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Sleeveless Satmar Chassidiste Tries to Stop Chabad From Putting Tefiilin on Chilonim

The Satmar Rebbe , R' Yoel Teitelbaum z"l said in 1967 that there is no inyan of getting chilonim to put on tefillin, this is recorded in a book called "Shimu Dvar Hashem, which has transcripts of tapes of the drashas! 
To support his view he brings a Bais Yosef that brings a Maharm that brings a Yerushalmie that you cannot put on tefillin if you have a "hirur of an aveirah" a thought of a sin, that would eliminate 99% of Satmar Chassidim ! 

No one has ever accused the late Lubavitcher Rebbe of being an Am Haaretz, just compare even one of his sichos in Lekutei Sichos with anything written in the Va'Yoel Moshe! The Lubavitcher was well aware of that Yerushalmie! 

Above is a video of a sleeveless lady holding the same "shitah" and notice she is also following the "tznees minhag" wearing "bullet-proof" leggings according to the Satmar minhag! I don't know whether she is wearing a shaitel, maybe she is still single, her pony tail is like Satmar single girls! 


Garnel Ironheart said...

Remember when the mayor of Tel Aviv tried to outlaw Lubavitchers setting up a tefillin booth outside of a particular high school so the guy moved down the street and all the boys from the school showed up?

The Jesus Schneerson cult must be stopped said...

Dear DIN,

Your position is debatable as is, if it would have been solely as you presented it, as just a simple matter of putting on tefillin on people in street or not. If that was the case you may have had more grounds to argue on behalf of the Habadskers.

But it seems that you missed a very important point here. If you look closely at the video, you can see that the Lubavitchers put on a yechi yarmulka on the kid's head in addition to the (Habad) tefillin. So they are taking advantage of the poor ignorant youngster, using his head as a billboard, to promote their long dead Rebbuh as Messiah. When they do that they are mevazeh the tefillin, and are mevazeh Yiddishkeit. It is like טובל ושרץ בידו when they put a kipah promoting Jesus Schneerson as Messiah on someone along with tefillin. Like something wearing tefillin with a tzeilem, a crucifix around his neck at the same time (even worse, as both are on the head in this case).

Can you imagine what the Satmar Rebbe, Rav Schach zt"l might say about such outrages?

I understand your frustration with Satmar, but please don't fall into the trap of knee-jerk backing of Chabbad due to it, as Lubavitch has severe problems of its own.

Even if the woman protesting didn't really entirely grasp what was going on, she was not totally wrong, as the followers of Shabsai Zevi from Crown Heights should not be allowed to go around fooling people and being mezalzel in tefillin and them, by using them to promote Jesus Schneerson as Messiah.

Anonymous said...

Childish post, childish attack on satmar, something your idol shoulson would do

Mrs Greedy Yenta said...

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6. She lies to you that if you’re nisht tzefreeden with her services you just drop out of the agreement. She of course doesn’t mean it. When you take up her offer & write it in the contract she transforms into an angry character you don't recognize & starts attacking you with all kinds fake accusations she makes up. When you ask why she’s angry for taking up an idea you never even asked for - SHE proposed it - she farentfers that she didn’t mean it should be in writing

Dusiznies said...

To Jesus
You write:
"using his head as a billboard, to promote their long dead Rebbuh as Messiah. When they do that they are mevazeh the tefillin, and are mevazeh Yiddishkeit"

I don't see wearing a kippa that says "Yechi" being "mevazeh tefillin" It's something you made up! There are people that wear tails of a skunk on their heads every shabbos and everyone seems to think thats normal. There are people wearing "Na Nach" and have tefillin on!

You write:
"Can you imagine what the Satmar Rebbe, Rav Schach zt"l might say about such outrages?"

I know what the Satmar Rebbe said I posted a copy of the sefer in the post. What Rav Shach said is totally irrelevant, Rav Shach was for giving back lands to the Arabs except for his own house, of course. He was also for the Oslo Accords which was the trigger for the 1st intifada that caused the murder of Jewish Men, women and children.

You write:
"Even if the woman protesting didn't really entirely grasp what was going on, she was not totally wrong, as the followers of Shabsai Zevi from Crown Heights should not be allowed to go around fooling people and being mezalzel in tefillin"

I see you know nothing about Shabsai Tzvi!
Shabsai Tzvi was Matir Assurim and converted to Islam!
Shabsai Tzvi told his followers to make Aliyah, Chabad is against Aliyah until the Mashicah comes. Last week I posted a video where the Lubavitcher Rebbe Zechuso Yagein Alinue explicitly said that he was NOT the Moshiaqch. BTW the Ramchal said that he was Moshiach and yet everyone learns his sefarim, and buried him next to Rabbi Akiva. Many Talmidim of Tannaim held their rebbes were Moshiach. I see nothing wrong with that and it's not against any precept in the Torah to believe their rebbe is moshiach!

I'm saying all this and I'm not Chabad and I don't have a dog in this fight!

BTW to compare the rebbe to JC is crazy, the JC ym"s was the cause of the deaths of millions of Jews. The rebbe never advocated violence in any way, he was a man of peace and loved every Jew including YOU!

FYI said...

DIN - I have a hunch you have Habadsker(s) you speak to that tell you what to write here. Better to think for yourself instead of parroting the talking points of Lubavitch.

The fact is that the late last Chabad Lubavitch Rebbuh DIED ALMOST THIRTY YEARS AGO (in about a month and half from now will be the 30th yahrzeit). For those Chabbad lunatics to go around promoting him as Messiah now is crazy, unJewish. They are following the way of Christianity in promoting a long dead man as Messiah. So in that way they are making their late Rebbe into a Jesus like figure, a dead man they persist in calling Moshiach long after his passing.

