Friday, February 27, 2015

Rav Chaim Kanievski Paskens that one can go direct to Authorities to report a pedophile

Will translate the video Motzei shabbos, but R' Chaim tells him to report the pedophile to authorites.... no bais din.... no nothing... only police!

Al Sharpton to get the Ax from MSNBC

MSNBC is set to pull the plug on contentious Reverend Al Sharpton in a last ditch attempt to revive dwindling audience numbers.

The liberal anchor's nightly Politics Nation show is to be shelved by broadcasting bosses as they make drastic changes in the hope of clawing back viewers.

Company President Phil Griffin is believed to be placing his faith in a swing from the left in their Congress coverage - insisting that the station's Republican bashing glory days are now firmly in the past.

An MSNBC source told the Daily Beast: 'Going left was a brilliant strategy while it lasted and made hundreds of millions of dollars for Comcast.

'But it doesn't work anymore.
'The goal is to move away from left-wing TV.'

Sharpton's removal - which may see his politics show re- homed to a weekend slot - will be music to the ears of conservatives and right-wingers, often agitated by the 60-year-old's opposition stance.
It follows the exit of liberal firebrand Keith Olbermann, who left to join ESPN in 2011.

Long-term NBC anchor Brian Williams is also on six-month's unpaid leave after fabricating a story of coming under fire in a US military helicopter in Iraq.
It's thought that both of these factors were key in the broadcaster's decision to alter its stance to straight news from left-leaning.

The source added: 'Everybody in the food chain from top to bottom understands that the Olbermann era is over.' 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Obama upset about 'manners' and 'protocol' when the topic is NUCLEAR WEAPONS?"

Has Susan Rice Gone Off the Deep End?

Veteran Fox News commentator Greta Van Susteren slammed NationalSecurity Adviser Susan Rice on Wednesday, after Rice called Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's upcoming speech before Congress "destructive" to the US-Israel relationship. 

In a long Facebook post, which she asked supporters to share, Van Susteren asked incredulously, "Has President Obama's National SecurityAdviser Susan Rice gone off the deep end? What kool aid is SHE drinking?" 

"Rice...just claimed to Charlie Rose on CBS that Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech to Congress next week is 'destructive' to the relationship between the US and Israel. Really? PM Netanyahu is the destructive one to the relationship?" Van Susteren continued. 

The Fox commentator, who also hosts her own show called On the Record with Greta Van Susteren, then listed four instances where Rice's boss, President Barack Obama, was "destructive" to the relationship. 

The first example of bad conduct, Van Susteren writes, was when Obama was caught in 2011 "trash-talking PM Netanyahu with then French President Nicolas Sarkozy."
Sarkozy told Obama that he couldn't stand Netanyahu, to which Obama replied, "You are sick of him, but I have to deal with him every day," creating an embarrassing scandal. 

The second instance, Van Susteren outlines, was Obama's notable absence from a mega solidarity rally in Paris last month following terrorist attacks on a satirical magazine and a kosher grocery, in which 17 people were killed. 

"In October an Administration official called PM Netanyahu in a magazine article 'chicken ****' and 'a coward,'" Van Susteren continues, also blasting Obama for not immediately sending an apology to Netanyahu on behalf of his administration. 

She then brought her diatribe to present matters listing all the ways the US government plans to insult Netanyahu during his trip to Washington next week. 

These include Democratic legislators boycotting the speech, Vice President Joe Biden being a no-show, and Obama's refusal to meet with Netanyahu. 
"Does she think THAT was not destructive to the relationship?" Van Susteren writes alongside each of her examples.

"The is all because the White House is upset because Speaker Boehner did not tell them first before inviting PM Netanyahu.

Do you know how insane that is to be upset about 'manners' and 'protocol' when the topic is NUCLEAR WEAPONS?" Van Susteren concludes. 
Netanyahu is slated to address Congress next week on Tuesday, March 3. 

He has stated he will not give up the speech despite opposition both at home and abroad. 

Mayor of Satmar Monroe Calls On Congressman NOT To Attend Netanyahu Speech

 Mayor Abraham Wieder, the Romanian gangster, from Kiryas Yoel calls upon Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney to boycott Netanyahu’s speech.

He is asking a Goy, to boycott a Jew!
What Chutzpah?

And why isn't Satmar upset that Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map, chas v'sholom? 
Is it because they don't give a damn about 6 million Jews living in Israel? Is it all about section8 and programs?

