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Tzadeikas?????????????? Identity of perfectly preserved black female found buried in an iron coffin in NYC is revealed to be 26-year-old who died from smallpox in 1851 and was laid to rest in church founded by first generation of free African-Americans

The secret identity of 150-year-old female body found buried in an iron coffin in an abandoned lot in New York City has finally been revealed. 
Construction workers in 2011 had been shocked when they discovered the human remains buried under an an abandoned lot in the Elmhurst neighborhood of Queens, New York.
The body, wearing a white gown and knee-high socks, was in such good condition they called 911, worried it could be a recent homicide case.

Brave Israeli Takes Down Palestinian Flag in Meah Shearim

Hoshanas with the Ethiopians

הושענות אצל האתיופים

Chol Hamoed Sukkot in Israel & outside of Israel ...

by Rabbi Shmuel Knopfler

What is the true symbolism of the succa? 
The Talmud (B.T. Succa 11b) cites a difference of opinion between Rabbi Akiva and Rabbi Eliezer as to whether the succa commemorates the actual huts in which the Israelites dwelt in the desert, or the “clouds of glory” which encompassed us as a sign of Divine protection.

Leviticus chapter 23 catalogs all the holy days of the Hebrew calendar, beginning with the Sabbath and concluding with Succot. The 33rd verse begins a description of Succot:

“The 15th day of the seventh month shall be the festival of Succot (Booths), seven days for the Lord; the first day shall be a holy convocation, when you may not perform creative work…”

The text goes on to mention the festival of the Eighth Day of Assembly (Shmini  Atzeret), and then seemingly concludes the entire calendar sequence with the words: “These are the special appointed times of the Lord” (23:37).

But just as we thought the description of the festivals was complete, the narrative inexplicably reverts to the festival of Succot. This time, however, the Bible stresses the connection to the Land of Israel, and the agricultural cycle:

“But on the 15th day of the seventh month, when you harvest the grain of the land, you shall celebrate a festival to the Lord for seven days, with the first day being a day of rest and the eighth day being a day of rest” (23:39).

Another curious feature of this second account is that having repeated the command to observe Succot in the context of the farmers’ request, the Bible now introduces other crucial themes of the festival, including the command to take up four species of plant indigenous to Israel (citron, palm frond, myrtle branch and willow), and rejoice on our holy days, wrapping up its description with a repetition of the command to dwell in booths, this time stressing the historical aspects of the festival:

“You shall dwell in booths for seven days, so that your generations shall know that I caused the Israelites to live in booths when I brought them out of Egypt. I am the Lord your God” (23: 42-43).

It seems that the Bible is making a clear distinction between the significance of the Succot Festival before the Israelites entered the Land and the nature of the festival once we were living in Israel. How so?

Outside Israel, the hut-like booths symbolized our temporary dwellings while we wandered across the desert and, by extension, throughout our long exile when we were a people without a homeland. Once we entered the Land of Israel, however and harvested the grain of the land,” we could celebrate the harvest with special blessings and rituals involving the four species – vegetation unavailable in the desert.

In the Promised Land, the entire festival and even the symbolism of the succah itself assumed a heightened significance. Now, the shabby, makeshift desert huts came to represent the sheltering wings of the Divine Presence, the clouds of glory with which God protected us so that we’d be able to fulfill our mission as His divine ambassadors. When we are living in the Diaspora, the succa can only teach us to be grateful to the Lord who preserves us under difficult and dangerous conditions; whereas living in Israel, we understand that as the people of God’s covenant, no matter how flimsy the walls of our temporary homes may seem, we constantly live under His protective grace, with the borders of our homeland for protection and the food provided by our land for life-giving sustenance.

This essential difference in the significance of the succa prior to our inhabiting the Land of Israel and afterwards could also be seen when we returned to the Land after our Babylonian exile. Then, Ezra exhorted us to dwell in booths during the Festival of the Seventh Month, and to make our booths with “olive leaves and olive branches, with myrtles, psalms and willows” (Nehemiah 8:15). In the Land of Israel, the succa is adorned and enhanced by the local vegetation, thespecial fragrance of which symbolizes God’s shelter and fulfillment of the Divine covenant. Seen in this light, as the Vilna Gaon noted, Succot is the festival which celebrates our entry into the Land of Israel!

