Thursday, March 26, 2020

Shuls in Boro Park Open Despite People Dropping Like Flies ....List of Shuls Where You Can Get The Virus If You Wish

Minutes ago a guy collapsed in Satmar 52

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Thanks so much, it means a lot especially in these difficult times!


Booorrro Parrrk said...

Burshteener Rebbe is the bum who lets child rapist Burich Lebovits daven by him.

Anonymous said...

where is the list?

Vus far a Shanda said...

The alter Tosher Rebbe ztl was an adam gadol meoid & pikayich who would never stand for this garbage!

Hershy said...

List of shuls in Boro Park still open
Satmar 52 - 1364 52nd St
Skver - 4716 17th Ave
Satmar 49 - 1352 49th St.
Spinka - 5111 18th Ave
Bistritz 5202 12th Ave
Beis Chaim Shia - 4911 17th Ave
Burshteen 5610 12th Ave
Rubeditch 1535 49th St.
Skver 12 - 5323 12th Ave
Vien - 972 45th St.
Tarnipal - 163 Parkville Ave
Koson 906 50th St.
Sadovna - 1424 51st St.
Ungvar - 5306-12 16th Ave
Shame on them! Shofchei dam!