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B&B Biden-Blinken Deranged Policies On the Way to Destroy The World in a World War


Australia rejects Recognizing Palestine in 80-5 Landslide


International Criminal Court runs wild, threatening Israel and anyone who criticizes the Court


by Douglas Murray

Back in April, I revealed here that the so-called International Criminal Court was aiming to prosecute an American ally. 

Sure enough, last month the absurd international body announced that it was prosecuting Benjamin Netanyahu, the democratically elected prime minister of Israel.

It was an obscene overreach by the court.  

The court has carried out no investigation and gathered no evidence. 

It has announced that it is seeking the arrest of Netanyahu because of things it thinks he might have done.

Back then, I said the “court” would come to regret it.  

America is not a signatory to the body. Thank goodness. 

And neither is Israel. 

Some more foolish allies — particularly in Europe — are. Some Democrats would love for America to join the court.  

But as the court´s opponents have always warned, the court is a corrupt and sectarian political organization that will in time come for Americans. 

Anyone who wants a Belgian or Congolese judge standing as judge and jury over American soldiers and politicians should love the institution.

Fortunately, the ICC´s recent overreach got a stern response from 12 US senators. 

They said they saw the warrant for the arrest of the Israeli leadership as “not only a threat to Israel´s sovereignty but to the sovereignty of the United States.” 

The senators’ letter went on, “The United States will not tolerate politicized attacks by the ICC on our allies. Target Israel and we will target you.”  

The letter spelled out that “targeting” would include ending all American support for the ICC plus the sanctioning and barring of ICC officials, employees, associates and their families from the United States.

Seems fair enough. 

And to anyone who doubts that the ICC is politicized, you might note that just last week, the court´s former chief prosecutor, Luis Moreno Ocampo, praised the ICC warrants against Israel. 

He also described the leadership of Hamas — including those who organized the October 7 massacres — as “victims.” Charming.

This week, the court answered the US senators and the response is breathtaking.  

The prosecutor´s office replied to the senators in part,

“When individuals threaten to retaliate against the Court or Court personnel … such threats, even when not acted upon, may also constitute an offense against the administration of justice under Art. 70 of the Rome Statute.”

That’s what they call some cojones. 

The ICC is not just threatening US senators. It is saying they are already criminals in the eyes of the ICC prosecutor. Making the ICC effectively impossible to criticize. 

An almost divine institution. 

Criticize the ICC and you become a war criminal-in-waiting too, apparently.

Well, the puffed-up prosecutor might note several things. 

Not least that the USA is not a signatory to the Rome Statute. 

Here’s what happens after Trump’s guilty verdict in ‘hush money’ trial


Donald Trump was found guilty in the Manhattan hush money case for covering up a scheme to corrupt the 2016 election — here’s what to expect next for the former president.

jury found that Trump, 77, doctored business records to hide that he had porn star Stormy Daniels paid $130,000 in the lead up to the 2016 election to keep her quiet about her allegations that she slept with him one time in 2006.

He was convicted of falsifying business records to carry out another crime and faces a minimum of probation and a maximum of four years imprisonment.

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee will remain free until his sentencing date on July 11, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan said after the verdict was read out Thursday afternoon.

Trump also won’t face any travel restrictions until his sentencing, according to Michael Bachner, a former prosecutor and longtime defense attorney.

The 45th president most likely will receive a no-jail sentence and therefore prosecutors wouldn’t seek to jail him ahead of his sentence and a judge wouldn’t likely grant such a request anyway, Bachner explained.

“He will not be remanded,” Bachner told The Post. “There is no requirement that the judge remand him and I would be shocked if the judge were to remand him even if [prosecutors] asked for it.”

Bachner explained that since “there is a very decent chance he’s looking at a probationary sentence. It would be unnecessary punishment to incarcerate somebody who very likely isn’t getting a jail sentence.”

Defense attorney Jeffrey Lichtman — who repped drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, among other notable clients — agreed “I do not expect he’d receive any jail time.”

And there isn’t much of a chance that Trump will go on the lam, Bachner said.

“He’s neither dangerous nor a flight risk. He’s one of the most well known faces in the United States. Where is he going to run?” the lawyer said.

Trump will be sentenced on July 11.

First, he’ll have to meet with the probation department to go over his history and then both prosecutors and Trump’s lawyers will file their sentencing recommendations to the judge.

Prosecutors haven’t said what penalty they will be seeking but it’s possible they won’t ask for jail time since Trump was convicted of a non-violent crime and since he has no prior convictions.

