Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More South Koreans Than Israelis Own A Gemarah (Talmud)!

"Almost every home in South Korea now contains a Korean-translated Talmud. But unlike in Israel, the Korean mothers teach the Talmud to their children. In a country of close to 49 million people who believe in Buddhism and Christianity, there are more people who read the Talmud - or at least own their own copy at home - more than in the Jewish state. Much more."

"Jews study the Talmud at a young age, and it helps them, in our opinion, to develop mental capabilities. This understanding led us to teach our children as well. We believe that if we teach our children Talmud, they will also become geniuses. This is what stands behind the rationale of introducing Talmud Study to our school curriculum."

Korean Talmud

Read more:

Even Former President George Bush became a learner, and he isn't even a South Korean

Friday, March 25, 2011

Weberman a Serial Molester?

Weber with unidentified lady that intimidated supporters of victim, with camera (Photo Credit: Failedmessiah
History of the Weberman Case:
 A father was convinced his 16-year-old daughter was having a relationship with a 17-year-old boy, so the father set up a hidden camera in the house. What he recorded shocked him — what he saw the daughter doing to please the young man.
 The father had already taken the daughter to seek counseling with Rabbi Nechemya Weberman in years past. Just as he had taken her older sister. It is a common practice in the community for a respected person to be a counselor, or serve as a therapist. Weberman is affiliated, police said, with Brooklyn’s United Talmudic Community, a yeshiva.
Now, the father went to the Brooklyn DA’s office with the tape, and Rabbi Weberman. The Brooklyn DA’s office has set up special channels of communication to bridge cultural gaps that might be beneficial to both sides. However, the more that investigators talked to the parties involved — especially when they spoke with them separately — the more that there were questions which indicated something was not right. Around Feb. 16, the girl told a counselor at school that the rabbi has been raping her for years. The counselor reported it, and when the investigators talked to her again, she claimed there were at least 16 incidents at 263 Classon Avenue, in the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn, which serves as Weberman’s home and office. It is where the counseling sessions took place. The girl told investigators it began in 2007, when she was 12; and continued through 2010.
Detectives assembled sufficient preliminary evidence to start a case; and arrested Weberman. He was brought to Brooklyn Criminal Court that night, and told he was being charged with rape, endangering the welfare of a child, sexual abuse, sexual misconduct against a child, and engaging in a criminal sexual act.
The Orthodox Jewish community that has gone to Weberman as a therapist and counselor, especially for young people, are in shock. Reeling. The debate has even gone to blogs on the Internet. Weberman is not a licensed therapist, he is one of those "Fake Chassidic Therapists."  NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly added one thing more: “The rabbi … is NOT a rabbi! He’s a 52-year-old male arrested for molestation of a young woman who is still a minor.

March 25, 2011.....Brooklyn Criminal Court : Intimidation!
Frumfollies reports :

"Weberman was accompanied by four relatives including a woman who took pictures of Hasidim attending today’s court session. Pictures or names were then circulated instantly into online or listserve discussion groups of hasidim.
Two Hasidim attending in support of the alleged victim got messages from their family members telling them that word was circulating about them and they should get out of the courtroom. Both refused to take the advice. As one of them said to me, “I have nothing to be ashamed of. I am there to protect Jewish girls. The shanda(disgrace) is that so many people are afraid to speak up.”
Serial Molester?
Failedmessiah speculates that Weberman must be a serial molester. He reports that Joe DiAngelo, (whose name was Yoilie Deutsch) says that as a child he was a victim of sexual abuse by Weberman. In Court this morning, DiAngelo walked up to Weberman as Weberman was about to enter the courtroom and said to him, "Karma is a bitch." Weberman recognized him and allegedly became frightened and started saying tehillim, psalms."

Trump to Obama .. "Show me your Birth Certificate"

Donald Trump is not backing down from his demand that President Barack Obama produce his birth certificate and stepped up his criticism by questioning why he has not released other personal records, including college transcripts and legislative papers.

Read more on Newsmax.com: Trump Refuses to Back Down Over Obama's 'Very Strange' Birth

Important: Do You Support Pres. Obama's Re-Election? Vote Here Now!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Monsey Rabbis Ban Places of Exercise!

