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Rabbi Eliezer Berland is formally indicted on numerous counts of sex crimes against members of his community.

That cop should be watching what the Rabbi is doing under his Tallis

Rabbi Eliezer Berland covers himself with his talit (prayer shawl) at the Magistrate's court in Jerusalem as he is put on trial for sexual assualt charges, on July 29, 2016. Flash90
The Jerusalem District Attorney's office today (Friday) filed an indictment in the city's Magistrate Court against Rabbi Eliezer Berland on charges of indecent acts without consent, indecent acts towards a minor by exploiting a disciplinary and educational relationship, and aggravated assault.

In the indictment, Rabbi Berland is named as having served as the Rabbi and leader of the "Shuvu Banim" community and Yeshiva in Jerusalem, many of whose members were concentrated near his residences in Jerusalem and Beitar Ilit.

As part of the obligations associated with his position, he held meetings for purposes of religious and spiritual guidance and instruction with male and female members of his community, and others, in his house and other places.
The indictment states that Rabbi Berland took advantage of these meetings and his status on numerous occasions to commit sexual acts - without consent and while exploiting a disciplinary and educational relationship - with women and female minors.

Following the exposure of some of his deeds by a man who had discovered them, the indictment says, Rabbi Berland ordered two of his followers to assault the man.
As has been reported on Arutz Sheva, the extradition process of Rabbi Berland from South Africa was recently completed, involving the Israel Police, the International Division of the State Attorney's office, and Foreign Ministry elements.

The prosecution has requested that Rabbi Berland remain in custody until trial.

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Hillary's America ...... Official Teaser Trailer

Israeli Father of 11 Indicted on Charges of Sexual Abuse of Daughters

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Older of two alleged victims, from a prominent ultra-Orthodox family, come forward after discovering that her father also abused a younger sister.

A major criminal indictment was filed on Thursday against a 50-year-old father of 11 children in Jerusalem District Court on allegations that he had committed sexual offenses against two of his daughters for a period of years, including rape.

The alleged offenses came to light after the older daughter who is said to have been victimized by her father since she was 7, is said to have discovered recently that her father had also abused her younger sister. The defendant is from a highly prominent and well-connected ultra-Orthodox family. He was arrested about two weeks ago and his detention has been several times. A gag order imposed in the case was partially lifted Thursday with the filing of an indictment.

The prosecution has asked that he be ordered held in custody until the end of legal proceedings against him. The indictment includes charges of rape, sodomy and indecent acts against the two girls. The investigation of the case, which included the involvement of social welfare authorities, uncovered evidence that the defendant sexually assaulted the older daughter from when she was 7 until she left the family household at 17.

It was after that that the man allegedly began sexually abusing the younger daughter, who was 11 at the time. He allegedly continued to do so until authorities learned of the allegations about a month ago. The daughters are now 23 and 15 and a half.

"Over the past two weeks, in questioning the suspect, we saw [evidence of] the shocking acts that the suspect committed on his daughters over the course of years in frequent intervals," said Deputy Commander Gilad Bahat, deputy commander at the Zion police station in Jerusalem.

Police investigators and social welfare staff also attempted to discern whether the suspect had abused on daughters and have found no evidence of this. The police said both the ultra-Orthodox community and the family itself have been cooperating with investigators.

In May in a separate case, the ultra-Orthodox community was shaken by the indictment of a well-known rabbi in Jerusalem who was also charged with abusing two female family members from the time they were young children until adulthood.

83 percent of Charedi parents in Israel would like their sons to attend high schools that teach secular subjects

It seems that the Gedoilim are out of touch with the  "hamoin am" the regular people!

In an article in Commentary Magazine by Evelyn Gordon, she noted that younger Charedim, while remaining passionately committed to Orthodox Judaism, are increasingly rejecting their rabbinic leadership’s hardline positions on numerous issues, including work, army service, academic study, and communal isolation.

Officially, the rabbinic leadership still holds that men should study Torah full-time. 
But the proportion of Charedi men entering the workforce is rising steadily, and last year, it exceeded 50 percent for the first time since Israel started tracking the data. It’s now 51.2 percent.

Today’s Haaretz has a fascinating profile of Yisrael Porush, the 36-year-old mayor of the Charedi city of Elad, whose father and grandfather were prominent Knesset members and deputy ministers. The elder Porushes focused on traditional Haredi concerns. But the young mayor has a different goal: In the words of reporter Meirav Arlosoroff, it’s “for as many of the city’s residents as possible to work.” To this end, he has not only brought business ventures like a software development center into town, but has negotiated agreements with two neighboring local governments–a secular Jewish one and an Arab one–to create joint industrial parks.