Either way, the real estate tycoon’s lawyers most certainly will ask for a probationary sentence, Bachner said.

Despite being a convicted felon, Trump can still continue his presidential run.

And experts told CBS News that Trump – whose primary residence is in Florida – will likely still be able to vote come November since he’s unlikely to be sentenced to prison.

Florida “defers to other state laws when it comes to disenfranchising voters who are tried and convicted elsewhere,” Blair Bowie, a lawyer at the Campaign Legal Center, told the outlet.

Under New York law, a felon is only prevented from voting while incarcerated.

The former president could also lose his right to own a gun, according to the federal Gun Control Act.

But whether Trump even owns a gun is not clear.

Trump’s attorneys said they plan to appeal the verdict “as soon as we can.”

First, Trump’s team will most likely seek to have Judge Juan Merchan set aside the verdict and if that’s rejected this will set off at least a year’s worth of appeals by Trump’s side, experts say.

Any appeal “won’t be [decided] before the election,” Bachner said.

And if Trump loses an appeal with the mid-level appeals court, he’ll likely seek to have the state’s highest court hear his case, which could take another additional year.

“An appeal could easily take a year or longer after the sentencing,” Lichtman said.

Bachner noted that if Trump were sentenced to jail time he would probably remain out free pending the appeal.

“To the extent there is a reversal on the appeal by the time Trump’s appeal is decided he would have already done his jail time so it would just be unfair to incarcerate him,” he explained.

Chareidie Explaining to Palestinian Children in Brooklyn that "Palestinians Love Jews" only "Zionists Hate Jews"

 The radical Satmar faction called "neturei karta" have stepped up their game and are now going to Arab Brooklyn Neighborhoods to explain to the Arabs that Zionists hate Jews too! 

Tuna Beigel Sticks Up for Supporters of Murderers of Jews


This stupid little twerp doesn't understand why Frum Jews wouldn't judge chilonim but judge the Neturei Karta! 

Growing up in the Satmar sewers he cannot understand why vilifying Neture Karta, a group that supports Iran, a country that vowed to destroy the only Jewish State in the world, is the right thing to do! 

Growing up surrounded by the hateful SHIT"ah of Satmar he cannot distinguish between a Jew that has yet to embrace and observe mitzvois, and Jews that fly to Teheran to attend a funeral of a murderer of his own people and who was a threat to all of civilized mankind. There was a good reason that Iranians themselves called Raisi "The Butcher of Iran"

A Sad Day for the US & The Free World as the USA Becomes a "Banana Republic" Convicting an Opponent a Former President


Thursday, May 30, 2024

Houthi Mistakenly Bomb Ship that was full of grain bound for Iran

 Greek-owned, Marshall Islands-flagged bulk carrier that came under attack by Yemen's Houthi rebels earlier this week had a cargo of grain bound for Iran, the group's main benefactor, authorities said Thursday.

The attack on the Laax comes as the Houthis continue their attacks on shipping throughout the Red Sea corridor, part of a campaign they say aims at pressuring Israel and the West over the war in Gaza. However, as shipping through that artery has dropped during the months of attacks, the rebels have struck vessels associated with Iran, as well as Tehran's economic lifelines of China and Russia.

Initially after the attack, the Laax had listed its destination as Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates. On Thursday, however, its listed destination instead appeared to be Bandar Khomeini, Iran.

A statement released by French naval forces based in the UAE that patrol the Middle East also identified the vessel's grain shipment as being bound for Iran. It said that a team from Djibouti had inspected the damage caused by the attack, which it said involved both drones and missiles, and found no remaining dangerous explosives onboard the ship.

Images released by the French navy showed damage both at the waterline of the vessel, as well as on its deck.

Tuesday's attack saw five missiles hit the Laax during the hours-long assault, the private security firm LSS-SAPU told the Associated Press. LSS-SAPU, which earlier helped evacuate mariners from the Houthi-attacked Rubymar that later sunk, said there had been no prior warning by radio from the Houthis.

LSS-SAPU had three armed security guards onboard the Laax at the time of the attack. Among the ship's crew were 13 Filipinos and one Ukrainian, the Philippine Department of Migrant Workers said in a statement.

The Houthis have launched more than 50 attacks on shipping, killed three sailors, seized one vessel and sunk another since November, according to the U.S. Maritime Administration.

On Wednesday, another U.S. MQ-9 Reaper drone apparently crashed in Yemen, with the Houthis claiming they fired a surface-to-air missile at it. The U.S. Air Force didn't report any aircraft missing, leading to suspicion that the drone may have been piloted by the CIA. As many as three may have been lost this month alone.

