Saturday, July 23, 2016

Hillary chooses an Israel Basher, Iran Nuke Supporter as her VP

Hillary Campaign Speech

So what will Ezra Friedlander and his tuchis-lekker cohorts going to say now, that their girlfriend Hillary chose a senator that thinks nukes are a good thing for Iran? 

Senator kane hates Netanyahu and electing this anti-Israel team will be bad for the Jews!

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Ma Rabbi said...

It is obvious. Anyone who loves Israel must vote Republican in this election. Moreover, we must convince our friends and relatives to do so as well.

Ezra Friedlander chillul Hashem with Tim Kaine said...

Friedlander and Kaine just honored at the Senate the so called Rabbi Marc Schneier of the Hampton Synagogue Temple. Available online at

In the entire Jewish community, that is who they honor, that after he was exposed for his improper behavior with women multiple times, and even expelled from his Rabbinic organization (the RCA) no less?

It is not Kain's fault for the most part, what does he know about such things, he was led into it by the big Chusid Ezra Friedlander with his PR business, but still, it shows you what phoniness is going on with such people.

Ezra Friedlander Group phony fraud exposed said...

Even the non-Orthodox Tablet magazine had a piece wondering why Schneier was honored by Friedlander. In it Friedlander admits that he, for the most part, run the show at his phony DC events.

See it at

PC danger from Friedlander activities said...

There is another big problem with Time Kaine and Ezra Friedlander honoring Marc Schneier.

Marc Schneier has joined with Muslims to fight alleged Islamophobia (Kaine mentions it in the video whose url is in a previous comment, and a search for "marc schneier islamophobia" will yield numerous results). Islamophobia is a term that Moslems use to try to suppress dissent and opposition, painting people that oppose them as illogical bigots fighting an illusory threat. The fact is, however, that real danger exists, and it is not illogical at all to be on heightened alert after events in recent years.