Interestingly, Wieder, the Satmar savage, advises Rep. Maloney to see a radical Neturei Karta-affiliated website for information about what Torah ideals are. 

This website is affiliated with the same people who attended the Holocaust denial conference in Iran. [SEE NOTE BELOW]

The following is the letter written by Mayor Wieder to Rep. Maloney:
Dear Rep. Maloney:
The core theme in Judaism is strict adherence to true Torah ideals and Jewish people, the world over and through the ages have identified and continue to identify with this philosophy. and your constituents in the village of Kiryas Joel, home to almost 25,000 orthodox Jews, all the more so.
Torah ideals guide us to be loyal citizens in our country of residence, to respect our elected leaders and to pray for their well being and prosperity ( for further insight visit We were therefore utterly dismayed by Israeli PM Netanyahu’s agreeing to address a joint session of congress without first obtaining the presidents consent and without even the courtesy of consulting the White House.
Netanyahu’s acceptance signaled his intent to challenge the presidents foreign policy on american soil. His unprecedented actions are direct insult to the office of the president.
The intent of this letter is three fold; first to defend the honor and prestige of the office of the the president; second to decry Netanyahu’s breach of diplomatic prototypical and last but not least to repudiate his claim to be the spokesman of the Jewish people. Neither he nor his state represent world Jewry.
Therefore, on behalf of our joint constituents, I respectfully request that you not attend Netanyahu’s address. Your absence would send a clear message that your constituents’ want no part of Netanyahu’s callousness towards the office of the president.
Abraham Wieder

Councilman David Greenfield Defies State Department and Wears his Yarmulke in Ramallah

David Greenfield in Ramallah with his Kipot
As reported by TheYeshivaWorld Blog:

Fifteen New York City Council Members traveled to Israel last week. They were scheduled to meet with the Mayor of Sderot, the Foreign Minister of Israel and even Israel’s President – Rubi Rivlin. Also on the itinerary – a visit to Ramallah to meet with Palestinian Council Members. It was supposed to be one of the highlights of their trip, but for one member of the New York City Council it became a very public test of his faith. After interviews with several of the trip participants, here’s what we know happened

Councilman David Greenfield was the last to leave the bus heading into the US Consulate’s non-descript office building in the heart of Ramallah – just down the block from the global headquarters of the Palestinian Authority. Security was tight that day, not just because of the visiting US officials but because the US Consul General himself had decided to come to Ramallah to greet the group of American dignitaries. Greenfield was delayed because it was a cold day and he decided to grab his coat for the short trip from the bus to the US Consulate office. As a result, he was very visibly seen by the local Palestinians as a yarmulke-wearing Jew walking into the American facility. The local Palestinians complained about the Jewish-American walking into the building and that led to demands by US Security that Greenfield remove his yarmulke before leaving the US government building.
Before going on the trip, Greenfield understood that security might be an issue and specifically asked the organizers and American security personell if it was safe for the group but also specifically for him – a high profile Orthodox Jewish elected official – to travel to Ramallah. The organizers, the NYPD and the US Consulate all insisted that it would be safe for Greenfield and that the US government would provide security for the short trip from Jerusalem to Ramallah and back.
The first two meetings went off without a hitch according to Greenfield. But after he had a friendly conversation with the US Consul General, things turned south. “I was pulled aside by US Consulate Security personel who insisted that I not wear my yarmulke out of the Consulate’s building. I asked whether my wearing a yarmulke would endanger my group and was told that it would not but that I was putting myself at risk,” Greenfield explained. “I told them that I would not have visited Ramallah if I knew I couldn’t wear my yarmulke and that it was offensive for them to even ask.”
“Greenfield must have been going at it with the security for a good 15 minutes,” said one observer who asked for anonymity to speak freely. “It was a heated conversation. But Greenfield would not budge. He basically explained that with all that was happening to Jews in the world, including most recently France, he would not take off his yarmulke. He made it clear to security that he was willing to risk his own personal safety for what he believed in.”
Greenfield even offered to walk out of the building first to ensure no risk to other participants. However, the security actually preferred Greenfield to walk out in a crowd, which is what he finally did with his yarmulke firmly planted on his head.
“It really is mind-boggling that an American elected officials is not safe walking out of the American consulate’s office in Ramallah simply because he wears a yarmulke. After all, this is the capital of the supposedly moderate Palestinian Authority. Do they really hate Jews so much?”
Then again, the fact Palestinians in Ramallah hate Jews that much may not be so surprising. On October 12, 2000, two Israeli reservists made the wrong turn into Ramallah – a mere 6 miles from Jerusalem. They were detained by Palestinian police. When word go out, over 1,000 rioters converged on the building they were detained in and killed the Jews with their bare hands even disemboweling them and throwing their bodies out of the building. As a result, Israelis are no longer permitted to enter Ramallah. It appears that all Jews are not welcome in Ramallah – even American officials who come in peace to meet with their Palestinian counterparts. - 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Obama’s chilling Iran nuke lie