Gambrell writes for the Associated Press.

Three Cheers For Bill Maher Who schools the Yentas of The View!


The Grisly Details How IDF Discovered the 4 Israeli Hostages


A tragic report from the Times of Israel has exposed the grisly details of how Israeli troops made the heartbreaking discovery last week of four Israeli hostages brutally murdered by Hamas.

According to the harrowing account, IDF paratroopers stumbled upon the gruesome scene almost by chance while clearing the Jabaliya neighborhood in the Gaza Strip. They came under yup from Hamas terrorists and encountered a vast network of terror tunnels and booby traps. A Yahalom squad commander’s instincts led him to pull up an unassuming rug in an abandoned house, revealing a shaft entrance to an underground tunnel.

“We discovered explosives at the entrance to the shaft,” the unnamed commander told The Times of Israel. “We began operating underground, carefully, with determination, using intuition.”

What elite Israeli combat engineers found beneath that rug should shake the world – the rotting bodies of four Israeli civilians kidnapped last October by the sadistic Hamas terrorists. Amit Buskila, Ron Benjamin, Itzhak Gelerenter and Shani Louk had been held hostage for eight agonizing months by the Iranian-backed terrorists before being massacred and unceremoniously dumped in the shadows of the tunnel.

While the grief of the victims’ families is unimaginable, the heroism and dedication of the Israeli troops bringing them home is  undeniable.

“Having confirmed they were our hostages, there is no greater pride than that,” the commander said. “There is no greater privilege. And we want to continue ceaselessly to bring more and more hostages home.”

Undeterred by recent allegations of “war crimes” from the International Criminal Court, the democratic Israeli military continues to fight with professionalism and make every effort to uphold international norms even as its troops come under fire from an enemy that glorifies bloodshed.

Finally a Voice of Reason About the Huge Chillul Hashem by Chareidim in Meron on Lag Be'Omer

Letter to the Editor 

  I am writing this letter on Sunday afternoon - Lag Baomer. 

 The videos and pictures coming from Meron are disheartening and simply awful to look at. It is hard to imagine without being there to actually see it myself that this can all be true. 

 I am not talking about the unfortunate emptiness of thousands upon thousands of Yidden unable to celebrate this holy day as we have in the past. For a reason we certainly do not know, yet must take a lesson from, Hashem has decided that this year, 5784, Meron would not be available to us.

 After all, just a few days ago we saw, incredibly, bombs land and explode on Har Meron. B”h nobody was hurt. the IDF and or the Israeli government and or the Israeli police deemed Kever Rashbi and Har Meron as dangerous, and a place that must be off  limits for this weekend. Perhaps they had intelligence that we are unaware of, perhaps they were concerned that masses of people gathered together would be a major target, perhaps they felt that with everything going on they were unable to safely guard and secure the area, perhaps they felt that if CV something went wrong they would not be able at this time to respond to a mass casualty event, perhaps they simply felt with everything going on in the country this was not the time or place for such a large gathering of celebration. 

 Truthfully - who cares what their reason was. The authorities made a decision, and the people need to follow the law. Period. End of story! 

 What has Meron become?

The pain of losing 45 Kedoshim is still raw and fresh and with today being their yartzheits it reminds us of that fateful night where all the pushing and shoving led to a stampede. Oy my heart hurts and tears well up just thinking of that scene and what happened in Meron that night. 

 Now, just a few years later, we again need to see horrible scenes coming from this same Mokom Kodosh? Why? When will we learn our lesson?

 Not one Yid, no matter who they are, no matter what their reason, not one Yid (that is unless they had specific personal permission) should have been on Har Meron or at Kever Rashbi this Lag Ba'omer. Not one!

 How dare a few yidden, at a time like this, during a war, when specifically told with more than enough time in advance, how dare they choose to go anyways and through their (immature selfish) actions put a dark stamp on the face of all of the Oilam Hatorah AKA Chareidi world. What an outright chutzpah! 

 Now, of course seeing one Jew hit, push, kick, another Jew is terrible. It should not have happened. Nevertheless, the onus is NOT on the policeman. they didn't want to be there in the first place, they wanted to be with their brothers and sisters fighting to protect us. Yet, they did their job and came to make sure all was in order.

 On the other hand, those yiddin who made their way to Meron had no right to go and they knew when they went that they were going to cause trouble. They just didn't care. 

 In all of the terrible videos that are going around, all we see are people refusing to leave, fighting to be allowed to go to the kever, and trying not to budge when being prodded and moved.

