Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Halakhic ruling: 'Zoom' software can be used during Seder

A group of rabbis, including Rabbi Eliyahu Abergel, head of Jerusalem's rabbinical court, the Chief of Rabbi of Kiryat Gat Rabbi Shlomo Ben Hamo, and Rabbi Aharon Cohen of Yakir, have signed a halakhic ruling permitting the Passover Seder to be held in the presence of the “Zoom” program.

The ruling refers to the possibility of holding the Seder with the software being opened before the start of the holiday, so that elderly people who cannot be physically close to their family members due to the coronavirus epidemic can hold the Seder while seeing their family through the program.
The rabbis state in the ruling that there is no need to worry about the issue of operating the program, since it is launched before the start of the holiday.

Regarding the concern that they will be lenient on this issue on other holidays as well, the rabbis state that there is no place for such concerns since it is clear that these days are a time of emergency and the permit is only valid for an emergency.

"Therefore we are permitting, stressing that this is only for emergencies, and only for the purpose of this year’s Seder for those who need it. 

And just as they permit a non-dangerous patient to receive treatment on Shabbat so as to cure him of his illness, so is the case here," the rabbis wrote.
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