Sunday, March 13, 2011

Satmar Teaches their children that the holy language "IVRIT" is more impure than any other language!!

Satmar Yeshivos ingrain hate against their fellow Jews! They teach these holy little souls that the holy language, Ivrit,  spoken by Gedoilei Yisroel and hundreds of thousands of "shomrei  torah and mitzvos" is impure. Not only is it it impure but it is the impurest language in the world! More impure than Arabic, a language spoken by blood thirsty murderers of our people. More impure than German whose people that speak that language killed millions of our Jewish brothers & sisters. More impure than Spanish that banished us from their lands. More impure than English that chased us out of England in the 12 century and murdered some of our Rishonim.
In times like today when our brethern in Israel are facing annihalation, these Satmar gangsters teach their children to hate other Jews! It is no wonder that Moshiach doesn't want to come!
By the way the Satmerer's Rebbi wife of Monroe speaks Ivrit to her sisters.
My fellow Satmarer Chassidim, time to go into the Rebbi and tell him "Lo Zee Haderech" this is not the way...we do not want our children brainwashed, we want you to teach love instead of hate! We want Moshiach to come!
Recently I was at a Satmar Wedding, backers of the "Aronim,"(Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum's followers) and I jokingly asked some little boys about 11 - 12 years old what they thought of the "Zaloinim?" (Rabbi Zalman Teitelbaum's followers).They began to laugh, and called them "Rashoim"(evil People). I then asked what they thought of the Bnei Yoel (followers of the Rebbitzen of R' Yoilish Z"L) and they said they were "Goyim" (gentiles)...
My friends, is this what we are teaching our precious children?
Woe to this generation! Woe to our leaders!

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CR said...

This is actually quite funny given the appalling level of sheer ignorance it reveals. In Egypt they haven't spoken "Egyptian" for thousands of years!

Most of the other languages he mentions did not even exist at the time of the Purim events; English, Spanish, French, Russian all emerged over the last 1000 years. Arabic is a bit older but only by a few hundred years. So, how did Mordochai know them if they did not yet exist? And Tarshish was one of the original 70 nations!? How come the Torah does not mention it in Noach when the birth of the nations is described?

Not only do I not want this "rebbe" teaching my kids I would not even let him train my dog!