Sunday, February 22, 2015

Charedi Sicarii Gang Member gets his Peyos Cut Off, After Outburst At Rabbi Rabinowitz's Funeral

Why does a guy who disturbs a funeral need peyos?
Now, I'm not for cutting off peyos to anyone, the picture of Nazis cutting off the Beard & Peyos of innocent Jews always come to mind when I hear that a Jew cut off the peyos of another Jew! Satmar used to cut off the beard and Peyos of other Satmarer that converted to Chabad, years ago..
but something has to be done to stop this mafia!

During the funeral of Rabbi Levi Hacohen Rabinowitz, mechaber of  Ma’adanei Hashulkan, which was attended by  Gedoilim from across Yerushalyim, Dovid Noach Krausse – a leading member of the Sikrikim / Sicarri gang – interrupted  Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch, while he was giving the hespid, screaming and yelling at him..
So finally, having had enough of this Asra Kedisha lunatic, a bunch of Yeshiva Bochrim beat the hell out of him and cut off his peyos!

Krauss’ gang has been harassing Sternbuch and many other Charedi rabbis over a large Charedi housing construction project in Beit Shemesh. The gang and its close affiliate, the Edah Haredit-linked Asra Kadisha graves protection organization, believe ancient Jewish graves are being disturbed at the construction site, which is owned by a Charedi Jew. 

Asra Kadisha is backed by Edah Hacharedit’s top leader, Rabbi Yitzchok Tuvia Weiss. Under halacha it is forbidden to disturb or move graves if it is verified that there are Jewish bones underneath the site.
But the vast majority of Charedi Rabbonim, including Rav Sternbuch and few other members of the vehemently anti-Zionist Edah Hachredit, say there are no Jewish graves, ancient or otherwise, at that construction site to be disturbed or moved, and therefore these rabbis support the construction.

The opponents from Asra Kadisha and the Sikarii gang responded by launching a long campaign of threats, harassment and even violence against Rav Sternbuch and others. Rav Sternbuch’s own son has twice been attacked. The elderly Rabbi who is behind the construction was beaten in a home invasion allegedly carried out by the Sikrikim. Sikrikim have rioted alongside Asra Kadisha at the construction site, as well.

An exposé in the Israeli media previously documented Asra Kadisha extorting developers, construction companies and archaeologists and threatening them with death if they did not comply with Asra Kadisha’s demands – which most often have to do with construction companies and developers hiring Asra Kadisha rabbis as site mashgiachs (religious supervisors) to ensure no graves are disturbed and paying Asra Kadisha a supervision fee, just like Al Sharpton.

The Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) sends archaeologists to excavate most construction sites in the country, including the one in question here, before construction begins and then again during the construction process. 
The IAA cleared the site for construction several years ago.

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