The ad appeared in this week's edition of the "Community Connections." This time it was in Hebrew and in Yiddish. Why didn't they print it in English? Are only Yiddish & Hebrew speakers part of this ban, and the English speaking public exempt? Are there two different Torahs, one for the English speaking public and another for the Yiddish speaking public?
These Rabbis call themselves the "Vaad Mishmeres Yehadus" the "Committee for the Protection of Yiddishkeit." It is fascinating to note that the Rabbis on the letterhead of this ban are the same Rabbis insisting that the Convicted Rapist Yisroel Weingarten is innocent, and are raising large sums of money to get him released from prison.
On one hand they prohibit Places of Exercise, because there is "Taruvois" "mixing" of men and women, on the other hand they don't have any problems with one of their own raping his own child!
Here is the ban, scroll down to see English translation: Then see my comments:
Committee for the Protection of Yiddishkeit.
Here in our City of Monsey
Harav the Gaon Moshe Green, Harav the Gaon Chaim Yehoshua Halberstam, Harav the Gaon Bezalel Toivia Wettenstein, Harav the Gaon Yisroel Hagar, Harav the Gaon Menachem Meir Weismandl, Harav the Gaon Chaim Faivel Shnaibalg
In Honor of our Jewish Brothers, Residents of Monsey and its surrounding Towns,
Since we heard a report, that there are people in Monsey that are "Moreh Heter" (permitting via a distortion of Halacha) to go to the so called "Exercise Places" where men and women or televisions and other destructive tools are found, and their excuse is that they are going there "for health reasons," and therefore permitted,  we are therefore letting everyone know that this is definitely prohibited. Even though the Important Public at Large knows that going to places where men and women congregate is prohibited, we find it necessary to publicize it.... and to those who listen to this ban will come blessings.
Committee officials
Dus iz nies:
With all due respect to the signed Honorod Rabbonim, with this ban you are not "Protecting Yiddishkeit" as your name of your Vaad proposes. You are actually advocating for obesity and Heart Attacks. Practically ALL of the Exercise Places have separate men and woman exercise rooms.  Yes, all men and women should actually join so that they improve their health. What other solutions did you Rabbis come up with? Your Committee was basically set up to ban ban ban ban ban ban and ban again. The Community Connection is becoming the place where anyone with a letterhead can dump on the Jewish People!
I personally think that the reason the ad does not appear in English is because "LIfePlex" an exercise place in Monsey advertises occasionally in the Community Connections, and they didn't want Lifeplex to G-D Forbid see the ad!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mordechai Tendler Suing Google to Identify Bloggers, Again!

New York Post
Mordechai Tendler will not give up! He has been booted out of his shul, KNH (Kehillat New Hempstead) in New Hempstead, yet he has the hidden wish to want to self - destruct! He knows that by suing Google for the identity of the Bloggers he will be rattling the lion's cage which will put him in the news again. For the past four years, he was out of the news, and the Bloggers let him be, but now that he is messing with them they will fight to the bitter end. I have very reliable information that one of the Bloggers that is being sued has compelling forensic evidence that will destroy Tendler's reputation for good. The Blogger is seriously considering posting this evidence in the event he is outed!
see Subpoena Duces Tecum

Sometime ago Mordechai Tendler circulated a rumor that he was actually exonerated by a Bais Din, here see a letter by those very Rabbonim that the rumor is a blatant lie!

Translation of a joint Rabbinic Kol Korah
“Denial & Clarification” letter
issued by 7 Leading Monsey Rabbonim
against R’ Mordecai Tendler of
New Hempstead, New York
Denial (of his claims) and Clarification!

We have gathered together to inform the public that since it has been publicly announced, written and printed that we investigated R’ Mordecai Tendler and that we were convinced of the truth of his statements. We are hereby forced to publicize that this is an outright Lie!

In addition, we want to publicize our opinion that after thoroughly investigating the matter in his presence and after a thorough examination of the issues, it is our opinion that one must not seek any advice in any area, and certainly not in any Halachic matters pertaining to Divorce, Marriage or Conversions!