On education, the change is equally dramatic. Not only did the number of Charedim in college jump by 83 percent, to 11,000, from 2011-2015, but attitudes toward secular studies in high schools are also changing.
You wouldn’t guess this by looking at the older generation of politicians: On Sunday, at the Charedi parties’ behest, the coalition agreed to repeal a law imposing financial penalties on Charedi schools that don’t teach the core curriculum.
But the next day, the Jerusalem Post quoted a new survey which found that 83 percent of Charedi parents would like their sons to attend high schools that teach secular subjects alongside religious ones, as Charedi girls’ schools already do. Another 10 percent would consider this option. Moreover, the article noted, the number of Charedi boys attending yeshiva high schools, which prepare students for the secular matriculation exams, has doubled since 2005. Though the number remains tiny (1,400 enrollees last year), the survey results indicate that this may be due less to lack of demand than to lack of supply: Today, just over a dozen such schools exist.
On army service, too, change is apparent. In 2014, 2,280 Charedim enlisted – about one-third the number that would have enlisted if all Charedi men joined the army at 18. And in some places, the numbers are higher: In Porush’s Elad, about 40 percent of men do army service.
Moreover, the stigma against army service is rapidly crumbling.
Army service no longer disqualifies Charedim for prominent rabbinical positions. Today, you can serve and still be appointed to the Supreme Rabbinical Court, with the unanimous approval of a panel that includes the Charedi chief rabbis and a Charedi Knesset member.

Lakewood Mother has her husband arrested in front of the kids

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Trump jokes to media that he hopes "that the Russians find Hillary's Missing E-Mails" but the media fools take him seriously

DNC Cair Schultz Fired
Trump held a news conference last night, something that Hillary Clinton hasn't done in a year, and a reporter from CNN asked 
"Mr. Trump! Mr. Trump! Do you have a relationship with the Russians?  Do you have any relationship to the hack?  Are you...? Are you...? Are you having any relationship with Russians?"  

Trump said, 
"I don't have any investments in Russia. I sold a guy a house. I sold a Russian oligarch a house in Palm Beach. I bought the place for $40 million and I flipped it for $100 million. It was a great deal, but I don't have any investments." 

But then he said, "I really hope the Russians can find Hillary's emails."  

Ha Ha ...
 You should have seen the explosion in the aftermath on cable networks of the roundtable discussions, particularly on CNN. They could barely keep everybody on camera.  They were jumping out of their seats like they were jacks-in-the-box.  "I can't believe what he just said!  He just said that he hopes the Russians intercede in the presidential election!  That's unbelievable!  I can't believe what I just saw!

ha ha

 The he got a question, a couple questions about gay marriage, and he finally told the info babe (paraphrased), "Be quiet. I've answered that question a zillion times and I'm not answering it anymore. Next question."

So the bottom line is. Trump said,
 "Russia, if you're listening, I hope you're able to find the 30,000 Hillary emails that were missing." 
The media is beside itself. 

Fat Jerry Nadler Cuts in Front of Kosher Food Line at Democratic National Convention

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The following story is too funny for words. The new York Post reports that  Jerry "the backstabber" Nadler, the one who voted to hand nuclear weapons to the Iranian Mullas, couldn't wait to get his sandwich and cut the line! 

A Jewish representative from New York was spotted cutting in front of a line of people waiting for kosher food at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) this week, the New York Post reported on Wednesday.
According to the report, Rep. Jerrold Nadler skipped what could have amounted to a 30-minute wait at a kosher food stand inside the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, where the DNC is being held, to grab some pastrami sandwiches. One server said had visited the stand three times.
Commenting on Nadler’s behavior, Marta Nieves, chair of the Nebraska Latino Caucus, said, “That is white privilege.”
Meanwhile, Manhattan City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez , who waited patiently on line for the kosher food, said he personally had not seen the fellow Democrat cut in front of people, according to the New York Post.
Nadler is a US Representative for New York’s 10th congressional district.

Will Hisachdas give an Hashgacha on Cockroach Milk?

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Rumor has it that the Hisachdas ha"ganovim are looking into giving an Hashgacha on Cockroach milk and chap ois the OU!

Think twice before killing the next cockroach you find in your apartment.
A team of scientists at India’s Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine discovered that cockroach milk may be the greatest superfood of them all.
The Pacific beetle cockroach (the only kind that gives birth to live young) feeds it’s babies by lactating protein-dense crystals, which pack fats, sugars, amino acids, and more than four times the nutrition of cow’s milk.
“It’s time-released food,” project lead Subramanian Ramaswamy told The Times of India.“They can be a fantastic protein supplement.”
But don’t swap out your smoothie’s almond milk just yet. Despite it’s nutritional value, cockroach milk is extremely high in calories.
Researchers are currently working to sequence the genes so they can be reproduced in a lab—and the world can avoid the horror of a cockroach milking farm.

