Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Eliezer and Miriam Silber...Eliyohu Zaks of Lakewood Make a Chillul Hashem Causing Anti-Semitism Ignoring the Laws ..and Spreading Death!

A New Jersey couple have been charged with violating a ban on gatherings to stop the spread of coronavirus by hosting a massive party in their yard. 
The event with 50 people on their front lawn is one of five gatherings police in the Jewish community of Lakewood have broken up in just two weeks. 
Eliezer Silber, 37, and Miriam Silber, 34, on Sunday were charged with five counts of child endangerment and violating Gov Phil Murphy's executive order that outlaws all social gatherings, including parties and weddings. 
The Ocean County Prosecutor's Office said police were called to the Silbers' home on Alamitos Drive on Sunday following complaints a crowd were blocking a street.
Responding officers found 40-50 guests, including children, milling about on the family's front lawn and in front of their house. 
Police dispersed the crowd and issued summonses to the homeowners, who will be required to appear in court at a future date to answer the charges against them.  
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Dr Arnold Weg Fighting For His Life With the Virus Caught From an Elderly Patient That Coughed On Him

New York City doctor is fighting for his life after he fell ill with coronavirus and was taken to the intensive care unit. 
Dr. Arnold Weg, a 63-year-old primary care physician and gastroenterologist who has treated more than 30,000 patients during his career, was examining an elderly patient when they coughed on him a month ago. 
The cough was caused by coronavirus - which has infected 36,000 city residents and killed at least 790 - and 10 days later Weg tested positive. 
'He is on the brink of being intubated and is struggling for every breath. He is scared for his life and we are scared for him as well,' his son Dr. Russell Weg told Pix 11
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Baruch Feldheim Arrested by FBI in Boro Park for Hoarding Masks and Coughing on the Agents

A Brooklyn man claiming to be infected with the coronavirus coughed on FBI agents who were investigating him for hoarding medical supplies, the US Attorney’s Office said Monday.
Baruch Feldheim, 43, is facing charges of assault and making false statements to the feds on Sunday outside his Borough Park home where he allegedly peddled and stored massive amounts of N95 respirator masks, federal officials said.
Feldheim is also accused of price-gouging. On March 18, he’s suspected of selling a New Jersey doctor about 1,000 of the masks for $12,000, a markup of roughly 700 percent, authorities said.
The accused fraudster also directed another doctor to an Irvington, NJ, auto repair shop to pick up another order. There, the doctor reported to investigators that Feldheim was allegedly hoarding enough medical supplies “to outfit an entire hospital.”
Materials included: hand sanitizers, Clorox wipes, chemical cleaning supply agents and surgical supplies.
By last Monday, Feldheim was operating from his Brooklyn home, offering to push surgical gowns to a nurse, the feds said.
Two days later, the suspected hoarder received a gigantic shipment to his home of about eight pallets of face masks.
FBI agents then staked out his his house, first noticing empty boxes of N95 masks outside.
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Forty-four rabbis in diaspora have passed since coronavirus outbreak

Forty-four rabbis have died as a result of coronavirus, most of the located in the New York City metropolitan area. While the majority of the rabbis came from the Orthodox Jewish community, there was one reform Jewish rabbi who passed as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. 
Right before he died from coronavirus, Rabbi Mordechai Gurary, who is a prominent in the New York Jewish community, made a video asking God to save the Jewish community from the coronavirus: 

Below is a list of the forty-four rabbis that have recently passed:

