Sunday, July 17, 2016

IDF Soldier Killed by Grenade is Son of Well-known Rabbi in Passaic and grandchild of Chernobler & Rachmistrivka Rebbes

Shlomo Rindenow
Sergeant Shlomo Rindenow 

Rabbi Rindenow \
The brother of one of two soldiers killed in an apparent tragic accident in northern Israel today has told Arutz Sheva of his shock at the loss of his sibling, who he described as a remarkably dedicated soldier.

20-year-old Sergeant Shlomo Rindenow was killed along with 24-year-old Sergeant First Class Hussam Tapesh, when a hand grenade exploded under unclear circumstances as they traveled in a patrol jeep near the Syrian border.

The explosion occurred Sunday morning, but the news was only released for publication later in the afternoon to enable the military to alert the victims' families first.

Shlomo's brother Jeff spoke to Arutz Sheva shortly after news of the tragedy broke.
He said Shlomo, a lone soldier from New Jersey, was in fact the fifth brother in his family to travel to Israel and volunteer in an IDF combat role. One other brother is also currently serving in the army, as a paratrooper.

"It happened at 7 a.m. Israel time, and we were informed about it four hours later," Jeff told Arutz Sheva. He said that Israeli embassy officials imparted the devastating news personally to his family, and were accompanied by a local community rabbi.

Shlomo's father is also a well-known rabbi in the community.

"Our family will be flying into Israel tonight," he continued, adding that there was "no doubt" his brother would be buried in Israel. "He sacrificed for the land, he'll be buried in the land."
He described his youngest sibling as "100% dedicated" to the army.
"He lived and breathed being a soldier - he couldn't wait to get back to base," Jeff recounted.
The funeral is set for tomorrow (Monday), and details are to follow.

החייל הבודד שנהרג בצפון צאצא לאדמו"רי בית טשערנאביל

שלמה רינדנאו ז"ל, החייל הבודד שנהרג הבוקר (ראשון) בתקרית בצפון, הוא בנם של קדושים וצאצא למשפחת אדמו"רי בית טשערנאביל ורחמסטריווקא • "הוא לחם למען ארץ ישראל והוא ייקבר בארץ ישראל"

שלמה רינדנאו ז"ל, החייל הבודד שנהרג הבוקר (ראשון) בתקרית בצפון, הוא בנם של קדושים וצאצא למשפחת אדמו"רי בית טשערנאביל ורחמסטריווקא. 

סבתו היא לבית משפחת טברסקי, הבת של הרבי מחטינער זצ"ל, ובת דודה של האדמו"ר מסקווירא. אביו הוא בן תורה הרב מרדכי רינדנאו תושב בניו גרז'י שהוציא לאור את הספר הידוע על אדמור"י טשערנאביל. 

שלמה בן ה-20 לחם בגדוד "אסף" בעוצבת "עקבות הברזל", התגורר בשדה יואב ובני משפחתו מניו ג'רזי. 

אחיו ג'ף סיפר היום לערוץ 7 על אחיו שנהרג: "שלמה הוא האח החמישי שהגיע להתנדב בישראל כלוחם בצה"ל. הוא הצעיר במשפחה שלנו". 

"לא היו ספקות בנוגע למקום הקבורה - הוא לחם למען ארץ ישראל והוא ייקבר בארץ ישראל", הבהיר אחיו. 

תהא נשמתו צרורה בצרור החיים. 


Ma Rabbi said...

What a terrible tragedy R"L.
May the family be comforted and never again know sorrow.

Anonymous said...

The father Harav Rindenow must be a real special person to merit having the ZCHUS that all five of his sons volunteered to put their lives on the line to protect their brothers and sisters in our holy land,what an amazing and beautiful family,now contrast this with the hundreds of thousand of so called chareidim living in their own holy land surrounded by hundreds of millions blood thirsty Arab murderers who declare openly their aim to destroy Eretz Yisroel in a river of jewish blood and never the less they refuse to lift a finger to defend their own families and country.
How you can justify this absolute traitor-ism is just beyond me,i wonder how they can look in the mirror every morning and not throw up.