by Michael Goodwin
Reports that President Obama agrees Iran should be free to make a nuclear bomb in about 10 years put the lie to his repeated vow never to allow an Iranian nuke. The broken promise is the international twin to his domestic whopper that you “can keep your doctor.”
You can’t, but Iran can keep its enriched uranium, making this lie an even bigger bombshell. As in, bombs away.
It is impossible to overstate the potential catastrophe of the emerging deal. If the terms reported by the Associated Press, the Wall Street Journal and others become final, it would mean the United States and leading UN powers give their blessing for the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism to have the ultimate weapon, effectively rewarding Iran for decades of criminal behavior and acts of war against America, Israel and others.
The deal also would launch a new round of nuclear proliferation among Arab states, with Saudi Arabia long promising to get a bomb if Iran does. Others fearful of Iran’s dominance are sure to follow, escalating the tit-for-tat patterns in the region into a nuclear nightmare.
In addition, an unbound Iranian nuclear industry and spreading enrichment technology make it likely that one or more of the Islamic terror groups, including Hamas, Hezbollah, al Qaeda, Boko Haram and Islamic State, is likely to get the bomb. And there is no doubt they would use it.
In short, the unfolding nuclear landscape presents the whole of mankind with unprecedented peril.
The terms of the developing agreement, as explained to reporters by negotiators, vindicates concerns that Obama would surrender to Iranian demands while claiming otherwise. He caved in with a deal that envisions a decade-long phase-out of restrictions, allowing Obama to say that there will be no bomb on his watch.
In reality, that is meaningless. The American stamp of approval for a nuclear Iran instantly reshapes geopolitical strategies.
Israel faces a new era of extreme risk, simultaneously in the cross hairs of a genocidal enemy and betrayed by its longest and closest ally. The betrayal continued even yesterday, with Secretary of State John Kerry blasting critics, presumably including Benjamin Netanyahu.
“Anyone running around right now, jumping to say we don’t like the deal, or this or that, doesn’t know what the deal is,” Kerry said in Senate testimony. “There is no deal yet.”
That’s only technically accurate because Obama and Kerry are keeping the details secret. The scam recalls how the White House hid the details of ObamaCare until the bill was passed; it’s what the FCC is doing with Internet regulations.
The timing is especially suspect, with the nuclear deal moving toward finality on the eve of Netanyahu’s planned speech to Congress next week. Iran recently said the US was “desperate” for an agreement, and the reasons are obvious. Getting Iran’s signature on a document, any document, before the visit would allow Obama to take the steam out of Netanyahu’s warning by spinning the settlement as the best possible and making it seem unstoppable.
It will be — unless Congress finds a spine. The White House says Obama does not plan to send the agreement to the Senate for ratification, arguing it falls outside the definition of a treaty.
That shouldn’t fly, given the stakes to us, Israel and our Arab allies. But that all depends on whether Democrats continue to put loyalty to Obama ahead of their duty to America’s national security.
Even a handful of Dems joining with majority Republicans would be enough to reject any terms that allow Iran to get a nuke. In doing so, those senators would be enforcing the refrain that no deal is better than a bad deal.
And make no mistake — Obama has produced a very bad deal. Bad for America, and bad for the world.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

French Press accuses Israel of "opening dams" to flood Gaza, but Israel has no dams in southern Israel!

