Friday, March 20, 2020

Satmar Monroe Community Worried .... Rebbe Awaiting Results of Corona Test ... His Right-hand Bochur Has it!

R' Aaron Teitelbaum's , Satmar Rebbe of Monroe,  "hose-bucher" ...has tested positive for the Coroa Virus and now Satmar chassidim are very worried about the Rebbe who was constantly served and was in close proximity of  this boy!

A "hose-bucher" is like a high-end gofer.... who is constantly by the side of his Rebbe....

We hope that the Rebbe tests negative and hasa Refuah Shlimah!
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חשש: האדמו"ר מסאטמר נדבק בנגיף הקורונה

ה'הויז בחור' חלה בנגיף והדביק את האדמו"ר? זה החשש הקיים בחסידות סאטמר, ובגינו ערך הרבי בעצמו בדיקה; כעת חסידיו הרבים ברחבי העולם ממתינים בדריכות לתוצאותיה (חסידים)


You aint seen nuttin yet said...

A frum doctor named Zelenko with a practice in Monroe who has many patients in KJ warned in a viral video that 90% of KJ is infected.

Orange County took the video to Cuomo & begged him to have the National Guard seal off the Town of Palm Tree.

There are currently a lot of angry goyim who don't want to see heimishe Yidden shopping outside their neighborhoods. I hope none of them get violent.

Anonymous said...

Finally the satan is catching up with the st mary clergy