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Rabbi Binyamin Eisenberg of Boro-Park Compares the closing of Miron on Lag Be'Omer to the Tragedies in the Whole Wide World


 Truth be told I never heard of Rabbi Eisenberg before, and he seems like a humble "erlicaha yid" with a "hadras panim" and I'm impressed with the way he speaks and the way he explains and expresses himself, I wish I had rebbes like this.

Having said this, I'm perplexed! Am I the only one who doesn't get it?

 I want you all to listen to his talk with an open mind. Do you see something very bizarre and upsetting with what he said?  I am not trying to be facetious, I'm very serious and I want to know if I'm the only one who finds his remarks upsetting, to say the least.

In a previous post we questioned whether Lag Be'omer was even the yurzeit of Reb Shimon Ben Yochai and we brought serious poiskim who state unequivocally that dancing in front of a fire could be worshipping Avoda Zara, one of the three cardinal sins that one must forfeit one's life!

But putting all this aside let's go back to Rabbi Eisenberg's polemic. I find it very disturbing that he finds the closing of Meron on Lag Be'Omer comparable to what is going on in the world! 

Let's focus on Israel, after all this is where Meron is situated.

 Is Rabbi Eisenberg comparing the tragedy of the rape, mutilation, babies thrown into ovens alive, chopping off the heads of babies, chopping off the limbs of Jewish women while still alive, and kidnapping of innocent Jewish civilians, to the "tragedy" of the closing of Meron?? Is he comparing October 7 to the closing of Meron? I'm not going to talk about all the other tragedies that are going on in the world right now, I am focusing on ONE single event. An event that changed the lives of every single Jew that has a heart! 

Is that what he is saying? If he is not saying this, someone out there let me know. 

It wasn't too long ago, in the year 2020 when the borders of Israel were closed to Jews who weren't citizens. I searched to see if Rabbi Eisenberg found that tragic, but predictably not a word! The IDF closed the site because of safety reasons, but Rabbi Eisenberg is hinting that the Zionists closed it to stop frum people from davening at Meron! How pathetic? Rabbis like Rabbi Eisenberg are on Social Media spreading these awful blood libels! Meron has been hit by missiles every single day for two weeks straight, in fact, one of the roads leading to Meron was destroyed by a missile! 

You know what I find tragic is that hundreds of thousands of Jews go up to Meron on Lag Be'omer and leave Yerusahlayim and the Kosel like a widow that just lost her husband. I cry for the Shechinah.

Are we monitoring what the melamdim of our children are teaching them? Are they telling them that Meron is now a place to be "oleh regel?" Is he comparing Yerushalayim to Meron? 

As I said many times, the leaders of Klall Yisrael are disconnected! Here is a well-spoken articulate rabbi who seems to really believe what he is saying, and is preaching to naive sheep and embedding his anti-Israel message with a Sfas Emes no less! 

The closing of Meron on Lag Be'omer when hundreds of thousands of Jews converge in one small place with no shelter to run to, is the most prudent thing to do, saying that this is a tragedy and lumping this non-tragedy with what is going on the world, is asinine and unbecoming from a seemingly distinguished Boro-Park. 

If we don't call these rabbis out, we are doomed! What are we to expect from the regular Joe Shmo, when the rabbis are brainwashing them with "farkrunta" sevorois" crooked ideas

What should we hope for from the goyim, from Colombia, UCLA and Harvard students when our very own leaders minimize the October 7 tragedy? 

השם ירחם


Garnel Ironheart said...

When you have a spoiled child, you will have conflicts over the smallest things.
It won't be about school or life plans. It'll be about how he didn't get the flavour of ice cream he wanted for dinner so now his life is ruined. About how she didn't get the same colour eye liner as her friend so her life is ruined.
This is the emotional and intellectual level of the Chareidi leadership. No awareness of the bigger picture. No sense of proportion. We want this and we want it this way and if you don't give it to us, you are destroying the Torah and driving the Shechinah out of the world!

Anonymous said...