Media watchdog CAMERA has blasted the Agence France Presse (AFP) news agency after it ran a story claiming that recent flooding in Gaza was caused by the opening of dams by Israeli authorities.
“In fact, Israel has no dams that can be opened in southern Israel,” the watchdog said.
The story, which AFP posted with an accompanying video entitled “Gaza village flooded as Israel opens dam gates” was also carried by media mouthpieces of Iran, Qatar, Russia, China and the Palestinian Authority as well as the UK‘s Daily Mail.
In a blog on its website, CAMERA cited a spokesman for the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) in Israel who said, “The claim is entirely false, and southern Israel does not have any dams. Due to the recent rain, streams were flooded throughout the region with no connection to actions taken by the State of Israel.”
The spokesman added: “Prior to the storm, the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories allowed the transfer of four water pumps belonging to the Palestinian Water Authority from Israel into Gaza to supplement the 13 pumps already in the Gaza Strip in dealing with any potential flooding throughout the area.”
CAMERA also spoke to Nechemia Shahaf, the head of the Drainage Authority for the Shakma-Besor Region, who confirmed to the group that there are no dams which can be opened and closed in southern Israel. Shahaf said, “There is a diverting dam one meter high which directs water to reservoirs. This is a low dam which cannot be opened or closed.” He also noted that the singular dam, which cannot be opened, is next to Kibbutz Gvulot, and approximately 20 kilometers away from Gaza.
The watchdog said that it has contacted AFP editors and that the French wire service is a repeat offender.
AFP “has trouble passing up on a juicy story, however unsubstantiated and flimsy, accusing Israel of wrongdoing. Three years ago, the influential news agency refused to clarify the unsubstantiated allegation that an Israeli soldier ran over a Palestinian worker with a construction vehicle,” CAMERA said. “Later that year, AFP editors failed to correct the false claim that an Israeli airstrike had killed 11-year-old Mahmoud Sadallah, though multiple other media outlets responsibly clarified that it was Hamas weaponry that killed the boy.”
“Two months ago, the French news outlet declined to clarify an article claiming that an Israeli arsonist was responsible for a fire in a West Bank mosque, though the Associated Press, New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Haaretz all commendably followed up with reports and/or corrections noting that an Israeli investigation determined that it was an electrical fire.”

Monday, February 23, 2015

IRAN GETS Nuclear BOMB IN 'PHASED' OBAMA NUKE DEAL... Iran Media: USA Desperate...

How are the ongoing nuclear negotiations between the U.S. and Iran playing out in the Iranian press? 
Well, the U.S. is being portrayed as desperate.
In an article by Press TV, an Iranian propaganda organ, the headline reads, "Obama ‘under pressure’ to reach nuclear agreement with Iran: Analyst."
US President Barack Obama is “under pressure” to reach an agreement with Iran over Tehran’s nuclear energy program, an American foreign policy analyst says.
“It’s quite obvious to everyone that Mr. Obama would like to have a deal with Iran,” said James George Jatras, a former US diplomat and adviser to the Senate Republican leadership.
“He’s under a lot of pressure to try to bring negotiations to a conclusion that he can defend domestically,” Jatras said Sunday during a phone interview with Press TV.
“I doubt very much that the United States would walk away from the negotiations because this is such a strong priority for Mr. Obama who otherwise has very little to show in the realm of foreign policy,” he added.
US Secretary of State John Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif began a new round of talks in Geneva on Tehran’s nuclear program on Sunday.

Historic US terror verdict charges Palestinian Authority with $654m. in damages

Ending a saga dating back to the end of the Second Intifada in 2004, a US jury on Monday handed down a historic verdict against the Palestinian Authority for involvement in six terror attacks from that time period, charging them with $654 million in damages.

The wrongful death civil damages trial could have massive diplomatic and financial implications for the PA, as it teeters, according to some dangerously, near collapse and as it tries to rally international support for its push for the International Criminal Court to prosecute Israeli soldiers and officials for alleged war crimes related to the summer Gaza war.   

Closing statements in the case were delivered on Thursday before the US federal New York court and jury.

PA lawyer Mark Rochon rose first, and after presenting a sometimes understated trial persona, stood tall with some dramatic flair to defend his client from a possibly multibillion-dollar judgment and vast negative diplomatic implications.

Rochon, in a soft voice at times sounding weak and quivering, said, “I fear,” that this jury will find his client liable “because of who they are, not what they did or did not do."

The plaintiffs', represented by Shurat Hadin – Israel Law Center and Kent Yalowitz of Arnold & Porter, central points are that a large volume of PA employees, including numerous policemen and commanders, have been arrested and convicted by Israel as having organized, planned and perpetrated suicide bombings and shootings against Americans in Israel, including the six attacks from 2001-2004 in the case during the Second Intifada. In those attacks, 33 were killed. 

