Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Susan Rice, US Ambassador to the UN Blames Israel!

Susan Rice, America's United Nations ambassador, recently insisted that "for more than four decades, Israeli settlement activity has corroded hopes for peace and stability in the region."
It's a scurrilous charge, but let's play dumb and assume Rice didn't know the latest proof to the contrary. Let's assume she doesn't know that Palestinians, even the so-called moderate ones, are vehemently denouncing plans to teach the Holocaust to their children.
The welcome proposal comes from the UN, which runs many schools for Palestinian "refugees" in both the West Bank and Gaza, as well Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. The Jerusalem Post reports the UN quickly found itself accused of a "suspicious scheme" and a "cultural crime" by Hamas, which controls Gaza. A leader of Fatah, which controls the West Bank, was no more receptive, calling the Holocaust the "big lie."
Now that she knows all this, Rice will surely realize the fundamental problem is that too many Palestinians hate Jews and do not accept Israel's right to exist. And once she realizes that, she will understand that to call any other issue the obstacle to peace is truly the Big Lie.
by Michael Goodwin, New York Post

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