God’s revelation and gift of forgiveness (initially for the sin of the Golden Calf) took place on the 10th of Tishrei, Yom Kippur. The following day, He commanded the building of the Sanctuary; and the Israelites collected materials for the next two days.

Then, on the 15th of Tishrei, the work of building the Sanctuary began, marking the restoration of the relationship between God and the Jews. This is noted by the Ramban, who explains that this is why the Book of Exodus is indeed the Book of Redemption.

“Then the Holy One Blessed be He returned and rested His Divine Presence among them and they returned to the exalted level of the patriarchs, which was the secret of God, with Clouds of Glory upon their tents, and they were considered to be redeemed. And so the Book of Exodus ends with the completion of the Sanctuary and with the Glory of God filling it always.” (Ramban – Introduction to Book of Exodus).

Hence the succa in Israel became clouds of divine glory, symbolizing the Sanctuary and the Holy Temple in Jerusalem – which will eventually bring the entire world to peace and redemption.  And indeed He has begun the process in our generation, when He brought us home to Israel thereby restoring and uplifting the fallen Succah of David, which has now become – after 2000 years of Exile – clouds of Divine Glory presaging the Third Santuary and World peace. (Isaiah 2)

בברכת התורה והארץ‎

שַׁבָּת שָׁלוֹם

B'Birchat Hatorah V'Haaretz

Shabbat Shalom

Friday, September 28, 2018

“Go to the army” rather than be involved in Machlokes.... .Rechnitz to the Litvishe Yeshivah Guys

As has become an annual event, philanthropist R’ Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz spoke at the Thursday night Simchas Bais Hashoeva at the Mir Yeshiva in Yerushalayim. The event was attended by thousands of Yeshiva Bochurim, Kollel Yungerleit, and supporters of the Yeshiva – and watched by thousands more on live webcast.
In previous years, Rechnitz stunned the crowd as he pledged astronomical support to the Yeshiva and its Yungerleit. Additionally, it is widely known that when delivering speeches around the globe, Rechnitz tackles issues that many shy away from. One of those speeches occured in Lakewood where he spoke about children not being accepted into Lakewood Yeshivas.
On Thursday, R’ Shlomo Yehuda spoke about the too-long-lasting split in the “Oilam Hatorah” of the Litvish community, which has torn apart families, Mosdos, and well known Yeshivas.
Rechnitz called the current situation “one of the biggest divides and unrest Klal Yisroel has faced,” and warned “it can only lead to the obliteration of KLAL YISROEL as we know it today.”
It is well known that Rechnitz gives donations to practically all Mosdos of Torah and Chesed – on all sides of the spectrum. He stated: “Anyone who includes themselves in the ugliness of trying to convert this from a mere CHILUKEI DEIOS to an outright destructive MACHLOKES in a public manner, should not and cannot be NEHENE from any money that I contribute.”
Rechnitz also bemoaned the fact that “innocent children who are now 11 or 12 years old, know of nothing but Machloikes”, describing them as “BA’ALEI MUM”.
He compared the indoctrination of these children to Holocaust denial, describing the “sheer abuse” when a child describes a NAZI as a “Frum Bochur or Yungerman who joins the Army”.
He told the crowd point blank, “go to the army” rather than be involved in Machlokes.

“Jerusalem Is Not For Sale” No! Not the MBD Song! Abbas Said it In the UN!

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas YM"S declared Thursday that his people’s rights “are not up for bargaining” and he accused the U.S. of undermining the two-state solution, a day after President Donald Trump suggested for the first time in office that he “liked” the long-discussed idea as the most effective way to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Abbas halted ties with Trump’s administration in December after the U.S. recognized contested Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and Palestinians have said a pending U.S. peace plan will be dead on arrival because of that and other recent U.S. moves that Palestinians see as favoring Israel.
“Jerusalem is not for sale,” Abbas said to applause as he began his speech at the annual U.N. General Assembly. “The Palestinian people’s rights are not up for bargaining.”
He said Palestinians would never reject negotiation, but that “it’s really ironic that the American administration still talks about what they call the ‘deal of the century.’”
“What is left for this administration to give to the Palestinian people?” he asked. “What is left as a political solution?”

