Sunday, March 22, 2020

Belzer Rebbe Says That It's "Not Right To Close the Shuls But I'll Go Along!"

Loose Translation:

In the Holy Words of Rebbe 
"What they are doing is not right, but we can't argue with them
so we have no choice but to send everyone home
We do need to watch out 
but the panic that they are doing is not right"

His own brother-in-law, the Satmar Rebbe from Monroe, has the virus and he claims that it is "not right"
This is a leader of thousands ....instead of telling them that this is a serious virus ... he dismisses it ....makes light of this..
Why doesn't he make a phone call to his brother-in-law and ask him if we should panic?
The Satmar Rebbe himself kept his schools open until he started feeling bad and his assistant tested positive.....then he rushed to close the Moisdois!

How many have to get sick and die till our leaders understand and take this virus seriously?  Until they have their flock take precautions?
How many??

If this is in fact true .... his chassidim ought to retire him to Telse Stone and appoint a leader that can lead during these difficult times!

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1 comment:

anonymous said...

He is not saying it's not right to close shuks. He's specifically referring to "causing panic" that's not right.