Knesset Passes Amended Law: Chareidim Can remain "Ignoramouses" Don’t Have To Learn Math, English Or Science

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Not all parents are applauding, at least in private, as the Knesset on Monday night the eve of 19 Tammuz passed the amended bill pushed by chareidi parties. 

As a result, chareidi schools are no longer compelled to teach mathematics, science and English, as gedolei hador have come out strongly against any “government interference” in the education of chareidi children.

However, many parents secretly blessed the law voted in by the previous Knesset amid the awareness it would provide their children with tools to earn a living after leaving beis medrash.

The law that was eliminated compelled schools to provide 10-11 hours of math, science and English weekly. However, the Minister of Education is given the authority to decide if s/he will make learning these subjects is contingent on receiving state funding so it is possible that Minister Naftali Bennett may compel some secular subjects in the chareidi curriculum.

The vote on the bill in its first reading passed in a 37 to 33 vote. When presenting the bill for a vote, Deputy Education Minister Meir Porush explained “It is a question of 65 years verses 18 months of compelling the subjects by Yesh Atid. We have always made do without funding and with more difficult conditions and received a promise to maintain the status quo since the establishment of the state”.

Porush added that despite claims by opponents to the amendment that one million children will be impacted, in fact, it will only impact 41,000, those registered to ‘mosdos patur’ and these parents do not wish the schools teaching anything contrary to the position of gedolei hador. Porush added there are only about 420,000 students in chareidi educations so the figure one million is simply absurd.

What really happened with the vote?
Former Education Minister (Yesh Atid) Shai Piron spearheaded the change to compel chareidi children to learn secular subjects and passed it into law. However, in fact, little changed with the chareidi amendment since in the past, the law compelled schools to teach the secular subjects but now, following the vote, the authority has been placed in the hands of the Minister of Education. That means today, Naftali Bennett has the authority to stipulate state funding for a school is still contingent on teaching these subjects.

Why oppose teaching math and English?
Talmidim in Chinuch Atzmai schools do learn basic math (adding, subtracting, multiplication and division) and some, even English. (We are addressing boys. Girls often learn more secular subjects than boys). However, the so-called ‘mosdos patur’ that receive less than 50% of funding from the state but do enjoy funding, were pressured to teach the subjects.

Rabbonim explain that it is less a matter of teaching more math than it is permitting state interference in chareidi education, citing the Chazon Ish, ZT”L, the Brisker ZT”L and Rav Sonnenfeld ZT”L were among those speaking out loud and clear against any state involvement in education and the gezeira is still adhered to today. 

Noted rav Rabbi Motcha Blau is among the audible voices behind maintaining education in line with the gedolim of the generations, telling Kol Chai Radio on Tuesday 20 Tammuz that parents have the right to send children to the school they wish as the school has a right to teach as it wishes and the rabbonim will never accept state interference on any level.
What are the children learning?

As stated above, children learn basic math and grammar and that is all. Parents are quietly frustrated in many areas, some explaining to Kol Chai that today things are different, and having basic English dialogue skills is not a luxury but a necessity. They add that the chareidim entering the IDF Shachar program have proven their ability to learns advanced math quickly following years of developing their minds by learning Gemara, but the same is not true of English. 

Some chareidim interviewed, above the age of 25, explaining it is unquestionably more difficult to learn a language at a later age and it should have been taught to them in school.
However, HaGaon HaRav Aharon Yehuda Leib Shteinman Shlita and other gedolim in the chassidish camp remain adamant and the curriculum remains unchanged.

Satmar and Zionist Government Colluding to Find Out Out Which Mosdos are "Double Dipping"

In Yiddish there is an expression "Oz men lebt, der'lebt men alles" if you live long enough, you will live to see everything.
Well, who would believe that Satmar and the Zionists are getting together to investigate moisdos that are taking money from Satmar and at the same time taking money, chas ve'sholem, from the Zionist Government!

As the new school year approaches, the Eida Chareidis is cracking down to determine which institutions are secretly accepting state funds in violation of their ‘Taharas HaKodesh’ hashkafa. 

This is the response to the recent revelation that the Chachmas Lev School for girls was accepting funds from Satmar’s Keren Hatzalah while secretly taking funds from Israel’s Ministry of Education too.