Lindsey Graham Tells off the "DumbRats"

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Jews Buying Apartments for Investment in Yerushalyim are Destroying the City

Jerusalem is growing dark. Jews who love this city are destroying it, destroying it with money, destroying it by…buying apartments.
In my neighborhood of Baka (known to one ambitious sign maker as Geulim), on our quaint main street, is one of the monstrous “luxury” developments that are sprouting up throughout the city. I’ve noticed the signs and the construction in Katamon, in the German Colony, and near the shuk. The advertising for these developments is geared toward foreigners. Not just any foreigners, mind you – specifically, the rich ones.

Chusid Makes Chillul Hashem Blocking a Car of Goy in Boro Park Refusing to Move .

Me K'amcha Yisroel

Pianist Chaim Tukachinsky Killed by Hit and Run in Jerusalem

The Jerusalem District Court on the first day of Chol Hamoed Sukkos accepted an appeal filed by Israel Police. As a result, Spanish journalist visiting in Israel, Julio De LaGuardia, will remain incarcerated and will not be released to house arrest. The lower Jerusalem court ruled that De LaGuardia may remain under house arrest in the Spanish Consulate, but the District Court overturned that ruling at the behest of police.
De LaGuardia, 59, is the hit-and-run driver who struck and killed chareidi pianist Chaim Tukachinsky z”l. Police report De LaGuardia has admitted to operating a vehicle while intoxicated. The accident took place during the first night of Yomtov in the area of Paris Square in Yerushalayim.
Tukachinsky was heading back from the Kosel when the fatal accident occurred. Police have determined that De LaGuardia was intoxicated while operating the vehicle, and he fled the scene, only to be arrested about 90 minutes later by police in the Mt. Scopus area of the capital.
According to other reports, Tukachinsky was the son of a Kiryat Motzkin chareidi family and the 30-year-old pianist was a prodigy, having begun his musical career in the Kiryat Motzkin music conservatory. He was also a graduate of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, in both piano and composition. He was also a winner of the America-Israel Cultural Foundation (AICM) award for the years 2007-2009.
A published bio on the late young pianist adds, “Since 2012 Chaim is involved in musical theatre productions in Israel. Musically directed ‘Seussical’, ‘Peter Pan’, ‘The Producers’ (for Israel Musicals), ‘Next to Normal’, ‘First Date’, ‘Merrily we Roll Along’, ‘Ordinary Days’ (AACI Jerusalem), ‘the Sound of music’, ‘Singin’ in the Rain’, as well as several Broadway reviews. Played in productions of ‘Cats’, ‘Little night Music’ and others.
“Chaim’s output as a composer spreads upon wide and diverse spectrum of genres: music for solo instruments, chamber music, vocal music, choral and orchestral music, as well as music for the stage. Some of his works were performed by leading Israeli ensembles, such as the ‘Caprisma’ ensemble and the Beersheva Sinfonietta.”

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Chag Sukkot Samaich

Accused Sex Pervert Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro Writes Book Against Israel Called "The Empty Chair"

This dirty rat that calls itself "Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro" is an accused sexual predator, who has a history of molesting frum  teenage girls way back when he was a teacher in a Yeshiva High School for Girls. His answer is always that these stories have been fabricated because of his anti-Israel ideology. But no one ever made those accusations against  the Satmar Rebbe or for that matter  Reb Amrom Blau founder of the Neturei Karta ..

He now authored a Nazi-like propaganda book called "The Empty Chair." You can find this book in practically all bookstores and I found that the Zundel Berman and Judaica Plus book stores in Cedarhurst sell this filthy thrash!

If you thought that radical religious anti-Zionism is solely the purview of a few crazed chassidim in Neturei Karta, you are tragically mistaken.

A glossy new book has recently been published:

 "The Empty Wagon: Zionism's Journey from Identity Crisis to Identity Theft." 

It seeks to persuade religious Jews - especially charedim - into an extreme anti-Zionist approach. 

