Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lakewood Rabbis Ready To Ban All Comments & Anonymous Bloggers

Frumfollies is reporting that  the "Gedoile Hador"  of Lakewood are ready to come out with yet another Kol Korah (Proclamation) banning all comments and forums on the Internet. They will also require that every website have a Mashgiach, and name its owner and authors.

So, let's walk through this together and analyze this latest attempt to keep the sheep ignorant and  see what this "Issur" (Prohibition) will actually accomplish!
If this ban is taken seriously, then the next time a precious Jewish child gets sexually abused, you would not be able to discuss this with anyone. The  predator would now be able to continue to satisfy his perverted sexual appetite with other children, unchecked. The Rabbonim would be able to continue to employ this bastard, since nobody would ever know what or who the pervert is!
 If, Chas V'sholom, the Abuser would be a Rosh Yeshivah, one of their own, then even if the Rosh Yeshivah got convicted in a Federal Court of rape, the Rabbonim would come out with a Kol Koreh that he is totally innocent and raise money to hire lawyers to appeal the conviction. If, Chas V'sholom, the Pervert Rosh Yeshivah would get convicted in a Bais Din, then they could always get the clown Rabbi William Handler to call the Bais Din "a bunch of lightweights,"on live radio, the sheep would now accept the Kol Koreh as fact, since there wouldn't be any blogs to tell them the truth!

Will the Website now be able to write, "I am Moshe Yankel Berko, the author of the "Lakewood Blog" and I know that Harav Hagoen Velvel Pornowitz, melamed of the second grade fondled my neighbor's child?
NO! Why?
1. Moshe Yankel Berko, will be thrown out of his shul, his children out of yeshivah, and will never be able to do a shidduch with any of his children, because he defied the ban of the "Gedoile Hador" of Lakewood. All Advertisers to his blog will now be boycotted and harassed.
2.  Harav Hagoen Velvel Pornowitz, the sadistic pervert who molested and destroyed hundreds of Jewish Nashomos, both physically and spiritually, will continue to teach, and all of Pornowitz's children will do wonderful shidduchim.
3. The abused students will be left a wreck, the parents of these children will tear their hair out, because the "Gedoile Hador" will tell them that they will handle the matter internally, and nothing will be done. Their won't be any anonymous blogs to out the Pornowitzs' of this world!
3.The "Gedoile Hador" of Lakewood will continue to be worshipped like the Golden Calf. 
Great work Rabbis! Just please don't ban Jelly Beans, I love them!

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Yerachmiel Lopin said...

I love your guys at DIN. What a great acronym for Dus Iz Neies. Your site gives us the real judgment.

I also love the firing squad cartoon.