Friday, May 31, 2024

B&B Biden-Blinken Deranged Policies On the Way to Destroy The World in a World War



Garnel Ironheart said...

If you're good with Israel striking inside Gaza, then Ukraine has a right to strike inside Russia.

Dusiznies said...

I'm actually great with Israel striking Gaza, she is fighting for her very life and even should Israel totally destroy Gaza it won't lead us into a World War.
The USA telling Ukraine in effect to bomb Russia will cause a world war! If you remember Russia warned Ukraine not to join NATO, as Russia doesn't want NATO at her border. This is similar to the Cuban crisis when the US didn't want Russian missiles in Cuba as Cuba was close to the US mainland. I'm not a fan of Russia and would like to see it destroyed, absolutely. But I can see why Putin doesn't want an enemy at its border. Ukraine being a member of NATO means that if Ukraine is attacked the allies must defend it... so how is that going to play out!
B&B is the cause of all conflicts now in the world, and I'll bet the Abraham Accords will go out the window now!
I have another reason. I believe that Ukraine needs to be destroyed, the sooner the better, they were worse than the Nazis! In fact, the Nazis had Ukrainians do their dirty work> I would love to see the Russians totally take over Ukraine and then would like Russia destroyed as well, but from within!

Garnel Ironheart said...

DIN, I agree with your sentiments. My father, a"h, would've said of the Russian-Ukraine war "Couldn't they kill each other a little faster?"
And you're right about Russia - they are very sensitive to who's on their border, especially NATO, and they have historical precedent for that sensitivity. But bringing up the 1812 and 1942 invasions no longer has the cachet it used to after a brutal 45 year occupation of eastern Europe.
We don't need Ukraine in NATO but we do need it intact as a buffer against the Russian monsters.
And you're right - B&B are leading us to WW2, chalilah