Monday, March 30, 2020

Corona Kills R' Yossel Czapnik a Childhood Friend of Din

It is with great sadness that DIN reports the passing of Reb Yosef Tzvi Czapnik z”l. He was 69 years old.
A native of Manhattan’s West Side, in his formative years Reb Yossel learned at Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim and later at Bais Medrash Govoah in Lakewood.
A brilliant individual, Reb Yossel possessed wide-ranging yedios haTorah, as well as a remarkable grasp of Jewish history, world history, Jewish personages and gedolim, and much more.
For many years and until his petirah, Reb Yossel served as a senior editor at the Yated Ne’eman newspaper. Reb Yossel was a talented writer, and an editor with an eagle-eye who could be relied upon for his outstanding expertise as a senior editor at America’s first Torah newspaper.
A fount of information, Reb Yossel was a beloved presence wherever he was.
Originally a resident of Boro Park, Brooklyn, Reb Yossel relocated a number of years ago to Lakewood, NJ, where he resided in the Madison Avenue area and was a mispallel at the Gerer Shteibel on Tenth Street.
Reb Yossel leaves behind many grieving friends and colleagues. His brother, Rav Avrohom Czapnik, leads The Jewish Learning Exchange in Los Angeles.
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Thanks so much, it means a lot especially in these difficult times!


Eemoi unoichee betzura said...

Sorry for your tzaar.

Gantz Klal Yisroel zitz oyf shpilkes because we don't know who was exposed. Even if I haven't heard from someone for a week I start to tzitter.

Der Eybishter zolt helfen - big time!

And remove Shmuel "bloody hands" Kaminetzky for once & for all from all his shtellers before he kills anyone else with his reckless medical "advice". How many Yidden got infected when he pushed that all the yeshivos should remain open?

cyrano said...

R' Yossel was my childhood friend, too. We grew up in the West Side together. We went to the bungalow colony together. We learned in Lakewood together, and we worked in real estate together.

I visited him a number of times in Leisure when he was recuperating from his debilitating stroke from which never fully recovered.

He was a very special person and I will miss him terribly.

Yehi Zichro Boruch.

Anonymous said...

Nothing can be written that comes close to describing Yossi. He was popular with all, and loved by children of all ages. He always prided himself as being an "Upper Westsider" possessing sophisticated knowledge for anyone, let alone Gerre Chusid.

Walking in Boro Park along with Yossi was a tiring experience as every 15 feet someone Yossi knew would stop to greet him or hear words of the Rebbe.

Shelley said...

His brother, Rabbi Avrohom Czapnik (director of Jewish Learning Exchange in Los Angeles) is a gift of inspiration and love to the people in this city.