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Monday, March 30, 2020

Corona Kills R' Yossel Czapnik a Childhood Friend of Din

It is with great sadness that DIN reports the passing of Reb Yosef Tzvi Czapnik z”l. He was 69 years old.
A native of Manhattan’s West Side, in his formative years Reb Yossel learned at Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim and later at Bais Medrash Govoah in Lakewood.
A brilliant individual, Reb Yossel possessed wide-ranging yedios haTorah, as well as a remarkable grasp of Jewish history, world history, Jewish personages and gedolim, and much more.
For many years and until his petirah, Reb Yossel served as a senior editor at the Yated Ne’eman newspaper. Reb Yossel was a talented writer, and an editor with an eagle-eye who could be relied upon for his outstanding expertise as a senior editor at America’s first Torah newspaper.
A fount of information, Reb Yossel was a beloved presence wherever he was.
Originally a resident of Boro Park, Brooklyn, Reb Yossel relocated a number of years ago to Lakewood, NJ, where he resided in the Madison Avenue area and was a mispallel at the Gerer Shteibel on Tenth Street.
Reb Yossel leaves behind many grieving friends and colleagues. His brother, Rav Avrohom Czapnik, leads The Jewish Learning Exchange in Los Angeles.
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Frum lawyer Sues Cuomo Over Ban On Large Gatherings, Says It Infringes On Ability To Observe Jewish Faith

A Brooklyn attorney has filed a lawsuit accusing New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo of violating his right to free speech and ability to observe his Jewish faith because of the state’s ban on large gatherings due to the coronavirus.
Lee Nigen also alleges that telling state residents to limit travel, Cuomo has violated his right to meet with clients, friends, family and “like-minded people,” the New York Post reported.
Cuomo signed an executive order requiring an indefinite ban on large gatherings on March 23. He has yet to impose a travel ban.
The suit filed Friday in Brooklyn federal court named Cuomo and the state government.
“Mr. Cuomo’s threat that his directives will be enforced by law enforcement cause Mr. Nigen to fear arrest if he attempts to travel for any other purpose other than getting medical attention or obtaining groceries, thus impermissibly chilling his exercise of his constitutional rights to travel,” the suit says, according to the Post.
Nigen has been strongly criticized on his Facebook page.
“Your rights stop when the purpose is to protect the greater good,” read one comment. “During a horrific time for the country, you feel the need to file a lawsuit? As a Jew, I’m ashamed you use our religion for this nonsense. And then you wonder why people hate us? Go ahead- ignore the warnings, spread the virus in your community and let’s see how many Jews are dead thereafter you schmuck.”
Nigen posted in response to the criticism.
“To those who ill consider my dissent, I still wish you well, and treasure the right you have to express your opinion,” he wrote. “To the extent that fleeting flame has come upon me at this time of plague and panic, there is only one favor I ask of all: Be well and be free.”
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DIN ... A Look at A Possible Reason Behind the Virus

If you ever looked closely to the heading of this blog, you would notice that I call my blog ..."Rare View."

The truth is that it is not "rare" at all. it's what you guys are really thinking .... 
but it's "rare" that someone should actually say it ....
Because we are frightened that if we should voice these opinions, you would be bombarded by the "tzaddikim" the "daas Torah" guys, who have an agenda and if you in anyway disagree .. you will have difficulties getting married or getting your children married or even your grandchildren married ... or even worse they will throw out your children from the Yeshivos...

We are all trying to figure out when this will end, 
and what the Ribono Shel Oilim wants from us .... 

I see that everyone one has an opinion, and some actually make a lot of sense ...
So If I may, I would want to put forth a reason that may really be a "rare view."

There is a fascinating Rashi in Bamidbar in Parshas Be'Haloischa (ch 9 v1).. I'm sure that those of you who hung around the halls of the Yeshivos will remember it well...

The parsha speaks about the commandment of making Pesach 

So the pasuk states:
וידבר ה' אל-משה במדבר סיני בשנה השנית לצאתם מארץ מצרים בחודש הראשון לאמר 
"Hashem spoke to Moshe in the desert Sinai, in the second year from the exodus from Egypt, in the first month, saying"

The Torah commands us to make Pesach on time, on the 14th day of Nissan .... 

Rashi seems to be confused ........

This verse says that the commandment of Pesach was said in the second year from the exodus in the first month in Nissan..

Yet way way earlier in Parshas Bamidbar 
the very first verse starts with the SECOND month... and states:
וידבר ה' אל משה במדבר סיני באהל מועד באחד לחודש השני בשנה השנית לצאתם מארץ מצרים לאמר 
"Hashem spoke to Moshe , in the desert of Sinai on the first of the second month, in the second year after the exodus from the land of Egypt, saying"

This story about Pesach and Pesach Sheni in Bahaloischa  happened in Nissan,  one full month before the  story of Parshas Bamidbar?