The author is Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro, who is not to be confused with the Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro who authored the fabulous book Halachic Positions. This Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro, breaking the popular image of Israel-haters, is highly intelligent and well-read, the rabbi of a shul in Bayswater, Long Island, and a Litvak, though he is also a grand-nephew of the Satmar Rebbe. He used to anonymously operate the creepy website FrumTeens, in which he infamously quoted (or probably misquoted) the Chafetz Chaim as saying about Rav Kook, "Kook, Shmook."

Friday, September 21, 2018

Trump mocks Kavanaugh's accuser

'Why didn't somebody call the FBI 36 years ago?

President Donald Trump said Thursday that the Senate Judiciary Committee should move swiftly to finish vetting Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, and ridiculed Democrats who are calling for an FBI investigation into a sex-assault allegation dating back to 1982.
Committee Republicans are trying to secure a commitment from accuser Christine Ford to appear at a hearing on Monday, but Democrats are calling for an FBI investigation before the process can move forward.
'I say let her say what she has to say and let's see how it all comes out,' Trump told Fox news Channel host Sean Hannity inside a Las Vegas arena before a scheduled rally.
'But they've delayed it a week, and they have to get on with it.'
Minutes later the president stood behind his podium and exclaimed: 'Look at our judges! What's going on?'
Thousands spontaneously began chanting Kavanaugh's name before Trump could mention it himself. 
In his pre-rally interview, Trump called Kavanaugh 'an outstanding person' and dismissed the demands for an FBI probe.
'You say, "Why didn't somebody call the FBI 36 years ago?"' the president said, declaring that Kavanaugh's opponents have tried to 'besmirch' him.
The FBI has conducted six background checks on Kavanaugh, including some when he was first nominated to a federal judgeship in 2006.

Trump’s Iran sanctions prove the establishment and Satmar Rebbe .. wrong — again

Remember when the Satmar Rebbe of Monroe backed Obama's "Iran Deal?" Remember when the "asken" Ezra "the Capo" Friedlander tried convincing Holocaust survivors to vote for FAT NADLER beause he was familiar with the Iran Deal and "it was good for the Jews.?"
Well read on ..
When President Trump withdrew the United States from the Iran nuclear deal back in May, the foreign-policy establishment was unanimous in its opposition.
Their dismay was rooted in loyalty to Barack Obama’s legacy and personal contempt for Trump. But there was at least one point the critics made that seemed irrefutable, in warning against the re-imposition of US sanctions on Iran’s oil exports.
Trump’s unilateral move would certainly fail because of the interest of America’s European allies as well as the Russians and Chinese in continuing to do business with Iran. But if by some chance it worked, the experts were sure that would result in a severe hike in oil prices that American consumers would feel at the gas pump.
But the experts were wrong. Reports in Bloomberg Newsechoed by The New York Times, tell us that three months into the new sanctions — and less than two months before the Trump administration plans to implement even more far-reaching restrictions on doing business with Iran that will affect US allies — the move has succeeded in crippling Iran’s oil exports without causing a significant increase in oil prices.
Iran’s principal source of foreign exchange is drying up, ratcheting up the pressure on an unpopular despotic regime without Americans having to pay appreciably more for gas.
How is that possible?

Yom Kippur Is Over Back to the Frum Savages That Harrass Frum IDF Soldiers

'End attacks on IDF soldiers'

Three Frum IDF Soldiers needed to be rescued by police in Meah Shearim on Thursday.
It happened at around 3:00PM at the Ohr Hachayim Seforim Center (also known as Manny’s), when three soldiers visited the store to purchase Seforim.
It started with a small crowd screaming and protesting, and soon grew into an angry mob of a few hundred angry people. The usual shouts of “Nazi” and “Chardak” were heard, as police arrived to extricate them from the area.
Various items were thrown at the soldiers and police.
Boruch Hashem there were no injuries reported.