 Our nature of seeing is believing made too many of us think that what we saw is all that happened. NOT TRUE. What we saw was the END of what happened. 

The first part of what happened is that these people were turned away without force, and the police were there to keep order and not allow people to break the law and did so. It only became the unfortunate reality of what we saw because this yiddin refused to follow orders. 

Yes, even the elderly yid who got that one final strong push causing him to fall and be hurt, if you watch the video again you will see he was leaning back refusing to follow orders and do what he was told. What did he think was going to happen? The Police would just let him in? Had he listened to instructions he would be fine right now. Instead, he is suffering. Sadly, he brought this upon himself 

 Don't blame the police. Blame the people. 

In this instance unfolding today it is the people who were entirely wrong and the police entirely right. What a shame and once again what a terrible sight to see coming out of this holy place just a few years to the day after we lost 45 lives. Sad and Angry

Israelis Overwhelmingly Think Netanyahu is more suited to be prime minister than Gantz


If an election were held today, Benny Gantz's National Unity Party would still win the most seats. Still, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud Party is closing the gap, according to a new Channel 12 poll published Wednesday night.

The poll also claimed that, for the first time since the war with Hamas began, Netanyahu has surpassed Gantz as being seen as better suited for the prime ministerial role.

According to the poll, if Israel were to head to elections today, the National Unity Party led by Gantz would be the largest political party with 25 seats. At the same time, Netanyahu's Likud Party, which narrowed the gap, would get 21 seats.

Yair Lapid's Yesh Atid Party came in third, winning a projected 13 seats. Next came Labor, after the primary victory of Yair Golan, which was projected to win 10 seats together with Meretz. Also projected to win 10 seats are Arye Deri's Shas Party and Avigdor Liberman's Yisrael Beytenu. National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir's Otzma Yehudit Party was set to win nine seats, while the haredi United Torah Judaism Party was set to win seven. 

After that came Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich's Religious Zionist Party, alongside the Arab parties of Ra'am and Hadash-Ta'al, which were all set to win five seats. 

At the bottom came Gideon Sa'ar's New Hope – The United Right Party and Sami Abu Shehadeh's Balad Party, failing to cross the electoral threshold. 

The survey also examined a possible party formed by several center-right figures. These included Liberman and Sa'ar, former prime minister Naftali Bennett, and former Mossad chief Yossi Cohen. This new party would win 16 seats in a hypothetical election. 

This would have electoral implications for other parties. While some, like the Likud, would stay the same, others would see their numbers drop. Gantz's National Unity Party would only win 21 seats, the same as the Likud, while Yesh Atid would get just 12 and the Religious Zionist Party would only get four.

The biggest shakeup in the poll was over suitability for the premiership. Netanyahu surpassed Gantz in the public eye for the first time since the war started, with 56% compared to Gantz's 30%.

The National Unity leader isn't even in second place – rather, former prime minister Bennett being seen as more suitable for the role of prime minister.

Left going Insane over John Fetterman's Removal of His Harvard Hood at Yeshiva University Commencement


 Sen John Fetterman expressed his 'profound disappointment' to the alumni of Yeshiva University on Wednesday, May 29, over Harvard University's failure to combat antisemitism on campus before taking down the ceremonial red academic hood that represented his alma college, according to the New York Post.

During his commencement speech at the private Orthodox Jewish university, which awarded him the highest accolade conferred upon it, the 'Hero of Israel' award, he voiced his disapproval of the Ivy League school.

Fetterman told the new grads at Louis Armstrong Stadium in Queens, "I have been profoundly disappointed [by] Harvard's inability to stand up for the Jewish community after October 7."

He added as he removed the Harvard hood, "Personally, I do not fundamentally believe that it is right for me to wear this today." Following the symbolic act, Fetterman-a fervent supporter of Israel's fight against Hamas-was given a standing ovation. 

He added, "The Jewish community everywhere deserves our support. And I promise you will always have mine."

Notably, following his well-received speech, Fetterman was seen dancing with school administrators and children.

Former Harvard president Claudine Gay was under fire for not calling out 30 student organizations over their statement accusing Israel of being "entirely responsible" for the deadly rampage by Hamas after the attack on the Jewish state on October 7, 2023.

In her testimony before Congress on December 5, Gay declined to say that anyone in the organization who advocated for the eradication of Jews would suffer the repercussions. Faculty members at Harvard at the time wrote a statement endorsing Gay and advising the administration to withstand political pressure.

Fetterman's accusations drew out the leftists who went berserk online.

