Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Tznius Va'ads" Blackmail and Extort Thousands of Dollars From Families!!!

This is unbelievable.... incredible! Tznius (Modesty)Va'ads established to protect their populations from Molesters are turning out to be gangsters and blackmailers extorting families for up to $30,000.00. Frumfollies reports that in the name of keeping modesty up to par, these Va'ads that are located in Williamsburg and Monroe are shaking down the families of the molesters with the most incredible scheme! With fake "therapists!" These "therapist" are often perverts and molesters themselves!
From Frumfollies:

Here is how the new scam works. One guy from the Vaad shows up and says to Mr. or Mrs. Ploini Almoini, “We are sorry to have to tell you, your teenager was hanging out with the wrong element on the edges of Williamsburg, her school found out, and they will expel her.” The “wrong element” could be the clique of rogue hasidic teenagers who gather in coed groups and talk to each other. Sometimes a little more happens, and in rare cases, a lot more.
Now the parents are in panic. They can see their daughter’s reputation and marriage prospects falling over the cliff and dragging down the family with them. The parents simmer in anxiety while they wait for the next blow. But, as we say, the remedy exists before the affliction. During a follow-up visit the Vaad suggests therapy. “Simple” they are told, “send your daughter to a therapist, the school will hold off on expulsion, and she will be straightened out.”
However, they are not talking about a licensed professional but a torah therapist. This torah therapist must be approved by the Vaad. The fee is around $250 for a one hour session, there are 1-2 sessions a week, and the therapy lasts for 10-20 weeks or more. Naturally there is no insurance coverage and fees are not on a sliding scale. Nevertheless, desperate parents cough up the money. The bite depends on the Vaad’s mood and their estimates of the vulnerability and financial situation of the family. I have heard figures in the range of $10,000 to $30,000. A good name is precious It is also very expensive when you have to buy it from the Vaad.
Variants of this scam can be used against anyone, boy, girl, adult philanderer, etc. Other variants of this scam can be applied to couples in marital and custody disputes and so on. Sometimes it involves services other than therapy. The common denominator to all these scams is a threat to reputation followed by financial extortion disguised as the purchase of services.

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