On this matter we are affixing our signatures on this the 20th day of the month of Iyar* in the year 5765. Here, in Monsey, New York

(In order of Hebrew Signatures)
Rabbi Moshe Green,
Rosh Yeshivah, Yeshivah D’Monsey
Rabbi Yisroel Hager
Son of the Grand Rabbi of Vishnitz
Rabbi Chaim Halberstam,
Rav, K’hal Yoel Moshe, Satmar, Monsey
Rabbi Chaim Shraga Feival Shnaybalg
Rav, K’hal Avreichim, Monsey
Rabbi Chaim Leibish Halevi Rottenberg
Rav, K’hal Netzach Yisroel,Monsey
Rabbi Sharaga Feivel Halevi Zimmerman
Rav, K’hal Bney Ashkenaz,Monsey
Rabbi Mordechai Ohrbach
Rav, K’hal Forshay,Monsey
If you want to read the entire history, click on website below
See Below JTC ... See 1:45 - 2:29

Monday, March 21, 2011

Do Girls Learn Anything In Seminary!!

My wife is a Shadchan, who did many shiduchim just this year alone. She is not a professional, she does it totally L'shem Shomayim. The very first question the boy's family usually asks is "which Seminary did she attend?" They are basically not interested what the girl actually learned there, or if she  possesses good or special character traits. She just wants to know so that she can boast her new daughter-in laws credentials to the Yenta next door. Then they want to know, how is this boy going to be supported, but this question requires a totally separate post. 

In a  letter to the editor in the March 11, 2011 edition of the English Yated Ne'eman, a young girl still in Seminary in Eretz Yisroel warns her parents that she will be coming back to the States a "changed person," since she had adopted "chumros" etc. She writes that her parents should understand that if you send your teenager to study in Eretz Yisroel and spend a lot of money getting the teenager there, then they better be ready to basically adopt the stringencies in  Halacha that the teenager learned in Seminary!
Now read an answer to her letter from a reader in this weeks Yated Ne'eman!

Dear Editor,
I was appalled by the letter from the girl in seminary in Eretz Yisroel to her parents. The letter reveals that this girl has learned little, if anything, of what one would have expected her to learn. There is clearly something wrong with this system. While she may have learned lots of chumros and, undoubtedly, numerous complex commentaries, she has not learned basic elements of mentchlichkeit, hakoras hatov and kibbudav v 'eim.
I do not know the economic status of the family of this seminary student, but if they are like most people, they struggled mightily to scrape together at least $20,000 of hard-earned money to send her to seminary in Eretz Yisroel. They may have even gone into debt over it. Yet, the only message conveyed in her letter is a warning shot across the bow to her parents. She has not even come home and she has already criticized her parents.
How about some hakoras hatov? Did you ever consider how difficult it is to make $20,000, particularly in these times? Do you know how many hours of work and how much effort, toil and heartache it takes to make that money? Were you ever taught in seminary to appreciate what your parents have done for you? This is the very first middah that the Torah teaches us. Adam was criticized for not being makir tov that G-d gave him Chava. This comes well before any chumros that you learned. Don't you think that your parents, at the very least, deserve at least one word - "thanks"?
Your year in Eretz Yisroel is a privilege and a luxury. No, it is not coming to you. It is not your birthright. It is precisely this "kumt mir" attitude that is so distasteful and the cause of much discord. It has fostered arrogance among some of our youth. You should be in awe of your parents. Ten months in a seminary apparently did not make you smarter, better, wiser or more experienced than your parents. That you may know a few more chumros, Rambans and halachos than your parents does not render them inferior to you. Indeed, the tone and content of your letter show that you have much to learn.
A Parent With Priorities In Order
Now that the Rabbonim are in a mode of doing “Takonis” for weddings, I thinks its time to make a “Takana” to scrap the whole "Seminary in Eretz Yisroel" business. There are really great Seminaries here in the States. As far as having your daughter have an "Experience in Israel" is concerned, I propose sending our daughters to Israel for the summer after High School in a supervised controlled camp. It will save thousands upon thousands of dollars!
It won't happen though! Why?
I want to know why there isn’t any “Takones” for the prohibitive costs of the tuition of an Israeli based Seminary? Why are the costs of these Seminaries that brainwash our daughters to marry men that will never carry out what they promised in the Ketubah,  the same as a wedding?
Maybe, just maybe, the Rabbonim want these Seminaries to continue in business to push the "learning" agenda to keep the Rabbonim in business. 
I want to know why there aren't any Takones to stop the bleeding of Jewish Hard Earned Money!
Its ok to limit the number of musicians at weddings (thereby ripping away the Parnassah of many hard working family supporting young men).
But its not ok to stop stuffing tens of thousands of dollars in the pockets of the Seminary Administrators.  Makes sense???

