made a "Shehkol" on bread  and not the required Bracha of "Hamoitzie"....... adding that,
 "In this version, G-d is praised for bringing forth “everything” from the earth, not just bread — and not just kosher food."

I'm wondering what Bracha she would make on a worm, since that also comes "from the earth."

When Wilensky asks her what she just popped into her mouth, the good "rabbi" cheerfully answers "Bacon".... and tells him "“I would rather eat food that’s humanely and ethically raised, than kosher."

 That's a "rabbi"?? .....What should we now expect of the ordinary Joe Shmo Reform Jew???
Rabbi Mintz 
Wilensky then strikes up a conversation with another Reform GodolRabbi Camillie Shira Angel, another lesbian of course, who "identifies as a “second-generation lobster-eating rabbi,” who says that her family ate lobster all the time and boasts that she even had a special bracha for it..
 “‘Thank you for all gifts of land and sea,’ motzi " 
The misguided "Rabbi Angel" then reminisces: “My mother loved sending me to school during Passover with a lunch of matzah with ham and cheese” 
Looking at her photo, one can tell that she was never famished.... not even on Pesach, it seems food never "passedover" her.
Rabbi Angel (Facebook photo)

But what's a "Jewish" article without mentioning the Holocaust???
Don't you worry....... he has that covered too....
Wilensky, takes an excerpt from a talk that was given to this dysfunctional circus, from the event's organizer Alix Wall, a chef, who once mockingly wrote in reference to the Charedie community that the "haredi community,  continues to move further and further toward a parody of itself,"   

This Wall character wrote a column called "The best Jewish-American-Muslim-Pakistani wedding ever" in The Jewish News   that basically endorsed Jews marrying Muslims. 

She is also in midst of producing a documentary of some lost silly yiddish tune written about her mother and grandmother, and spends all her free time traveling all over, to search for people whose "lives were somehow touched" to keep this forgotten irrelevant dead boring song, alive.

After watching the trailer, one can't help but notice  that the real motive behind this documentary, that will go nowhere fast, is really to compare the Holocaust Refugees, that had basically no where to go, and whose families were just murdered .......... to Arab Refugees who have caused havoc and mayhem all over the world and who have 22 Arab countries and all of  Europe to escape to and that welcome them with open arms... 
Wall laments the fact that Trump is restricting those Arab refugees from coming to the USA!
Wall tells the crowd of San- FranSicko misfits ..... 
"that her mother was a child during the Holocaust, hidden with a family of Poles; and she grew up eating what they ate, including plenty of pork." ...... 
Wilensky writes that 
 "In this family, an essential 20th-century Jewish story of Holocaust survival is tied to pork." 
How sick and morally deficient is this group? And how far has Wilensky strayed from his rich and beautiful heritage???

Every single human knows that Pig is an anathema to Yiddishkeit, the Nazis would taunt their Jewish victims calling them "Schweinhunt" ...."pig dog"!
Jews, not observant, would never want to be caught eating bacon in public, because they have some decency and wouldn't flaunt their indiscretions.
 Yet these lowlife degenerates decide to congregate proudly in a cesspool of chazir to openly defy their G-D and heritage and shlep the Holocaust in for good measure.

It then comes to no surprise that according to the Pew survey of US Jews ..done in 2012, Non-orthodox Jews intermarry at the rate of 71%, eventually assimilate and disappear as Jews.
It is noteworthy to note that in this survey they found, that of this dying group, the most popular element in their Jewishness was remembering the Holocaust.
But if remembering the Holocaust is "tied to pork" what will be left of the next generation??
Zero! Unfortunately!
And now for the kicker, Wilensky signs off on the description of this "parody of itself" event.....
" A Reform Jew by heritage and an enthusiastic chronicler of our religion in all its unusual forms, I love it."

Chareidim Go Up To Har Habayis Video

Watch 60 Minutes Go To Sweden To Show How Wonderful the Refugees Are When They Suddenly Get Attacked BY Refugees

A Gadol Hador on how to deal with OTD

Satmar Dayanim Issue Insane Psak in Reference to OTD Children

R' Aron Teitelbaum whose "dayanim" paskend 

As I said many times, Satmar philosophy is totally out of sync with the rest of Klall Yisroel .... 

But Satmar's great propaganda  somehow managed to fool the  new generations of Yesivishe Oilim into thinking that Satmar is a normal community ....... masquerading their "Roshi Yesivah" as "Talmeidei Chachamim" , an act that even Serious Satmar Chassidim  laugh at hysterically,  and now  you even  see  Roshi Yeshivah of Lakewood and Chaim Berlin pandering and licking the tushies of the Satmar Rabbonim..

 Now I do agree with Rav Yair's Teshuvah below, but Rav Hoffman probably frightened that Satmar will put glue in his locks as they did with Rav Moshe Feinstein z"l, tries to make nice and writes that R' Yoel Teitelbaum, the founder of Satmar would never agree with the dumb psak of the Satmar Dayanim...writing that  "The Satmar Rebbe was a master at Kiruv" and then comes up with some cock and bull story that supposedly supports this outright lie. 
In fact in a Shalosh Seudah "toirele" in 1967 the rebbe himself mocks the Lubavitch Kiruv movement and says that "Shabsei Tzvee also did kiruv" .......

by Yair Hoffman

It is a publication authored by two Dayanim from the Satmar community, Rav Getzel Berkowitz Shlita of Kiryas Yoel, and Rav Avrohom Tzvi Vosner Shlita of Satmar in Monsey.  The Sefer is entitled, “M’lo HaNoseh.” It should be noted that both of the Dayanim who authored the new work are world-class Poskim – whose previous works thoroughly, completely, and brilliantly analyze numerous halachic sugyos. Rav Berkowitz’s Sefer Iglei Dvash is a remarkable responsa work that is well-respected among Talmidei Chachomim.  Both Dayanim are of the Rav Aharon faction of Satmar.