“So much sadness. So much sadness and death,” Rochon began. “All those souls extinguished.”

But “we’re not here to decide the Second Intifada,” to issue a judgment on that sadness, death, or the occupation, Rochon said, explaining that if the jury just focused on the six incidents at issue in the case, “the PA and the PLO are not liable.”

“Sometimes people who do terrible things work for the government.” But these are “things they did for their own reasons.”

A verdict against the defendants “would only damage the government and the PLO who do not deserve that.”

After his opening emotional appeal, Rochon slowly grew in indignation, doing his best to disconnect the dots that the plaintiffs had drawn together in their case. 

Rochon attacked the credibility of the plaintiffs’ expert witnesses: "The only people you can bring in are IDF intelligence officials who served during that time?" Rochon encouraged the jury to decide for themselves whether such witnesses were "Objective? Uninterested? Or biased?" 

"Who you gonna believe?" he said, adding “the IDF or a report from the USA that explicitly states: There is no conclusive evidence that the senior leadership of the PA or PLO were involved in planning or approving specific acts of violence."

Rochon was referring to a US State Department report known as PLOCCA from the Second Intafada period which covered to what extent the PA was complying with obligations to Israel and the US under various agreements.

Many statements in the periodic reports defended the PA from accusations of involvement in terror, but others did not, and those that did were sometimes hotly debated at the time. 

The plaintiffs "want you to infer that from the absence of evidence. And that's not how it works," Rochon said.

Noting the specific case of Abdel Karim Aweis, Rochon showed a document where Aweis said he was hiding information from a PA intelligence officer, something that showed the PA wasn't collaborating with his attack. "This is crazy town, ladies and gentlemen."

As his remarks drew to a close, Rochon's voice grew small and pleading once again. Leaving reporters cupping their hands to their ears to hear what he was saying. "What they did was despicable, selfish," Rochon said. "But it was not the PA."

But Rochon's spirited defense was not enough against the legal and emotional onslaught brought by plaintiffs.

Yalowitz rose to respond and burst forth with righteous indignation, declaring that the PA “didn’t have to pay terrorists if it didn’t want to.”

"This case is about 10 American families who were going about their daily lives," Yalowitz said, as he went on to describe how those families were victims of terror attacks and as family members each stood up in turn in the gallery.

He referred to the Anti-Terrorism Act which was the basis of the civil damages case as created to hit “those who send terrorists where it hurts most - the wallet."

Regarding the burden of proving the PA’s liability which the plaintiffs needed to carry to win, he said, "if the scale tips even a little bit," Yalowitz explained. "I will have carried my burden."

Yalowitz also addressed the PA claim that it and the PLO were separate entities who could not be held liable for each other’s actions.

"If you're a beat cop walking the streets" Yalowitz said, "You fairly represent the NYPD."

"If an NYPD cop" commits a murder in New Jersey and you say "'Good job. And we're going to keep you on payroll while you're in jail' that says something."

"You don't have to be senior to represent the entity."

Yalowitz continued, "If you have a policy that says: If you commit a terrorist act, you keep your job," get a promotion, and get paid while you're in jail, "that says something about who you are and what you believe in."

Regarding whether the PA’s alleged support for the six terror attacks met the legal definition of “material support,” Yalowitz said "the biggest support you can give is money and personnel and these guys gave both."

Shurat Hadin Director Nitsana Darshan-Leitner said, ”As both sides have rested and the case is handed over to the jury, the terror victim families are optimistic that the defendants will be found guilty of the violent attacks that they perpetrated during the Second Intifada and which have devastated their lives.”

Darshan-Leitner added, “While the plaintiffs presented numerous expert witnesses and a myriad of documentary evidence, the PLO and Palestinian Authority barely made an effort to rebut the allegations against them.” 

Rare Footage Of The Chofetz Chaim, At First Knessia Gedolah August 15, 1923

The Chofetz Chaim can be seen starting at 0:56 in the video. 

The First World Congress (Knessia Gedolah) of the World Agudath Israel the first major gathering of all the different sects of Klal Yisroel which took place in Vienna starting from 
Elul 3, 5683 / August 15, 1923 and which lasted for ten days. 