Sunday, March 20, 2011

No! No! These Are Not Nazis, These Are Jews Burning The Israeli Flag on Purim!

An annual Purim ceremony of burning the Israeli flag, is also being held on March 20 , in several Anti-Zionist communities worldwide. In Brooklyn, N.Y., at Hewes St cor. Lee Ave. at3:00 p.m., and in Monsey, N.Y., at Phyllis Terr cor. Maple Ave at 3:15 p.m. 

See a video from 2 years ago flag burning in Williamsburg, notice hundreds of Men, Women and Children cheering this on! On the Video see and hear Rabbi Mordechai Weberman, who is the uncle of accused pedophile Nechemyia Weberman.

The following is a press release from the Anti-Israel Factions.

"It has come to our attention that on Sunday, March 20, at 12:00 p.m., in front of the Iranian UN Mission at 633 Third Avenue, corner of 40th Street in Manhattan, certain rabble-rousers plan to hold a Megillah reading with the purpose of insulting the Iranian president and heating up tensions. Authentic Jews will be there to register their protest against these troublemakers, as well as express their pain and sorrow at this insulting and provocative behavior, which is a part of an approach that can have catastrophic consequences.

"The portrayal of the Iranian president as an anti-Semite and hater of the Jewish people is patently false. In Iran, Jews and Judaism are treated with the honor and respect. The Zionists, ever since the founding of their movement, have adopted a policy of terrorizing and vilifying anyone who does not go along with their political line. But this policy has always brought, and continues to bring, severe consequences for the Jewish people - bloodshed and misfortunes, may the Almighty spare us.
"In general, it must be known that the idea of Zionism - that the Jewish people must arise from exile and found its own independent state - is forbidden by the Torah, no matter how it is done. The Almighty sent us into exile, and forbade us to free ourselves from that exile, promising us through His prophets that He Himself would take us out of exile in a supernatural manner, without any human movement. The Jewish people believes in the Almighty's redemption and waits patiently for it.

"Therefore the idea of Zionism and its state, and especially the policy of oppressing, terrorizing and insulting, is foreign and forbidden to the Jewish people. The Zionists' use of the name "Israel" for their state is a farce; it is not a Jewish state, only a Zionist state.
"The Almighty commands every Jew to be a loyal citizen of his country of residence, not mixing into political matters between countries. A Jew must live with honor and respect for all people. We especially thank and respect anyone who recognizes the above truths.
"May the Almighty bring peace to the entire world, and may the time come when all humanity serves only Him."

Is this what Hashem wants us to do on Purim? One can clearly hear children in the background cheering on the burners of the flag! Does Hashem want us to teach our children hate against our fellow Jews?
Read what they say above about the Modern Day Hitler ..
Ahmadinejad .. "

"The portrayal of the Iranian president as an anti-Semite and hater of the Jewish people is patently false"

Not one person on the video tries to stop this shameful act! Not One!! 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Ad in Monsey Newsletter Wants All Women & Girls to "Stay in the Inner Rooms" on Purim