Satmar officials are not taking this lightly and they are compiling a list of the names of all students in the Taharas HaKodesh schools and they are going to check with the ministry to make certain none of the names appear on the state’s list for funding too. 

Satmar is cutting off funds for any student’s whose name appears in the Ministry of Education database too and actions will be taken against the school.

The Eida and Satmar are warning they will not make exceptions and those found in violation will be ousted, adding they will only have themselves to blame.

Breaking- Berland Admits Forcible Rape of a Married Woman on Recording

From Frumfollies  Blog

Israel’s Mako news service posted a hetefore unrevealed three-year-old recording of Rabbi Eliezer Berland saying:

Totally, she was raped from beginning to end.
After, it she asked is it permitted, she asked after the first time I raped her if she is permitted to her husband [or whether she was an adulterous wife who had to be divorced].
Beyond any doubt she is permitted to her husband.
She did not understand what happened. She asked me, “What happened? What happened here?”
I told her, “You are not an adulterous wife; you are not an adulterous wife.”
Not once did she do this out of her own will.
She understood it as a divine mission to be the wife of the rabbi.
Berland was recently extradited back to Israel from the Republic of South Africa after a three-year flight spree over multiple continents and countries including The Netherlands, Morocco, Zimbabwe and a few others. 

He headed the formerly respected Shavu Banim faction of the Breslov Hasidic group. He still has dozens if not hundreds of followers who insist on his innocence. I do not know if their blind faith will survive these revelations.

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Ezra Friedlander calls the the Vicious Anti-Semite Kaine ..."very menthchlich"!

L-R: US Senator Tim Kaine, Ezra Friedlander (Shmuel Lenchevsky/The Friedlander Group)
The Kapo Ezra with his friend the vicious anti-Semite Kaine

Ezra Friedlander the "kapo" is ready to throw the entire Jewish people under the bus!
We have already documented that Tim Kaine hates the Jewish people. But Ezra could care less as long as he can lick Hillary's ass and get paid for it !
It amazes me the sheer arrogance and chutzpah of this lowlife. In yiddish there is an expression that describes this "whore" ..."a fardorbiner mench" a rotten person!
What a sickie ......!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ezra Friedlander, CEO of the Friedlander Group, which recently organized an event that included Sen. Kaine, described him as “very mentchlich,” gentlemanly.
“He is very down-to-earth and unpretentious. In the current political climate, that’s very endearing,” he said.
Mr. Friedlander was one of many who felt that the senator’s strong personal commitment to Catholicism would give him an especially sympathetic ear to the religious liberty needs of faith communities.
“A person’s background inevitably influences his outlook, and I think it will give him the ability to relate to the concerns of Orthodox Jews and should make us comfortable with the idea of having him as vice-president,” he said.

Rabbi Berland Now Accused Of Inciting Followers To Commit Murder

Allegations continue to unfold against Rabbi Eliezer Berland, the “founder and spiritual leader” of Shuvu Banim Yeshiva in Jerusalem’s Old City, who has been on the lam for three and half years in an attempt to prevent standing trial for alleged sex crimes against four women prior to 2013 and intimidating one of the victim’s husbands. 
Israel’s Ch. 2 news reports ( that the rabbi, who was recently extradited from South Africa to Israel, directed his followers to kill one of his adversaries while he slept, saying in a 2013 video recording, “Send him straight to heaven. There is an explosive pack in the house. Put the explosive pack underneath his bed. An explosive pack, so that he’ll go straight to heaven.” The target of the attack is not identified in the video.
Even before Berland’s return to Israel last week, other Breslov rabbis have maintained their distance from him, cautioning the public to do so as well. “We hereby announce our view that we have no part or share or ties with this man or any of his followers, and anyone who cares for his own well-being will keep his distance from him,” the rabbis said in a statement.

The rabbi’s son, Nachman, has called his own father either “totally wicked or mentally ill,” adding, “He pretends to be a great saint. My father has no shame. When people know about his crimes, they won’t come near him. My father is such a criminal.”

Democrats Raise Palestinian Flag at Convention


Notice: No American Flags in entire convention
Contrast that with the Republican Convention

David Horowitz Missing from Satmar Camp! UPDATE::: FOUND SAFE!!!!!!

Hatzolah, Misaskim and other groups are searching since last night for missing is 15-year-old David Horowitz, who went missing from Camp Sha’arei Chemle.

David is a special needs child. He was last seen at the camp at around 8:00PM on Monday night.
He was wearing the clothing seen in the attached photo of him.

The camp is part of the Satmar [Kiryas Joel] Camp network 

State Police helicopter is assisting in the search, as well as K-9 Units on the ground.
Missing in Round  Top, NY (exit 20 off the thruway)
Dovid Don ben Miriam Fraidel is his name for Tehillim.
If you see this person, please call the State Police or Hatzolah immediately.

