Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Mother Who Has No More Children ...Begging People To Stay Home and Not Contaminate

I am a mother but have no more children.

My son died 15 March 2020. My 18 year old boy with the funniest sense of humour, best smile and so much love to share. He died.

During his life he faced so many health challenges with such bravery and grace. But He was doing so well. He had a full life to live.
He should never have died!

He got measles!!!  

In 2020 he got a disease that should not exist any more. And he died.

He died a hard fast death. He was ripped away from me in the cruelest of ways. He died!

 My son died because other people think it is ok to not vaccinate your children and then YOU walk around in public and the vulnerable are at risk. 

If YOU don't vaccinate then YOU stay at home. YOU put on gloves and masks and gowns and protect the public from your stupidity. Why should it have to be the other way round? 

All Dylan did was try live his life. But some selfish person ended it for him. And that person will be ok but Dylan is not. He is dead.

Open your ears and LISTEN.

Stupidity and selfishness are deadly.
Just like measles, the corona virus kills. If you get the virus chances are you will probably be ok. But maybe not. Maybe you will die. And before you die maybe you will infect others who will also die because of you. Who knows. Russian roulette with a virus not a bullet. 

Why spread it further. 

Why risk people like my son who never had a chance. Within days he was dead. His body was destroyed. He is not hear any more to tell me jokes or give me hugs. I don't get to hold him or talk to him ever again. He is gone. He is dead.
Do it for Dylan.
Staying home saves lives.
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