This is not a joke! This is not a Purim Prank! This is very Serious!
An advertisement appearing in the Monsey "Community Connections" wants Women and Girls on Purim not to "Laugh out loud" and to make sure that they are "not to be noticed or heard,"and stay in the "inner rooms."
It is no wonder that the Chassidic youngsters are fed up with all this and are leaving their heritage and frumkeit behind!
Isn't Purim all about Esther Hamalka, a Woman? The whole miracle of Purim was because of Esther, yet some Meshuganer in Monsey wants that Esther's offspring be hidden in a closet so that the Schnorrers shouldn't see them! This sick individual, to bolster his agenda, quotes the Holy Saint the Chofetz Chaim Z"L. Can you fathom his chutzpah? The Chofetz Chaim's wife actually ran his retail store and was dealing in public with the public. This "nut" actually went and paid for a full page ad, thinking its a mitzvah!
I urge all readers to call this deranged guy and to also call the Community Connections to protest this atrocity perpetrated on our Wives and Children.. His number is in the ad.
click on image to enlarge
I believe that the problem  started when we first allowed newspapers and magazines in our house that do not carry any pictures of women, even dead ones.... the Yated, Hamodia, Mishpacha and even Bina (a magagazine designed for women)will not have pictures of women even when they are writing an obituary, a lady no longer alive...
Are people so sick that they get aroused from a dead lady? Now we have a guy that wants to put our wives and daughters in a closet. During a brief conversation with him, he told me that it is in the "Shulchan Aruch." I have a challenge for him, if he finds this in the Shulchan Aruch I will be the first one to stuff my wife & daughter in my walk-in closet! How about that?
We allow ads that blank out the face of the lady... is this normal??
Photo Credit : azigra (posted on Dovbear Blog)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Tznius Va'ads" Blackmail and Extort Thousands of Dollars From Families!!!

This is unbelievable.... incredible! Tznius (Modesty)Va'ads established to protect their populations from Molesters are turning out to be gangsters and blackmailers extorting families for up to $30,000.00. Frumfollies reports that in the name of keeping modesty up to par, these Va'ads that are located in Williamsburg and Monroe are shaking down the families of the molesters with the most incredible scheme! With fake "therapists!" These "therapist" are often perverts and molesters themselves!
From Frumfollies:

Here is how the new scam works. One guy from the Vaad shows up and says to Mr. or Mrs. Ploini Almoini, “We are sorry to have to tell you, your teenager was hanging out with the wrong element on the edges of Williamsburg, her school found out, and they will expel her.” The “wrong element” could be the clique of rogue hasidic teenagers who gather in coed groups and talk to each other. Sometimes a little more happens, and in rare cases, a lot more.
Now the parents are in panic. They can see their daughter’s reputation and marriage prospects falling over the cliff and dragging down the family with them. The parents simmer in anxiety while they wait for the next blow. But, as we say, the remedy exists before the affliction. During a follow-up visit the Vaad suggests therapy. “Simple” they are told, “send your daughter to a therapist, the school will hold off on expulsion, and she will be straightened out.”
However, they are not talking about a licensed professional but a torah therapist. This torah therapist must be approved by the Vaad. The fee is around $250 for a one hour session, there are 1-2 sessions a week, and the therapy lasts for 10-20 weeks or more. Naturally there is no insurance coverage and fees are not on a sliding scale. Nevertheless, desperate parents cough up the money. The bite depends on the Vaad’s mood and their estimates of the vulnerability and financial situation of the family. I have heard figures in the range of $10,000 to $30,000. A good name is precious It is also very expensive when you have to buy it from the Vaad.
Variants of this scam can be used against anyone, boy, girl, adult philanderer, etc. Other variants of this scam can be applied to couples in marital and custody disputes and so on. Sometimes it involves services other than therapy. The common denominator to all these scams is a threat to reputation followed by financial extortion disguised as the purchase of services.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Satmar Teaches their children that the holy language "IVRIT" is more impure than any other language!!