List of Gedoilim seen on film with Time Marker:

 “מי ומי ההולכים בצילום הנ”ל
 “הג”ר אברהם צבי פרלמוטר אב”ד ורשא ונציג אגו”י בסיים 0:27 

האדמו”ר ר’ ישראל פרידמן מצ’ורטקוב 0:47
רשכבה”ג נשיא הדורות החפץ חיים זי”ע 0:57 
מלווה בבנו מצד אחד ומצד שני נכדו הגר”א קפלן הי”ד 0:57 
האדמו”ר מסוקולוב ר’ יצחק זליג מורגנשטרן הי”ד 1:47 
הג”ר אשר מיכאל [דר. ארתור] כהן אב”ד באזל 1:57 
הג”ר יהודא ליב צירלסון אב”ד קישנב הי”ד 2:05
הג”ר אלחנן וסרמן הי”ד 2:22
ר’ אשר מנדלסון מראשי אגו”י בפולין ונציג בסיים 2:28
הג”ר פנחס דר. קאהן אב”ד אנסבך 2:56
הג”ר טוביה הורויץ אב”ד סנוק 3:02
מורנו רבי יעקב רוזנהיים נשיא אגו”י 3:16 
הג”ר אליהו [דר. ליאו] יונג רב ג’ואיש סנטר ניו יורק 3:55
הג”ר מאיר דר. הילדסהיימר מברלין 3:16
הרב שפיצר נציג אגו”י מהונגריה 3:58
הג”ר יחזקאל סרנא אח”כ ראש ישיבת חברון 4:13
רבי משה בלוי מירושלים 4:28
הג”ר טוביה דר. לוונשטיין אב”ד ציריך 4:34″ 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Satmar Rebbe Of Kiryas Yoel, Supports Tzippy Livini & the Iranians! Slams PM Netanyahu In Speech, Video

DIN Comments in RED

The Satmar Rebbe, (the one trying to kill his brother in Williamsburg,) has come out in a harsh message against the “Head of the Zionist Klipa (קליפה)”.
“How does he have the insolence and chutzpah to tell European Jews to make aliyah to Israel?”

Hey Rebbe .... why don't you ask that question to Moshe Rabbeinu? Ask how Moshe Rabbeinu had the "Insolence and Chutzpa" to ask Jews in the Midbar to make Aliyah?
Why don't you ask Ezrah Hasofer and Nechemyeh how they had the "Insolence and Chutzpa" to ask the Babylonian Jews to Make Aliyah?

The rebbe also attacked Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s upcoming address before the US Congress in March 2015. He condemns Mr. Netanyahu for getting in the White House’s face. “This is chutzpah. He is not a mentsch. He is lowly”.

This fanatic who hates his own brother, condemns the Prime Minister of a State that is in danger of being annihilated and  who wants to inform the world of the danger (Iran) facing it's citizens,  and who was invited by the 3rd most powerful man in the United States to address Congress. 
The Iranian Ayetolla YM"SH promises to wipe the State of Israel off the Map Chas V'sholom, and the leader of Israel wants to come and present his case, and this lunatic says that he has "Chutzpa" to address Congress?
Is this who this little Romanian twerp from Orange County  is calling "lowly?" 

The rebbe made his comments during a motzei Shabbos Parshas Terumah seudas mitzvah in Antwerp, speaking in the New Satmar Beis Medrash. The rebbe reminded his audience how murderous Muslims around the world, particularly in Europe, have been killing Jews in cruel attacks and that we must daven that the “Shomer Yisrael” will continue to protect the “Sheiris Yisrael”.

The rebbe continued, addressing Israel’s call to European Jewry to come to Israel. He questioned after the murder of three talmidei yeshiva near Chevron if the “head of the Zionist klipos” called on all settlers to move from those areas?

Why didn't the "Klipos" Rebbe ask Williamsburg Jews to move when Stark was murdered?
How about when the Jews were murdered in the Twin Towers? Why didn't you call for Jews to move?

He added if when he decided to go to war this past summer and 70 soldiers and Jews were killed if he then called for Jews from run away from Israel? “From where does he have the brazenness and chutzpah to tell Jews in Europe to come to Israel? Does he have the ability to protect them” the rebbe added

But your uncle Reb Yoilish z"l did have the opportunity to protect Hungarian Jews from the murderous Nazis and he refused, saying that the Nazis were never going to go to Hungary, and then he  and his family fled to Switzerland on the Zionist Kastner train. Jews held Visas to Palestine, but your Uncle told them to stay put in Europe only to have them all perish in the flames of Auschwitz,

The rebbe then turned to the prime minister’s planned address before the Senate and Congress in the US. “His actions defy the rules of accepted diplomatic rules of play. All previous Zionist prime ministers adhered to these rules. The State of Israel receives more than any other nation from the United States and what chutzpah he has to now defy the president of the United States. He is not a mentsch and he is not a diplomat. He is a lowly person”.
The rebbe added “Even among the Zionists they maintain he should not go and give the address. 

