Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Satmar Throws Dr. Zelenko Under The Bus .....But Rabbi Yehuda Levin Says "Shame on Satmar"

Before you watch Rabbi Yehuda Levin ... read my post!
As you all know that I posted a Video where a Dr Zelenko  who treats patients in Kiryas Yoel, came up with an idea, that the US should start treating Corona patients with the malaria drug protocol as soon as they are diagnosed..and not wait until they are already very sick...
So good so far ...... right?? What could be so bad??
Well not so fast folks..... he forgot that he was talking about Satmar ..... big mistake..
He had  added that because the nature of KJ residents is to be closely confined, davening close together, making huge simchas,  etc etc. he estimated that over 20,000 residents had already contracted the virus ...
Big Mistake!!!!
Never mind that he was absolutely correct ... 
and that most of the heimishe oilim don't care about spreading the virus...and his numbers may even be on the conservative side.
Witness the streets in Willamsburg and Boro Park ...
TODAY!!!..... YES TODAY!!!
And So back to my story ...Satmar hierarchy started running around like poisoned mice, to try to shut this guy up;  terrified that the word is out ....... and to make matters worse, their own Rebbe got sick with the virus, 
so "kdarkom bakoidesh" and following their  heiliger "mesorah" from der alter heim,  took this Tzaddik, Dr Zelenko and threw him under the bus ...
 Saying that his statements are not only false but spreading anti-Semitism .... ...
What Satmar wasn't prepared ... was ..that a fearless rabbi by the name of Rabbi Yehuda Levin would put out a video (above) where he is spot on answering the Satmar Askanim!
Watch Dr. Zelenco's megananomous response below 

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Thanks so much, it means a lot especially in these difficult times!

Kindly Support Our Blog by Browsing the Ads
Thanks so much, it means a lot especially in these difficult times!


Anonymous said...

It's obvious that some professional wrote this letter for the Kiryas Joel crowd. Someone who can speak, read , and write English. Just sayin'.....

Hashem has Ein Sof buttons,levers, and switches to make things happen that we never dreamed of. Just when you think we can outsmart HIM , he throws one of the switches just to show who's balaboos.

Many reasons are given for this virus and they all make sense.
I'd like to add this :
The issue of SAFETY in Eretz Yisrael vis-à-vis Chu'l has been thrown around as proof that we don't need to think about Aliya, nor should we.
So first of all, the reasons EY is also getting hit by Corona may be different from our own sir habasar'nicks.

" ACHAS Diber Elokim ( Hashem,) Shteim Zu Shomati "
One plague may have different spiritual and physical causes for different locales.

I'm watching the reports come in by the minute, and rachmana litzlan, people, even rabbonim and especially in Flatbush, Lakewood , Willy , BP, Monsey, 5 Towns , Chareidi England, Antwerpen ...etc. are being struck.
What safety??
A gentleman living across the street from me succumbed this morning. Just getting to retire in Florida. Has a home there.
People in the Sunshine State , despite suntan lotion on the nunyes are being hit.
Safety in Miami ? W.Palm P?? The mashchis , lo aleinu, has entered the homes, people. Interesting..... Hardly in Montana.... Almost no Jews there. Message here ??

Please.... don't use "safety" as an excuse to speak against EY..
Just remember his endless switchboard with clever levers and buttons..

Let's daven for an end to this gezeira.
In Tehillim #20 , which is often said b'eis tzarah, posu #3 says :

Help will come from Tziyon and Jerusalem.
Not being a navi , I nevertheless believe that when the virus will start receding in Eretz Yisrael, it will also recede elsewhere.
Hashem sends the yeshua from there.
Bsurot Tovot in upcoming chodesh Nisan.... Nissim.

edited by Yenk ( who just fathered his 4th daughter, and is a laylee namer). Daughters are , Racheilie, Chanaleilie, Reizelelilie, and here she is... the 4th:
UKELELE... Mazal Tov

Ma Rabbi said...

Dr Zelenko is a great tzadik and a brilliant doctor who has saved many lives. His method to start treatment at the first sign of symptoms
BEFORE people are really sick is brilliant in its simplicity.
Just because some tight assed doctors are waiting for an official study does not take away from what Dr Zelenko has done.
Doctors are now prescribing hydroxochloronique all over the world.
Yasher Koach to this great doctor who thinks "outside of the box."

Some balance please said...

DIN, your issues with Satmar leads you to go overboard at times.

You single out Willy and B.P. but give a free pass to C.H., home of your favorite whacko messianic sect, which has a similar situation to them. 770 closed relatively late, and people broke into it afterward.

concerned said...

Its obvious what happened here... As soon as Trump talked up this drug, the Democrats had to be against the point that the Governor of Nevada (a Democrat) passed a LAW that you can not use it...

...SatMar associates itself politically with the Democrats and the Israel bashers.

concerned said...

...and since this whole back and forth should be understood in political terms and because of the hyperpartisan stance that the left is in in the age of Trump...

You should now understand why Rabbi Levin, who is a talmid of Rabbi Avigdor Miller z"l who was a strong advocate for the Republican party, is defending Dr. Zelenko and his use of this "Republican" drug.

BTW, Dr. Zelenko says in his first clip that he loves Trump.

Dusiznies said...

to. Some balance please said...
It seems that you didn't read this post....
This post has nothing to do with CH ....
This post deals with a Doctor that serves the KJ community and how they threw him "under the bus"
How does that have anything to do with any other community?

To ... concerned
Not only does Dr. Zelenco "love Trump" so do 62 million Americans ..

Boghos L. Artinian MD said...

Physicians shy from using available safe treatments because the frequency of deaths in a pandemic numbs their compassion and decreases responsibility.