Why didn't the Torah tell us first about Pesach  the very first Parsha in Bamidbar ... since that happened first?

It is out of sequence ....out of chronological order...

So Rashi tells us that it is indeed out of sequence and the Torah did that on purpose .....

The Torah didn't want to start Sefer Bamidbar with the commandment of making Pesach .... 

the Torah chose to bury it two Parshas later in Parshas Behaloischa..


Because if  Sefer Bamidbar would have started with the commandment of making Pesach ....
people would have focused on something that would put a bad light on the Jewish people....
they would learn that in the entire 40 years that the Jewish people were wandering in the desert, they only made this one Pesach! 

They only made one Pesach in the entire 40 years!

Now...we only know what happened to the Jewish people for the first two years they left Egypt and the last year, the year before they entered Eretz Yisrael...

We don't know a thing that happened in between those 37 years..

We do know that during those years no Jewish child born, was  circumcised.....

Hashem basically said ....

I don't need your Karbonois ... your sacrifices ...
I don't need you .....making any Yomim Toivim 
I don't need your brissim ....

I'll give you food...the Manna... and leave me alone..

Why? What Happened????

Sounds familiar??

So let's see what happened then and maybe we have an inkling what's happening now....

What happened was .... 
No ... not the worshipping of the Eigal ....No! 

It was the episode of the Meraglim, that changed everything...

Hashem says .... 
"oh you don't want my gift" 
"Oh ... you act so piously bringing all kinds of Gemmaras, Midrashim and pesakin from Tanach to justify you sitting in Galut ..."
"oh ... you found an aggaddeteh, about the Shalosh Shevuot.( not mentioned once in the entire Shulchan Aruch,) to justify staying in chutz leaaretz?'
"Oh ... your leaders make halachos .. that one shouldn't go to Eretz Yisrael ....and let's instead wait for Moshiach"

"oh you don't want to see Chillul Shabbos in the Holy Land"
"OH... the Zionists built it so we want no part of this "

Oh ok ...
Then I don't want your "tefillah be'zibbur" 

I don't need your learning in Yeshivas, Mesivtois, and Kollilim"...
You can have your food...I'll leave open the supermarkets ..but leave me alone ..

Guys ...So when the Shechinah came back, it came back just when the Jews were ready to cross the Jordan River into Eretz Yisrael...
When all those who didn't want to enter Eretz Yisrael died out ....

We had a new generation that were excited about entering Eretz Yisrael, a generation that looked forward to receive Hashem's gift .. a generation that was ready to join the army and fight for what is ours .... a generation that wasn't looking for excuses ...

And so what was the very first thing they did when they entered the Holy Land even before they went to war??

They got circumcised and immediately made their first Pesach!!...

Think about this ...
I don't have the answers but I may have tripped on this for a reason.
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Rabbi Gershon Sabol, 64 Of Monsey Director Of Yedei Chesed Killed by Corona

Rabbi Gershon Sabol, director of the Yedei Chesed Organization and resident of Monsey, NY, passed away on Sunday, 4 Nissan, 5780.
He was 64.
The Yedei Chesed organization in Monsey, is an organization for children with special needs. He was also on the Board of Directors of Yaldei Shluchei HaRebbe. In both of these capacities, he helped many families with children with special needs.
In recent days he had been infected with coronavirus, and yesterday the name Chaim was added to his name.
He is survived by his wife Rochel, of Monsey and children, Levi YitzchokChanaPiniRickyShmuliYaakov Yehudah and Mendel, and grandchildren.
He is also mourned by his extended family; the children and spouses, grandchildren and great grandchildren of Rabbi JJ -Yaakov Yehuda ob”m and Rebbetzin Chava Hecht / may she live and be well.
Baruch Dayan Ha’emes.
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The Death of Daas Torah?

I don't agree with the writer of the post below ...
I believe that there was never such a thing as "Daas Torah" ever?

What?  You apikoras!

So let me tell you something shocking.....