The Romanian Satmar leader, the Reform movement, Tzippy Livni, the leftist self hating Jews and the Iranians are now on the same page!

How does he dare place the millions of Jews living in the United States under threat of renewed anti-Semitic attack which may result from his actions? Can he also protect all the Jews of the United States?”
“The main busha is that the chareidim support him and give full backing to his actions” the rebbe ended.

This man has no confidence in the RBSH"O that gave us this land...he has confidence in Obama? How is this guy still backed by thousands?

First see the lunitic rant and then see the answer to his dumb speech!

Shas spiritual leader: 'Hatikva is a stupid song'

"Hatikvah is a stupid song?"

Rav Ovadia Yosef left, Rabbi Cohen right
My points after the article

The Shas movement spiritual leader, the frequently acerbic Rabbi Shalom Cohen renowned for his divisive and controversial comments, has once again caused consternation over his outspoken views.

Speaking at a Shas campaign rally in Netivot on Sunday, Cohen called the Israeli national anthem Hatikva "a stupid song" and disparaged those who sing it, while speaking of his long devotion to Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the revered and legendary late rabbinic leader of Shas. 

Cohen was describing the anointment ceremony of former Sephardi Chief Yitzhak Nissim in 1955 which he attended along with Yosef. 

"At the end of the ceremony they began to sing "kol od be'leivav [the beginning words of the Israeli national anthem Hatikvah]." said the rabbi mockingly. "I thought to myself 'they're mad, I didn't stand, everyone stood up like it was the aleinu le'shabayach [prayer] but the rabbi [Yosef] also stood. "

"I asked the rabbi [Yosef] why did you stand up? He said 'I said the aleinu leshabayach prayer. Why did he say aleinu leshabayach? He didn't want this stupid song to influence us at all," said Cohen. 

Large parts of the haredi world have a long-held animus towards the Israeli national anthem. 

The words “to be a free nation in our land” are generally scorned by the haredi community, who see themselves as servants of God. It is commonly believed in the ultra-Orthodox community that the meaning behind the words “free nation” is free of the religious commandments of the Torah. 

“The haredi world is of the opinion that that it is intolerable that the national anthem of the Jewish state declares that the hope of the Jewish people is to be a free people,” said Shahar Ilan, the deputy director of the Hiddush religious freedom lobbying group in reference to their objection to the particular line “a free nation in our land. 

Cohen has a long record of vitriolic and antagonistic statements. In July last year during Operation Protective Edge, Cohen said at a prayer rally for IDF soldiers that the Jewish people do not need an army.

"Do you think the people of Israel need an army?” Cohen asked. “It is God almighty who fights for Israel.”

In response to Sunday’s outburst, Shas defended the rabbi and said “no-one can lecture Rabbi Shalom Cohen, who lived all his years in the walls of Jerusalem, what Zionism is and what the relationship is with the Land of Israel.”

“It is the right and obligation of Rabbi Shalom Cohen to think that the sources of the Torah of Israel which escorted the Jewish people across thousands of years and speaks of the yearning for, and the return to Zion are preferable ten times over to a song that was created in the last few decades,” an official Shas party response read, in reference to Hatikvah, although it was actually written down in its final form by Imber 138 years ago. 
Several points.

First is the world of difference between Maran and his successor. 

Why did Maran stand up during the singing of the Israeli National Anthem when he attached no real importance to it? 

Because he attached importance to the feelings and sensitivities of his fellow Jews who did attach importance to Israel's national anthem. So he stood up and said Aleinu to himself, thereby avoiding to hurt the feelings of his fellow Jews. And for the same reason, Maran did not publicly call Hatikvah stupid.

So why didn't HaRav Cohen stand up and why did he call Hatikvah stupid? 
Because while Maran was Maran, HaRav Cohen is HaRav Cohen. 

The second point -
that Charedim do not not like Hatikvah because it calls for the day that Jews to be free people in their land, and they consider this to be against G-d. 