Satmar Yeshivos ingrain hate against their fellow Jews! They teach these holy little souls that the holy language, Ivrit,  spoken by Gedoilei Yisroel and hundreds of thousands of "shomrei  torah and mitzvos" is impure. Not only is it it impure but it is the impurest language in the world! More impure than Arabic, a language spoken by blood thirsty murderers of our people. More impure than German whose people that speak that language killed millions of our Jewish brothers & sisters. More impure than Spanish that banished us from their lands. More impure than English that chased us out of England in the 12 century and murdered some of our Rishonim.
In times like today when our brethern in Israel are facing annihalation, these Satmar gangsters teach their children to hate other Jews! It is no wonder that Moshiach doesn't want to come!
By the way the Satmerer's Rebbi wife of Monroe speaks Ivrit to her sisters.
My fellow Satmarer Chassidim, time to go into the Rebbi and tell him "Lo Zee Haderech" this is not the way...we do not want our children brainwashed, we want you to teach love instead of hate! We want Moshiach to come!
Recently I was at a Satmar Wedding, backers of the "Aronim,"(Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum's followers) and I jokingly asked some little boys about 11 - 12 years old what they thought of the "Zaloinim?" (Rabbi Zalman Teitelbaum's followers).They began to laugh, and called them "Rashoim"(evil People). I then asked what they thought of the Bnei Yoel (followers of the Rebbitzen of R' Yoilish Z"L) and they said they were "Goyim" (gentiles)...
My friends, is this what we are teaching our precious children?
Woe to this generation! Woe to our leaders!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

This Picture Speaks For Itself!

יזכרם אלקינו לטובה עם שאר צדיקי  עולם וינקום לעינינו נקמת דם עבדיו השפוך

Blogger Protects Pedofile!!

The following artice appeared in today's Journal News :
A car service driver from Spring Valley is accused of looking under a 10-year-old girl's skirt as he drove her to school.
Aron Pashkin, 69, of 150 Liberty Parkway was charged with endangering the welfare of a child, a misdemeanor, after his arrest on March 4, according to Ramapo police.
Pashkin is thought to have picked the girl up from her Monsey home about 8:45 a.m. Feb. 7 to drive her to her Spring Valley school.
Police said that while driving the girl, Pashkin looked under her skirt and then made suggestive comments to her.
Police Friday evening would not identify the company that Pashkin worked for and would not explain the passing of nearly one month delay between the alleged incident and Pashkin's arrest. Whether the car service had been hired independently by the girl's family, by officials at her school or by the school district also was not clear.
Pashkin was released on $500 bail and told to appear in Ramapo Town Court at a later date.There was no telephone number listed for his Liberty Parkway home.
The investigation into Pashkin remains open and police are seeking additional information.

Contact Ramapo police at 845-357-2400.

Dus Iz Nies Comments:
There is a blog called "Your Jewish News" and they reported the above article from the Journal News ... except they took out the last line that said:

The investigation into Pashkin remains open and police are seeking additional information.
Contact Ramapo police at 845-357-2400.
and wrote instead :
"Note: All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a Jewish court of law. Anyone with information in defense of Mr. Pashkin is urged to contact his lawyer."

Can you believe this Chutzpah? They didn't write "let's give the victim all the support she needs" ....instead they  back this Animal !!!
How are we going to resolve sexual abuse in Monsey with this crazy sick logic??
E-mail them  and warn them that we will not tolerate this any longer!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Finally!! A Rabbi Against the Crazy "Kol Korah" Rabbinic Proclamations!

Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi Yona Metzger spoke out sharply on Wednesday night against the trend of rabbis’ letters addressing various social or political causes, declaring that such letters led to disparagement of religious leaders.

In an address to members of Netzach U’Magen, a religiously- oriented organization that commemorates fallen Israeli soldiers, Metzger slammed the “mode” of letters that the Israeli public had recently witnessed.


Dus iz Nies:
Maybe just maybe this will spread to the US Rabbis... The Kol Koreh's have become a joke and there isn't a serious person that listens to them ...
There will be Rabbonim, however,  that will probably say "we will not take a cue from a Zionist" "fin a zeeyoinee?  Chas V'shulim !"and will continue to issue Kol Korahs ..... 

