Monday, February 16, 2015

MK Eichler ignores "Satmar" and Calls for All Jews to vote in this "Holy War"

Satmar wants to pay each non-voter $100.00 On the other side of the spectrum, MK  Eichler wants All Jews to vote and is calling for a "Holy War" against the "haters of Torah."
MK Eichler
Both, Satmar & Eichler claim that they are representing "daas Torah"
So which is it? 
Confused? .... don't be, both shitas are not daas Torah. 
Daas Torah is to vote for Likkud! You heard it here first!
But at least MK Eichler is asking people to be part of the process and vote, even though, the only reason he is calling for people to vote is to hold on to his seat. 
He is screaming against the "high cost of apartments" but he has been sitting in the Knesset for years, and it never seemed to bother him until now  .... now that he is afraid of losing his seat, he came out of hibernation to yell!
Better late than never!

Speaking at an election rally in Kiryat Gat, MK Yisrael Eichler called on the chareidi tzibur to wage a holy war in the upcoming elections for 20th Knesset. He added that “A half million haters of Torah did not ask me when they voted for Yesh Atid, motivated by their hate and jealousy running to the polls in their war against chareidim”. - 

Eichler continued with an attack against the “evil government” and the cost of apartments, cost of living while most of the money goes to pay the government clerks and unacceptable cultural events. “They pass evil gezeiros against Torah and those who study and against tenokos shel beis raban. All the more reason that we must wage a holy war in elections without any other considerations”.
“As is the world practice he who asks in the time of war what will I profit from this fire will soon be defeated in battle and fall captive to his enemies” Eichler warned. “After years of evil government each chareidi voter must become active and bring at least one addition vote for Yahadut Hatorah. This is how we can correct the damage done to Yiddishkheit in all aspects of life”.

“Pharaoh and his troops came to the Red Sea to battle Israel, united in the mission. Amalek exhibited mesirus nefesh. The eternal response is kabolas Torah with mesirus nefesh, all united”, stated Eichler. 


SatmarWatch said...

Satmar masquerades as traditional Judaism but is in fact a dangerous leftist fifth column in the Jewish nation. DIN, please do an investigation as to whether Satmar is being paid off by Europeans and the Obamanation regime to suppress the religious/right wing vote in Israel, and bring to power a leftist puppet regime that will do the bidding of the Muslim tyrant King Obama.

A leftist puppet regime in Israel would would promote creation of an Islamic terror state on Jewish land and would be a great danger to the Jews.

Anonymous said...

where do YOU get YOUR Mekorot?
The State of Israel is not perfect, OK but at least we have sovereignty in the land.
Does Satmar even know how much money the State has given to Torah study?
Redemption is a process. The process has started and I am worried some of these guys will simply miss it.

. Given the recent Draft Bill and Geyrus Bill, the frum in Eretz Yisroel cannot afford not to vote. By not voting one is defacto supporting the Chilonim’s efforts to destroy Torah in E”Y. By paying people not to vote, Satmar is actively destroying Torah in E”Y now with their actions. the Rebbe R’ Yoel may have opposed Zionism, but having talked to Talmidim of his (who are rabbanim) they all say he would not support these actions today given what is going on. Shame r, you are now complicit with the Draft Law, Geyrus Law, and all the other anti-Torah things in Israel by paying people not to vote. We need UTJ and Shas in power to protect Torah in E”Y, and by opposing them they are anti-Torah. YOU ARE BEING ANTI-TORAH BY NOT ADVOCATING HALACHA
US TO VOTE FOR UTJ. What makes Satmar different. By doing this you are
violating the torah. It is a chilul hashem.