Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rabbi Weismandl, Rabbi Green Where Are You?

Watch and Weep!!
Sounds just like the Weingarten story... 
Where were the Rabbonim then???????
This story happened 21 years ago, but "Rabbi" Yoisef Weiss is still very well respected, yet Shlomo is probably looked at as a "Sheigatz"..... Don't expect anything from our Rabbonim, they are busy banning Web Sites.
Question: 21 years ago, there weren't any Jewish  web sites, they couldn't blame Vosizneias, there were no comments, yet the Rabbis didn't do anything?It's only when the blogger UOJ exposed Yeshivah Torah Temimah as harbingers of abusers that things began to happen.

Rabbi Weismandl, tell us,what's going on in Nitra?... you didn't say a word about the Weiss case and now you are backing the convicted pervert Weingarten? What's up with that? Huh? Time for the Bloggers to look into the Weismandl -Weingarten connection!

Lets collect $$$$$ to get Weingarten out of jail. That would be the biggest Mitzvah. The Halacha is that you have to sell a Sefer Torah for Pidyan Shevuim...
Rabbi Green, Weismandl give up  your Sefrei Torah for the convicted pervert!


Bench Kvetcher said...

No surprise here that Nitra covered up his abuse.What about KJ covering up Weingarten's Bastard aborted child/grandchild? How many times have they called the police in 10 years? besides for the people who were violated by the vaad hatznius.

Monsey said...

They would have to sell every sefer torah in town and it still will not get Weingarten out a moment sooner.