"I don't see wearing a kippa that says "Yechi" being "mevazeh tefillin" It's something you made up!"

If someone would wear a Jews for J., Jews for Yeshu kipah while wearing tefillin, where they were right next to each other on the head, you don't think that would be a problem??? Come on DIN, don't play games. Admit it.

Wearing a Jews for Mendel, the dead false Moshiach from Crown Heights, kipah, is a similar type of obscenity.

You mention Ramchal, etc. - it is one thing to believe someone is Moshiach when they are alive, but when they died thirty years ago? In that way Chabbad Lubavitch is following Christianity and making their late Rebbe like Jesus. Of course their Rebbe wasn't totally like him, the Rebbe spoke Russian and JC spoke Aramaic, among other differences.

P.S. You claim the Lubab leader loved every Yid. Not true. See how he blew up against Rav Kahane, a Misnaged who challenged him, and Rav Schach zt"l. He liked sycophants, yes, those who subjugated themselves to him.

DIN & Lubavitch said...

How many times have you been to their Rebbe's grave in New York? How many times did you visit him before he died? Did you get dollars from him?

yossi said...

though chabad means well the moshichist movement has spawned dangerous ideas.comparing people hoping that their live rebbe is moshiach is very different then keeping the same hope that now has turned into a very firm promoted belief that he is messiah and alive.and its a significant and vocal portion of chabad. in fact very few chabaniks oppose these views vocally

Dusiznies said...

I don't see any theological issues with them thinking that the Rebbe is Moshiach! We all believe that Moshiach can be someone that is not alive now and will be resurrected! So why can't it be the Lubavitcher Rebbe?
They are not hurting anyone, they put on Tefillin everyday, they eat kosher, they hold shabbos and Yomim Toivim their wives go to the mikvah, they learn the daf.
I personally have a problem with them because they do not recognize the State of Israel, but I don't let it get to me.
You know that there are Frum Jews out there that truly believe that when Moshiach comes Hashem will transport the Chultz Le'aaretz Jews on Birds and bring them to Eretz Yisrael, to me that belief is apikorsas this belief is as absurd as a dead rabbi being Moshiach! There are other Frum Jews with long beards and payous that dance around a fire on Lag Be'Omer that some poiskim say is Avoda Zara , Other Jews bake a challa with a key inside as a segula, There are others that have a photo of R' Shayele or leave their entire families on the Holiest Day of the year, Rosh Hashana to visit a dead rabbi in Ukraine, But do I scream and yell and do I call their rebbe JC? No! I don't let it bother me.
Let them put on tefillin on who they want and let them dress them with "Yechi" kippas! It doesn't hurt anyone, and I know hundreds of families that became Shoimrei Torah Umitzvois thru Chabad! Who am I to say what they should believe.

Huh? said...

"We all believe that Moshiach can be someone that is not alive now and will be resurrected!"

Not true. If you think so, seems you have been brainwashed by Lubavitch.

"Who am I to say what they should believe."

You tell Satmar what to believe, you tell others. Seems you are not too shy in expressing your opinions. But all of a sudden, when it comes to Chabad, you turn into Mendel the mouse?

Dusiznies said...

Just to be clear I personally don't think that he is Moshiach!
But the Yerushalmi States ברכות פ"ב
ביום שחרב בית המקדש נולד הגואל
The Moshiach doesn't necessarily have to be alive he may be resurrected! That does not contradict anything in the Torah and the fact that Christians believe that also, doesn't mean that a Jew who believes his rebbe will be Moshiach is an apikoras!
Besides the same Yerushalmi states in reference to Moshiach!
?מה שמו
מנחם שמו
וזהו שנאמר
כי רחק ממני מנחם משיב נפשי

גענוג said...

You are parroting old Chabbad arguments which fall short, which they brought out after their last Rebbeh died. They are against the mesorah of Klal Yisrael, like other things about the sect.

Dusiznies said...

"mesorah of klall yisrael?" LOL
Whose "mesorah?" Satmar mesorah?' Litvak "mesorah?' Belz "mesorah?'
Do you think that when Megele ym"s selected Jews to be gassed he asked them what their "mesorah" was?

What "mesorah" are you talking about? I daven in a shul in Ramat Shemesh that has close to 300 mispallalim, not one has the same "mesorah as his neighbor.
For example and I'm very serious about this, I have a "mesorah" that I eat 2 slices of Shmaltz Herring at Kiddush in shul, I noticed that my neighbor only eats pickled Herring!
I also noticed that another mispallel has a mesorah that during leining he puts on a hat made from Skunk Tails, my mesorah on the other hand is to wear a worn out black velvet kipa that is now brown from the sun.

I thinks that you have absolutely no clue what "mesorah" is, and you are a bitter jealous dog that has it in for Chabad for some reason.

The previous Lubavitcher Rebbe was an Adom Gadol, in all respects and changed the world for the better! Whether his chassidim or he himself thought was the Moshiach is irrelevant to anyone who is not Chabad! Nothing they do is against the Torah, they can scream "Yechi" until Kingdom comes, Who cares? They are shomrei Torah Umitzvois and there is no one that says any thing different. What does it bother you or your ilk that they want to be "mezake" other Jews??? I don't get it?

Prescription said...

When something is rotten, and it stinks, the people nearby know the sad reality well, but people far away may see a photo, and naturally, the photo doesn't include the putrid odor, so they say nothing is wrong, why are you warning about it. The same thing here. If you would go to 770, live in Lubavitch Crown Heights, daven regularly in a Chabad place, you would realize that something is very wrong. But since you are far away, you don't smell the rot and delude yourself that it is not there.

If Crown Heights is too far for you, you can go to Kfar Habad, live there for a while, it should cure you of this delusion.