Their rulings were based upon the words of the Rambam in Hilchos Avodah Zarah 2:5. At first glance, the words of the Rambam would seem to indicate that the Halacha may be like what they say – that we neither seek out nor accept an Apikores’ teshuvah. There is, however, a contradictory Rambam found in Hilchos Teshuvah 3:14 that indicates the exact opposite – that we do accept his Teshuvah and seek it out.
There are a number of ways that the commentaries attempt to resolve the contradiction. The Merkeves HaMishna understands the stricter Rambam as dealing with someone who specifically negates the 13 Ikarrim articles of faith, while the more lenient Rambam deals with other issues that the person may have negated. Those who have discussed this Merkeveves HaMishna understand him to mean that one can never be sure if the Teshuvah that this one does regarding the 13 articles of faith – is truly one who did Teshuvah.
The vast majority of the resolutions, however, are predicated upon the fact that the Rambam in Hilchos Avodah Zarah is discussing a case where there is absolutely no hope of the “Apikores” doing a turnaround and or he is not considered to be a Tinok Sh’Nishba – like a child who was kidnapped and raised among non-Jews.
This latter method of resolution fits in with the Midrash Tehillim 65 that states that the gates of Teshuvah are never closed. It cites the verse in Tehillim 65:6, “With awesome deeds, through [Your] charity You shall answer us, G-d of our salvation, the trust of all the distant ends of the earth and the sea.” The Midrash explains that just as the sea is open for all to rinse and bathe so to is Teshuvah open to all to partake. It also fits with Dvarim Rabbah 2:12 that the gates of Teshuvah are forever open.  The point of both of these Midrashim are that the terms “Never” and “Forever” are employed in this regard.  Although Midrashim are not considered halachic per se – if we can resolve a contradiction in the Rambam while fitting in with the import of the Midrashim – it is certainly preferable.
The Chazon Ish writes (in a footnote to Yoreh Deah 2:18) that everyone nowadays has the status of a Tinok Sh’Nishba, a kidnapped child.  Thus, this Rambam is also not to be applied. He cites a proof from the Gemorah in Makkos 8b – where a Kussi goes into exile if he accidentally kills an Yisroel. The fact that he goes into exile demonstrates that he is treated like a child that was kidnapped.  The Chazon Ish thus delineates a change in status of the Kussi from earlier times to later times.
There is also the approach of Rav Dovid Soloveitchik Shlita cited in LeTshuvas HaShana page 329 by his student, Rav Yisroel Rappaport. Rav Dovid Shlita remembered how his father, Rav Yitzchok Zev Soloveitchik zt”l claimed in reference to relevant that the girsah was changed on account of the censor and that it was, in fact, worthy to seek out their Teshuvah.
It is clear that the Mesorah of Klal Yisroel is to seek out their Teshuvah and to deal nicely with those who have gone off the derech.
Rav Gershon Edelstein Shlita, the current Gadol haDor of the generation and the Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivas Ponovech -also clearly understands things in this manner. He has ruled that those that have gone off the derech should be treated with kindness and with great love and attention. This is seen in a question and answer forum on this very topic. See video below:
Finally, there is the well known story of a holocaust surviving woman who had asked Rav Yoel Teitelbaum zt”l to speak to her no-longer-observant son. The Rebbe approached him and asked what he did for a living. The man answered and the Rebbe then proceeded to ask his advice in various areas in which that man had expertise. He treated him with such respect and dignity that eventually the man came back and did Teshuvah.  He became one of the Rebbe’s most loyal Chassidim. The Satmar Rebbe was a master at Kiruv and would most certainly have agreed with the mainstream understanding of how to resolve these two contradictory Rambams.
Rav Yitzchok Meir Alter (1799-1866) was the very first Gerrer Rebbe and author of the Chidushei HaRim. He writes that Pesach Sheni, is a tikun for those who are perceived as beyond the pale – “B’derech Rechokah” – in his words. They are outside the scope of assistance. To them, to those who could not develop the closeness and Dveikus to Hashem that was emblematic of Pesach is the second chance embodied in Pesach Sheini.
The Psukim in Bahaaloscha tell us: There were men who were impure of the dead, therefore, they could not make the Pesach Korban on that day. They approached Moshe and Aharon on that day. Those men said to him, “We are impure [because of contact] with a dead person; [but] why should we be excluded so as not to bring the offering of Hashemin its appointed time, with all the children of Israel? Moshe said to them, “Imdu – Wait, and I will hear what Hashem instructs concerning you.”
The Chidushei HaRim writes that Imdu does not mean wait – but rather it means imdu in Teshuvah and Tefillah. It is not too late, just stand and pursue these two Avodahs and Hashem will help you along the way.
The Chidushei HaRim writes that this is the day for the off-the-derech kids that are now in every single one of our communities.
The vast majority of Gedolei Yisroel understand this stiras HaRambam in a way that reflects a loving approach to those that are off-the-derech. This was not just the view of the Chazon Ish, the Chofetz Chaim and the Chiddushei HaRim. It was also the approach of the Divrei Yoel, the Satmar Rebbe. It is also the view of Rav Gershon Edelstein Shlita.
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