I grew up in a generation led by ...

R' Moshe Feinstein, Rav Henkin, R' Yoel Teitelbaum Satmar Rebbe, Kloizenberger Rebbe, R' Shlomo Halberstam Bobover Rebbe, The Steipler, Rav Gustman, The Bais Yisrael the Gerer Rebbe, Tzelemer Rav, First Skulaner Rebbe, Rav Parlor, Mattesdorfer Rav, Reb Yaakov Kanievsky, Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rebe Moshe Bick, Bluzever Rebbe, Etc etc ....The Rabbanim from the previous generation....

Now .... guys hold on to your seats .... buckle up...
Ok ...Ready ???

I never ever heard the term "Daas Torah" until way after I became a grandfather! 
There I said it ....

No one uttered those words ever.... ever...
People followed their rabbanim and poiskim 
but to say that's "Daas Torah?" 

By saying that's "Daas Torah" means that my friend who follows another Poisek ...is not "Daas Torah"
So... no... I don't agree that now is the "Death of Daas Torah"
There never was such a concept ever as "Daas Torah"

This was made up by the Litvaks .... the Yeshivishe Oilom to distinguish them from the Chassidishe and Mizrachi poiskim!

Eilu Ve'Eiluh Divrei Elokim Chayim

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R Yosef Neiman Monsey Stabbing Victim Passes Away

Monsey stabbing victim R’ Yosef Neiman Has died.
 R Yosef was brutally stabbed during the horrific Chanukah Monsey attack at Rabbi Rottenberg’s Shul. 
He was in and out of the hospital since then, and was Niftar on Sunday afternoon.
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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Menachem Blum of Shoimre Hadas Needs Drivers to Transport the Dead

People are dying so fast that Shomrei Hadas of Boro park can no longer keep up with the Funerals and transporting the dead...

They are begging the community..
If you have a mini van, SUV etc.... 
Please go to Shomrei Hadas today ... Sunday ...
they need help transporting the niftarim ....
they are prepared to pay ...

Please please Whatsapp Menachem Blum ASAP 
718 -  431-3900

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Rav Chaim Kanievski "Daven Without a Minyan" and Report Those Who Go

Hagaon Rav Chaim Kanievski has ruled that at present one is obligated to daven in private without a minyan. 

Rav Chaim says that we are in a situation of Pikuach Nefesh (saving lives) and added that those who violate health ministry regulations are considered to be a rodef (one who is endangering people’s lives).

In the next few hours, a letter will be published by the rabbis of Bnei Brak calling on people not to organize ad hoc minyanim and to daven privately until after the coronavirus has gone. Moreover the rabbis will call on people not to learn in a Beis Midrash but rather in their homes.
Rav Chaim also ruled that one can report to the police any institution of shul which is violating health ministry regulations, even if it means officials will be fined or jailed for their actions.
Last week, chief rabbis David Lau and Yitzchak Yosef ruled to close all shuls and not hold any ceremonies inside them.
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Israeli Firm Donates to U.S. Ten Million Pills Touted by Trump for Coronavirus Treatment

More than six million tablets of hydroxychloroquine sulfate donated by the Israeli drug company Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. have arrived in the U.S. and are currently being shipped to national wholesalers to be distributed to American hospitals, a spokesperson for Teva confirmed to Breitbart News.
Ten million tablets in total are slated to arrive in the U.S. within a month as part of Teva’s donation.
The antimalaria drug has been touted by President Donald Trump as a possible treatment for Chinese coronavirus and experts say there is a theoretical basis that it could have a treatment role.  Some doctors who say they have used hydroxychloroquine sulfate in conjunction with other medications have seen positive developments in Chinese coronavirus patients.
Scientists say more trials are needed before determining the possible effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine sulfate in Chinese coronavirus treatment. Still, some doctors are already prescribing the drug on and off-label since they argue the side effects are usually not that strong and there is no time to wait for long-term data.
Hospitals are reportedly seeking to stockpile the drug in anticipation of a flood of coronavirus patients and many pharmacies say they are experiencing a massive number of prescription requests for hydroxychloroquine sulfate.
New York State began clinical trials of hydroxychloroquine on Tuesday along with zithromax and chloroquine.
Teva is one of the world’s largest makers of hydroxychloroquine. A spokesperson confirmed earlier reports that the company would ship six million tablets to wholesalers for distribution to U.S. hospitals by March 31, and more than 10 million within a month.
The spokesperson said six million tablets have already arrived in the U.S. and are being distributed to hospitals by three national wholesalers – ABC, Cardinal and McKesson.
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Prime Minister of Israel Arrives at Kotel to Pray for the Salvation of the Jewish People