A user wrote on X, "What an attention-seeking loser- has his wife left him yet, she was always the best part," while one added, "This won't age well, guaranteed!"

Meanwhile, a person stated, "You've never looked so good without your hoodie, Senator!" whereas one mentioned, "Is it me, or is he hotter by the minute?"

A user commented, "He'll be Republican soon. Just a matter of time." Another added, "This US Senator, one of 100 of the most powerful people in the world, works best in pantomime and other non-speaking performances. Also available for hand and bald-head model work."

What a Surprise!! "Climate Change" Organization is Really a Pro-Hamas Group!

 They sure changed the climate! No Question about that!

When Archi Bunker Met the Rabbi


*Breaking: Pro-Hamas Mob Burns Israeli Embassy in Mexico City


The Mexican government’s disturbing embrace of the prejudiced international campaign to demonize Israel has now unleashed explosive real-world consequences on its own soil.

Disturbingly, a pro-Hamas mob setting fire to the Israeli embassy in Mexico City on Wednesday offered a grim glimpse into the destructive forces President López Obrador’s regime is willfully inflaming.

According to AFP, upwards of 200 anti-Israel protesters descended upon  the Israeli diplomatic compound in Mexico’s capital. Masked assailants hurled rocks and other sharp object in an attempt to breach the security perimeter around the embassy as fires raged in the background. Unverified reports indicated multiple casualties amid the lawless mayhem as protesters defiantly waved Palestinian flags.

On Tuesday, Mexico made the reprehensible decision to intervene in the International Court of Justice case accusing Israel of ‘genocide.’

Mexico has shamelessly signaled its intent to leverage its position as a party to the Genocide Convention not to uphold its spirit of preventing future atrocities, but rather to legislate an extremist reinterpretation of the treaty that would render virtually any attempt by Israel to combat Hamas terror as a criminal act of ethnic cleansing against civilians.

Shiksa Discribes Her "SleepOver" in Chabad Household of 9 Children


Instagram & Facebook remove viral Israeli response to ‘All eyes on Rafah’ campaign


An AI-generated pro-Israel image created by Benjamin Jamon has been removed from Instagram without explanation. 

The image was made in response to a viral pro-Palestinian AI-generated image that read “All eyes on Rafah.” 

Jamon's image, reading “Where were your eyes on October 7?” depicted a Hamas soldier standing over an infant, implying it to be Kfir Bibas, a child taken hostage on October 7.

The image had been shared around 500,000 times before Jamon’s account was banned.

The original pro-Palestinian image remains online.

Rachel Gelman Is Biggest Supporter Of Pro-Hamas Protests


A recent report from the Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy (ISGAP) has revealed that the Bafrayung Fund, associated with one of America’s wealthiest and most politically active Jewish families, is a significant financial supporter of the National Students for Justice in Palestine (NSJP) movement.

This organization is known for orchestrating the widespread anti-Israel protests on college campuses across the United States.

The director of the Bafrayung Fund is Rachel Gelman, 33, a descendant of Levi Strauss, the renowned clothing manufacturer. Rachel Gelman is also related to U.S. Representative Dan Gelman (D-NY). According to the ISGAP report, the Bafrayung Fund has allocated substantial sums of money over recent months to support and encourage these protests.

NSJP’s main fiscal sponsor is the Westchester Peace Action Committee (WESPAC), which started as a civil rights advocacy group in the 1970s, and today is largely responsible for the pro-Hamas group’s activities, providing it with a legitimate façade for its actions.

According to the ISGAP report, WESPAC sponsors the following organizations, all of them virulent anti-Israel and antisemitic:

1. National Students for Justice in Palestine (NSJP)
2. US Palestinian Community Network (USPCN)
3. Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM)
4. Adalah New York
5. International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network (IJAN)
6. Palestine Freedom Project (PFP)

At the top of WESPAC’s grant providers, ISGAP lists the Covina, California-based Bafrayung Fund, which donated $298,000. Next on the list is the Elias Foundation, dedicated to the promotion of “progressive ideas,” which forked over only $100,500.

Notably, Bafrayung also donated $60,000 to the Palestinian Youth Movement and $40,000 to the Arab Resource and Organizing Center, both of which have used the controversial slogan, “From the river to the sea Palestine will be free.”

Rachel Gelman’s mother, Susie Gelman, has also been a prominent figure in the political landscape. She was considered by President Biden for the position of U.S. ambassador to Israel.

From 2016 to 2023, Susie Gelman served as the chairperson of the Israel Policy Forum, an organization founded in the 1990s to support peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs. During her tenure, she frequently criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his right-wing governments.