Every year at Pesach, which celebrates our FREEDOM, I recite from the Haggadah: "This year we are here. Next year, may we be in Eretz Yisrael. Now we are slaves. Next year, may we be free men."  Clearly a theme taken from the Haggadah by the author of Hatikvah. 

Perhaps the Charedim should delete this offensive, anti-G-d phrase from the Haggadah, or perhaps at least say it in a whisper so no one hears it.

Regarding HaRav Cohen's denial of the need for an Israeli army. I cannot argue against the leader of the Council of Sages, but I can state an opposing shita. 

There is an idea that while G-d produces the results, we are not supposed to just sit back and wait for G-d. We must do our part. We are partners with G-d in creation and in running and correcting the world. And so, even though G-d took us out of Egypt, we needed to kill the pascal lamb and put its blood on the door lintel. 

And even though G-d split the sea, Nachshon ben Aminadav had to first enter up to his nose. 

And even though G-d brought us into the land and gave us victory over the enemies, we had to have an army that fought those enemies. 

In fact, the Torah demands and describes the very type of army that HaRav Coehn thinks is superfluous.

that Shas explains how long the Rav has lived in Jerusalem and explains his understanding of Eretz Yisrael, this is not the only understanding possible - there is an entirely different understanding from the National Religious Rabbonim. 

Maaseh Avos siman l'banim. In the days of Moshe, 10 Gedolei HaDor rejected the land and brought the people to reject the land.

 Only 2 Gedolim (Yehoshua and Calev) praised the land and said let's enter it and conquer it (Yehoshua headed up the army as well as the being the transmitter of Torah sheb' al Peh). 

In recent history, HaRav Kook and his son Rav Tzvi Yehuda were the Calev and Yehoshua of our time; the Haredi Gedolim are not.
Haredi Tzionim should vote for Eli Yisha/Boruch Marzel.

Rumsfeld Says Current Approach to Islamist Threat Brings to Mind US Inaction During Holocaust

Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said Tuesday that the current US course of action aimed at dealing with the threat of Islamic State terrorism reminds him of the nation’s nonintervention during the Holocaust.
“I think back to the 1930s when the Holocaust was going on and the Nazis were killing Jews by the tens of thousands and the United States government turned away ships filled with Jews from our ports,” he said during an appearance on Greta Van Susteren’s On the Record.
“The antisemitism that’s rising in the world today - we read about Jewish cemeteries being desecrated, synagogues being attacked and it is important that we not have a leadership vacuum,” he added. “That we in fact take a problem, put it on the table, look at it, be honest about it and then develop a strategy to deal with it, which is hard, admittedly.”
Rumsfeld’s interview came after reports that Islamic State terrorists burned 45 people to death in Iraq in addition to the beheading of 21 Coptic Christians in Libya. Rumsfeld said much of the country seems to be “in a state of denial” about the threat of Islamic State terrorism.
“It brings back to mind the period before World War II where people said ‘I didn’t know’ or ‘I was just following orders’ or ‘it’s random,’” he explained. “But when you kill - systematically kill - Jews and kill Christians and say that’s what you’re doing, it’s not random, it’s purposeful.”
The Algemeiner

Van Susteren May Send Cameras to Watch Democrats Who Miss Netanyahu Speech

Van Susteren
If Democrats in Congress opt not to attend Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to them next month, they'd better look busy.

Fox News Channel's Greta Van Susteren said Thursday she might send camera crews to follow House and Senate members who claim to have scheduling conflicts.

Netanyahu's planned address has attracted controversy since Republican House Speaker John Boehner issued the invitation without first consulting the White House. 

Some Democrats have said they will boycott the speech, but House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi refused to use that word in a press conference on Thursday. Instead, she suggested, some members might find they have scheduling conflicts. 

Reporters laughed at that suggestion.

"That's code for boycott," Van Susteren said. "If the Democrats take her direction and don't show up, they may want to find some place to hide, because you know what, I may just send out some cameras to see how busy the MIA Democrats really are that they are too busy to hear a world leader  an ally  in the United States Capitol discussing something so profoundly important as Iran and nuclear weapons."
Van Susteren said she hopes the Democrats don't get caught playing golf, lunching with lobbyists, or at their own fundraisers.

"And, by the way, I hope Catholics like Leader Pelosi can find a way to clear their busy calendars when another head of state, Pope Francis of the Vatican, comes to Washington this fall to likewise address Congress on Sept. 24."