New Jerusalem – Tel Aviv Express Train Up And Running

The inauguration of the express train line from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv took place on Thursday, 11 Tishrei 5779, in the presence of the prime minister and other senior state officials. The event took place at noon. Travel time for the line between the cities is less than 30 minutes.
The express train line will arrive at the initial stage, only to the station at Ben-Gurion Airport and not to the Tel Aviv stations as planned, due to the failure to complete the infrastructure work on portions of the route of the express train.
The express line project from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv is considered the largest and most significant project of the Ministry of Transport and is one of the most complex engineering and technological projects ever undertaken in Israel. The cost of the express line is estimated at NIS 7 billion.
The project includes a double track length of 56 kilometers. Works on the train included the mining of five tunnels, 38 kilometers in length and eight bridges totaling 7.5 kilometers. The line passes through an 11-kilometer-long tunnel, considered to be the longest in Israel, and over a bridge about 100 meters high and considered the tallest bridge in Israel.
The train will operate at a relatively minimum frequency of one train per hour in each direction. This frequency will increase gradually after the run-in phase to two trains per hour, and finally to a frequency of four trains per hour. During the first three months, the trip is expected to be free in both directions.
During the initial stage, the first three months, one will have to obtain a ticket via the railway website as tickets will not be available at the stations.

Nisan Krakanowski Holocaust Survivor Killed by Car

A Holocaust survivor was R”L struck and killed by a vehicle in Brooklyn on Thursday night.
Nisan Krakanowski Z”L (90) of Flatlands 6 Street was struck by a vehicle at Ralph Avenue and East 69 Street. Canarsie Hatzolah EMTs and paramedics responded to the scene and found him in traumatic arrest. He was transported to Brookdale Hospital, but was unfortunately Niftar shortly after arriving.
The Niftar was leaving Shul, where he went every day to say Kaddish for his youngest daughter who was Niftar just a few months ago. She was his last surviving family member. His wife and another daughter were previously Niftar.
Misaskim Volunteers are on the scene, and working to ensure Kavod Hames.
The NYPD tells YWN that an investigation revealed that a light blue colored Jaguar was heading south bound on Ralph Avenue when it struck the 90 year-old pedestrian, who was attempting to cross Ralph Avenue from the west side to the east outside of a marked crosswalk. The operator of the vehicle remained on scene. There are no arrests and the investigation is ongoing by the NYPD Collision Investigation Squad.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Yom Kippur


Khalil may hg rot in hell

The family of Khalil Yusef Ali Jabarin, the terrorist who murdered 45-year-old father of four Ari Fuld on Sunday, will receive NIS 1,400 a month for the next three years from the Palestinian Authority, as part of its policy of funding what they call “martyrs” for the Palestinian cause, according to information supplied by the PA.

The PA’s terror-reward budget for 2017 and 2018 amounted to NIS 1.2 billion for each year, according to its Finance Ministry’s website.

All Air Traffic Will STOP On Yom Kippur At Ben-Gurion International Airport

On Tuesday, erev Yom Kippur 5779, air traffic in Ben-Gurion International Airport will halt. Incoming flights halt at 1:40PM, and the last takeoff is scheduled for 1:55PM, an El Al flight. With that takeoff, the international airport will be closed for the holy day.
On motzei Yom Kippur, the first flight will land at 9:30PM and the first takeoff is scheduled for 11:30PM.
On Monday, 8 Tishrei, 90,000 travelers passed through the airport on 543 flights. On Tuesday, erev Yom Kippur, that figure is 84,000 passengers on 314 flights.
On erev Sukkos, 84,000 passengers are expected on international flights. During the Sukkos vacation, airport officials report 650,000 passengers will pass through the airport. On a total of 3,870 international flights.
September will continue the sharp increase in passenger traffic at Ben-Gurion International Airport with over 2.2 million passengers in 14,000 international flights, a 17% increase in passenger traffic and it will total over 2.2 million passengers at Ben-Gurion Airport.
The most popular destinations in September are: Greece, Turkey (transit country), Ukraine, Italy, and Russia.
The Airports Authority advises Ben-Gurion passengers to check in for a flight from the home at the airline’s website or at the Ben-Gurion International Airport site, and for passengers to use automatic passageways for biometric passport holders. Therefore, it is recommended that one obtains a biometric passport.

Rosh Hashana/Yom Kippur Appeal

My name is Alexander Shekhtman. I have been reading your website for maybe a year now. Currently, I live in Tzfat, Israel, but due to financial hardships, I had to come back to the U.S. to look for work.