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Police Try to Break Up Minyan ...and the "Jews Don't Care" and Continue Davening ... Massive Chillul Hashem!

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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Bnei Brak & Yerushalyim lead in number of coronavirus patients in Israel

The cities of Bnei Brak and Jerusalem, with their many Charedi (ultra-Orthodox) residents, lead the nation in numbers of coronavirus patients with 267 and 352 respectively, Channel 12 reported on Friday.  
It is thought that a small minority among the community finds it difficult to adjust to the new Health Ministry regulations as they forbid mass prayer, large weddings and studying in big groups – all of which are vital to the Charedi way of life.  
The largely secular city of Tel Aviv, that has more than double the number of residents than Bnei Brak, is tied for second with 267 patients. This despite social media posts alleging that the residents of the first Hebrew city are lax in their social distancing and can’t give up their daily jogs and drinking coffee at the beach.  
On Hebrew social media, a great deal of anger was expressed at some Tel Avivians for allegedly for not caring about the well being of the elderly, who are much more vulnerable to coronavirus, and insensitivity to the great number of people who are facing unemployment now due to the COVID-19 impact on the world economy.  
Such ideas seem to predate the virus. Israelis often imagine Tel Aviv as being a city which is slightly hedonistic and self-absorbed like other cities in the world – such as Paris or New York are imagined in certain ways in France and the US.  
Ashkelon is number four with 78 patients, Bat Yam was ranked five with 51 patients, Efrat and Haifa had 44 patients, and Beersheba had 43 patients. 
The small Jewish religious community of Kiryat Ye'arim outside of Jerusalem had a local outbreak with 30 patients reported so far. Beitar Elit had 23 patients and Zikhron Ya'akov was at the bottom with 12 patients.
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List of Boro Park Shuls Still Open as of Friday Afternnoon

List of shuls in Boro Park Still Open 
These are the Rodfim ... and Rozchim of Our Brothers & Sisters 
Satmar 52 - 1364 52nd St 

Skver - 4716 17th Ave

 Satmar 49 - 1352 49th St. 

Spinka - 5111 18th Ave 

Bistritz 5202 12th Ave 

Beis Chaim Shia - 4911 17th Ave 

Burshteen 5610 12th Ave 

Rubeditch 1535 49th St.

Skver 12 - 5323 12th Ave

 Vien - 972 45th St. 

Tarnipal - 163 Parkville Ave 

Koson 906 50th St.

 Sadovna - 1424 51st St.

 Ungvar - 5306-12 16th Ave

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NYC coronavirus cases reach nearly 30K, with a death every 9.5 minutes

Troubling new data released Saturday shows the death rate from coronavirus sharply accelerating in the Big Apple, with one person dying every 9.5 minutes in the last 24 hours.
At least 67 more people died overnight from COVID-19, bringing the death toll for the five boroughs to 517, new numbers released by the city reveal.
The new figures reveal that 151 people died since the same time early Friday — revealing an even deadlier toll per minute compared to the Thursday to Friday evening calculation of one death every 17 minutes.
The total number of infected in the city rose to 29,158, up by 2,461 overnight.
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Dr Mark Allen Respler Succumbs to Corona

 Dr. Mark Allen Respler Z”L, a well-known urologist who lived in Boro Park died from Corona. 
He was in his mid sixties.
Dr. Respler worked at Ahava Medical & Rehabilitation Center. He leaves behind a wife – 
Dr. Yael Respler who is  well-known psychotherapist – and four children.
He was Niftar on Friday morning.
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