After searching for more than 12 hours, a missing special-needs child was found on Tuesday at 12:00 noon.
 He was found sleeping in the forest. He was found by a group of Hatzolah members searching the forest.
Around two hours ago, the child hat was found in the woods.
He is Bichasdei Hashem in healthy condition and being brought back to authorities to be checked out.
Hundreds of volunteers had joined the search for the missing 15-year-old who disappeared  from Camp Sha’arei Chemle in Roundtop New York (Green County).
The camp is part of the Satmar [Kiryas Joel] Camp network
The search was coordinated by The NY State Police, NY Forest Rangers as well as Catskills Hatzolah, Kiryas Joel Hatzolah and the Misaskim Organization.
A State Police helicopter assisted in the search, as well as K-9 Units on the ground.

Tim Kaine's SHOCKING Muslim Brotherhood Connections Revealed..

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Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton might be feeling rather pleased with her selection of Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, but his disturbing connections to Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood are leaving the rest of American voters feeling nervous.
Breitbart News reported that in 2007, Kaine, then-governor of Virginia, appointed Muslim American Society President Esam Omeish, supporter of the terrorist group Hamas, to the state’s Immigration Commission. At least one Muslim organization against Islamism, the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, criticized Kaine’s decision.
In 2008, federal prosecutors alleged in court documents that MAS was “founded as the overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in America.”
Omeish’s website indicates he was president of the National Muslim Students Association, which was was created by Muslim Brotherhood members at the University of Illinois.
In addition, Kaine served for two years on the national board of the Islamic Society of North America, a group identified as a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity.
On Sept. 25, 2011, Kaine spoke at an event that presented an activist named Jamal Barzinji with a Lifetime Achievement Award. The event was organized by the New Dominion PAC, an Arab American political action committee based in northern Virginia.

Obama Says Trump Does Islamic Terrorists’ Work ..... crazy!

President Hussein Obama told CBS’s John Dickerson that Donald Trump and Newt Gingrich are drivers of Islamic terrorism. 
 Because they help ISIS with their rhetoric and policy proposals!

Black Congressman Hank Johnson a democrat compares Jewish settlers to 'termites'

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A Democratic member of the House Armed Services Committee compared Jewish Israeli settlers to termites on Monday while speaking at an event sponsored by an anti-Israel organization that supports boycotts of the Jewish state.
Rep. Hank Johnson, D- Ga., launched into a tirade against Israel and its policies toward the Palestinians, comparing Jewish people who live in disputed territories to “termites” that destroy homes. Johnson also compared Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, a remark that drew vocal agreement from those in the room.
“There has been a steady [stream], almost like termites can get into a residence and eat before you know that you’ve been eaten up and you fall in on yourself, there has been settlement activity that has marched forward with impunity and at an ever increasing rate to the point where it has become alarming,” Johnson said during an event sponsored by the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, an anti-Israel organization that galvanizes supporters of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement, or BDS.
Johnson, who in 2010 voiced his fears that Guam would tip over and capsize if too many people resided on the island, said that “Jewish people” routinely steal land and property from Palestinians.

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Kaine Refused To Sign Letter Urging Robust U.S. Military Aid To Israel

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Alan Dershowitz: 

Kaine’s Boycott of Netanyahu a ‘Mark Against’ Candidate

In another seemingly antagonistic move towards Israel, Hillary Clinton’s pick for running mate Sen. Tim Kaine was revealed to be one of only 17 senators not to sign a letter urging President Barack Obama in April to increase the U.S. military aid package to the Jewish state.

The letter, sponsored by Chris Coons and Lindsey Graham, was a bipartisan appeal to Obama for a “robust” new military aid package “that increases aid to Israel and retains the current terms of the existing aid program.”
Eighty-three senators signed the letter while 13 Democrats, three Republicans, and one Independent declined to do so, including Sen. Bernie Sanders.
Since his appointment, Kaine has come under fire for holding seemingly anti-Israel views, including staunchly supporting the Iran deal, which he called “a dramatic improvement over the status quo.” On Friday, Breitbart News noted that “Kaine was ultimately unwilling to heed the concerns of Israelis across the spectrum from left to right.” The report further noted Kaine’s decision to join anti-Israel radicals in Congress in boycotting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech.
 Alan Dershowitz, a staunch Democrat and emeritus law professor at Harvard University, stated in an interview on Sunday that the decision by Hillary Clinton’s vice president pick, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, to boycott Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress was a “mark against” the candidate.