I have been living on my SSDI, which is around 915 dollars per month, for 10 years. So far, I have not been able to find employment, especially since no one will hire me when I am requesting 7 days off from the start. Now it will be only 5 days, but that is still too much to ask in the beginning.

I am living in a motel in Eden Prairie, MN, that costs me around 1000 per month. So that means I am already in minus by 85 dollars, and I still need money for food, gas, car insurance, cell phone and other minor expenses.

I am kindly requesting from you or your readers help in finding tzedokah or at least a gemach that can loan me the money. Maybe, if you are able to, please call me to discuss what kind of work I am able to do or what my skills and experiences are. As you know, giving a Jew a job is the biggest  tzedokah ever. It has been very hard of me in life in general, but not it is more difficult than ever as I already am in massive debt on my credit card for over 3000 dollars. Please help me in any way you are able to. I await to speak to you.

All the Best,
—Alexander Shekhtman

p.s. I can provide references of people that know me in MN, CA, NY, Etc. 

Nadvernah Rebbe Does Tashlich At a "Kiddie Pool"

Satmar Monroe Fires two Melamdim Because They Traveled To Uman

As mentioned in an earlier post, R' Arom Teitelbaum, Satmar Rebbe Monroe chastised those who travel to Uman for Rosh Hashana. 
The Rebbe followed up on his Shabbos Teshuvah drasha with extreme measures promptly firing two melamdim who flew to Uman.

דרשת שבת שובה של האדמו"ר מהר"א מסאטמר כבר מיושמת הלכה למעשה:

 שני מלמדים פוטרו מעבודתם בתלמוד התורה של החסידות בקרית יואל - כי היו באומן בראש השנה (חסידים

Arabs Should Not Walk Free In Israel ....

R' Tzvi Fishman

by Tzvi Fishman
In my opinion, there is no justification for Arabs to walk around freely in any Jewish community in Israel. 

Last week, I did some shopping in the Rami Levy Supermarket located at the Gush Etzion Junction, meters away from the spot where Ari Fuld was murdered by an Arab terrorist who was walking around freely in the parking lot. The supermarket was filled with Arab shoppers, loading up their shopping carts to the brim. The cashiers were mostly Arabs. This wasn’t Ramallah, but in a supermarket in Gush Etzion, a community of thousands of Jews. If Arabs were denied access to the area, Ari Fuld would still be alive.

Too extreme, you say? 

The fact is that all over Israel, at the junction of roads leading to areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority, there are large signs warning, in bold red lettering, that Jews are forbidden to enter the area. The same thing must be done on roadways leading to all Jewish communities in Israel – large signs with bold red lettering forbidding Arabs to enter the area.

Have you ever asked yourself why Arabs can walk around freely in Jewish communities, supermarkets, hospitals, and shopping centers all over Israel without worrying that someone will kill them, when, in contrast, a Jew entering an Arab community or Arab hospital is likely to be slaughtered within minutes? 

Monday, September 17, 2018

Brett Kavanaugh’s Mother Presided Over Foreclosure Hearing Involving Accuser’s Parents

Don't you guys just love internet ...... ? The drama never ends!

The woman behind the letter accusing Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, Christine Blasey Ford, has naturally been herself the subject of much news since her name was made public on Sunday. Among reports coming out, Fox News Channel’s Laura Ingraham tweeted a story a short time ago that says Ford’s parents were defendants in a case that was presided over by Brett Kavanaugh’s mother, of whom he has spoken at length during confirmation hearings.
Judge Martha G. Kavanaugh was the judge for a foreclosure case in 1996 in Maryland, according to the site, which contains mostly embedded tweets from a single Twitter user but also two screenshots from Maryland’s case search site.
Those shots outline a case involving Ralph and Paula Blasey, Christine Ford’s parents, that was presided over by Judge Kavanaugh.

Ingraham tweeted the story on Monday without follow-up. The suggestion of promotion this story, of course, is that recent allegations of sexual misconduct may be some sort of revenge play by Dr. Ford. There is no evidence yet that the past foreclosure decision had any impact on allegations, but we can be certain to hear more about it in the coming days.