Friday, March 20, 2020

No Moshiach Is Not Coming ...

 A letter from a reader:

Mashiach is NOT coming unless we do teshuva"

"If we dont do teshuva he will NOT come.

All this mashiach nonsense will STOP teshuva.

If we stop talking about mashiach and start talking about teshuva then mashiach might come if we actually do so.

Most rabbanim aren't even attempting to do an introspection.

Agudah and the ou declared a half a fast tomorrow,  forget the fast and just do the introspection that halacha demands on a fast day.

Here I'll start the halacha I just quoted says the word chamas.

The medrish rabba defines chamas as Ritchiza, giluy arayus and avodah zarah besides stealing.

We now officially have all the mosdos hatorah shut down, why because we supported them with blood money from politicians who we voted for that caused assisted suicide
(passed by one vote in nj)

 Abortion (passed by one vote in ny) to become law, 

We kicked kids out of yeshiva because they were not good for the mosad. 

We have used drug money to support our yeshivas 

We have done giluy arayus in our mosdos. We have covered over molestation to protect our "heligah" mosdos (beis havad libeis haznus,    

we caused same sex "marriage " to become law in NY (passed by 2 votes) and
 Maryland passed by the margin of votes in park heights

We have done avodah zarah (apikorsus) for our mosdos.  We agreed to kick God out of the yeshivas for government funded pre k, we have made so called daas torah more important than god. We have taught in our yeshivas all sorts of kifira.

We have stolen money from the government and thus the tax payers to pay for our mosdos. We have favored the rich in order to get donations in our yeshivas thus stealing from the poor.

Why should mashiach come, maybe if said ashamnu mikol am boshanu mikol dor, but instead of saying aval anachnu viavosanu chatanu,  we are saying tzadikim anachnu!
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frum but normal said...

Well,if Moshiach will only come if most Jews to teshuvah,well you and i know this will never happen therefore what you are saying is ! he will never come.
CHAZAL disagree with you and said,that Moshiach will only come if either KULO CHAIV or KULO ZAKAI,therefore the much more likely scenario would be a generation of KULOI CHAIV,and we are almost there and his arrival is imminent

Anonymous said...

You want Moshiach ?
Stop talking in your shul.
FIGHT the talking in your shul.
Stop foolish discussions about kashrus stamps.

Anonymous said...

Wrong read the pasukwe learn kulo rah from, and then read the following pisukim, even kulo ra only comes through teshuva