It seems you misunderstood his words.
I listened to the whole thing and he didn’t say anything that it’s the biggest tragedy to we can’t go to Meron this year

FYI said...

1) His name is R. Binyomin Eisenberger, not Eisenberg.

2) I didn't see him attacking the medinah in the video, at least not directly. He is a smart guy. I didn't see him claiming that Tziyonim want it closed on Lag Baomer so Hasidim can't pray there. Maybe some other nut(s) made such wild charges but I don't see it here, so please don't assume it.

3) He comes from a Chasam Sofer Hungarian Orthodox background (I think he is an einekel actually, but if not, he is from that milieu definitely). Those are his roots, not Hasidic. He learned in Lucerne by Rav Koppelman z"l, and in Mir Yerushalayim. He doesn't wear a shtreimel. IIRC he davens nusach Ashkenaz privately. But his minyan/kehillah is Hasidic to a significant degree, and he flirts with some Hasidic practices, one of which is a big Lag Baomer hadlakah and tantzerei.

Needs to be stated said...

"You know what I find tragic is that hundreds of thousands of Jews go up to Meron on Lag Be'omer and leave Yerusahlayim and the Kosel like a widow that just lost her husband. I cry for the Shechinah."

You seem to be voicing one of the objections (or something close to it) raised by the Chasam Sofer zt"l, when he said he questioned going to Meron on Lag Baomer, of it being a slight to Yerushalayim.

R. Eisenberger, in this video, attempts to claim that it is not a problem now. He seems to be claiming that when the Chasam Sofer brought that up, in the first part of the 1800's, it was a time when there were restrictions on Yidden (particularly Ashkenazim) going to Y'lem so it was a bizayon to leave it and go to Meron. But now, people go to both, so the issue is moot.

With all due respect to him, that position is questionable, as licheora it is still a bizayon if people make a big thing over it, hype it up, more than going to the Kosel area. Additionally, that was only one of multiple objections raised by the Chasam Sofer to the Meron Lag Baomer enterprise, so even if it would be put aside, there would still be other issues with the practice.

"Are we monitoring what the melamdim of our children are teaching them? Are they telling them that Meron is now a place to be "oleh regel?" Is he comparing Yerushalayim to Meron?"

People like R. Gamliel Rabinovitch teach such things. He may even go further than that.

To be fair, not all Chasidim have fallen into that. Leading Rebbes such as Gerrer Rebbe, Vizhnitzer Rebbe, Belzer Rebbe, others, of large or largest Hasidic sects, do not take part.

anonymous said...

Yes I'm letting you know. He said nothing of the sort! Maybe you don't understand Yiddish.

Dusiznies said...

My first language is Yiddish, I understood everything he said, and everything that he implied, I stand by every word I wrote!

Dusiznies said...

I didn't misunderstand what he said, we don't need a Rashi to tell us what he said, he was very clear and what he said was disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, I want to thank you for The good rabbirabbi s Words . He is really articulate And I will be repeating this to others.
Secondly he doesn't imply anything that you said.

Brisker Payois said...

Kool Aid ! Yes repeat it to others, but first you need to understand it yourself . So you do you understand that R' "Shimon will explode" you understand that? so before you repeat it please explain that to us!

Dr Phil ,Esquire, Petach Tikvah said...

DIN you are a genius, I listened to this tape over and over because at first I couldn't hear what DIN heard, but after the third time I heard all the implications and DIN is 100% correct. He dismisses the fact that Meron was closed because of safety issues, he says if you hear him carefully that the tragedy is that Meron was closed for the first time because of an "EXCUSE" of pikuach nefesh! He is basically saying that he doesn't believe that for a second. I would like to know if he would take "achreiyois" for even one person killed who went up?

Anonymous said...

What people have to realize is that tzionim don’t close anything not Meron not israel it’s hashem that does this ! probably for us to want it more
And that can be what the rabbi was referring to the closing is a direct hit to us to tell us to wake up
There is famously a huge connection between rebbe Nachman and rebbe shimon and we are seeing no coincidence that there are huge kochos that are trying to stop us from reaching these holy places
We just have to wake up, pray and stay focused