Congressman Keith Ellison, a Muslim, Sheds Crocodile Tears for a Muslim 1st Responder Who Got Killed on 911

 Rep. Peter King (R-NY)  held hearings today in the House Homeland Security Committee singling out the Muslim American community for supposedly aiding and abetting terrorism. Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), Congress’s first elected Muslim, rebuked King’s unjustified focus on the Muslim community during his own remarks at the hearing. He reminded the hearing that a number of Muslims have worked to defend the United States from terrorism, and referenced the story of Muhammad Hamdani, a 23-year-old Muslim first responder who died on September 11th saving people trapped in the World Trade Center, and was later smeared due to his Islamic faith. The congressman broke down into tears by the end of his statement, moved by the story of Hamdami, who “was a fellow American who gave his life for other Americans”

Dusiznies responds:
Hey Congressman, how many tears did you shed for the 3,000.00 innocent people that were killed by members of your religion?
Who killed him??? 
Whats with the News reports  writing that he is the "FIRST ELECTED MUSLIM?" Are we to expect more Muslims to get elected?
Also, just a thought, when Hamdami responded on 911 he and the world had no idea  that the attackers were Muslims! 

Now read about our own Jewish Idiot fawning over people that continue to call for the destruction of Israel and keep murdering our brothers & sisters..
"Rabbi" Marc Schneier writes
"Our country’s Muslim community has consistently shown itself to be as fully committed to American values as any other faith group. From condemning terrorism to serving in Congress, from fighting in the military to participating in social justice, American Muslims are as dedicated to the preservation and improvement of our homeland as are all Americans."
Is he stupid? Or just ignorant?
Rabbi Schneier kissing a lady not his wife!
Read his crazy and convoluted article. He calls his article "Help our Muslim brothers"

Hey "Rabbi," what do you say about this story??? Still want to help your "Muslim Brothers?" You stupid naive fool!
A Jewish couple and three of their children were stabbed to death in bed in a West Bank settlement in what Israeli officials said Saturday was an attack by one or more Palestinians who broke into their home.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hillary Clinton Praises Israel-Hating Al-Jazeera

A decade ago the U.S. government attacked Al-Jazeera as a propagator of anti-American propaganda. Now Hillary Clinton is citing the network for fine news coverage ...

Friday, March 4, 2011

Rabbi Weismandl, Rabbi Green Where Are You?

Watch and Weep!!
Sounds just like the Weingarten story... 
Where were the Rabbonim then???????
This story happened 21 years ago, but "Rabbi" Yoisef Weiss is still very well respected, yet Shlomo is probably looked at as a "Sheigatz"..... Don't expect anything from our Rabbonim, they are busy banning Web Sites.
Question: 21 years ago, there weren't any Jewish  web sites, they couldn't blame Vosizneias, there were no comments, yet the Rabbis didn't do anything?It's only when the blogger UOJ exposed Yeshivah Torah Temimah as harbingers of abusers that things began to happen.

Rabbi Weismandl, tell us,what's going on in Nitra?... you didn't say a word about the Weiss case and now you are backing the convicted pervert Weingarten? What's up with that? Huh? Time for the Bloggers to look into the Weismandl -Weingarten connection!

Lets collect $$$$$ to get Weingarten out of jail. That would be the biggest Mitzvah. The Halacha is that you have to sell a Sefer Torah for Pidyan Shevuim...
Rabbi Green, Weismandl give up  your Sefrei Torah for the convicted pervert!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Susan Rice, US Ambassador to the UN Blames Israel!

Susan Rice, America's United Nations ambassador, recently insisted that "for more than four decades, Israeli settlement activity has corroded hopes for peace and stability in the region."
It's a scurrilous charge, but let's play dumb and assume Rice didn't know the latest proof to the contrary. Let's assume she doesn't know that Palestinians, even the so-called moderate ones, are vehemently denouncing plans to teach the Holocaust to their children.
The welcome proposal comes from the UN, which runs many schools for Palestinian "refugees" in both the West Bank and Gaza, as well Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. The Jerusalem Post reports the UN quickly found itself accused of a "suspicious scheme" and a "cultural crime" by Hamas, which controls Gaza. A leader of Fatah, which controls the West Bank, was no more receptive, calling the Holocaust the "big lie."
Now that she knows all this, Rice will surely realize the fundamental problem is that too many Palestinians hate Jews and do not accept Israel's right to exist. And once she realizes that, she will understand that to call any other issue the obstacle to peace is truly the Big Lie.
by Michael Goodwin, New York Post