Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Satmar and Zionist Government Colluding to Find Out Out Which Mosdos are "Double Dipping"

In Yiddish there is an expression "Oz men lebt, der'lebt men alles" if you live long enough, you will live to see everything.
Well, who would believe that Satmar and the Zionists are getting together to investigate moisdos that are taking money from Satmar and at the same time taking money, chas ve'sholem, from the Zionist Government!

As the new school year approaches, the Eida Chareidis is cracking down to determine which institutions are secretly accepting state funds in violation of their ‘Taharas HaKodesh’ hashkafa. 

This is the response to the recent revelation that the Chachmas Lev School for girls was accepting funds from Satmar’s Keren Hatzalah while secretly taking funds from Israel’s Ministry of Education too.

Satmar officials are not taking this lightly and they are compiling a list of the names of all students in the Taharas HaKodesh schools and they are going to check with the ministry to make certain none of the names appear on the state’s list for funding too. 

Satmar is cutting off funds for any student’s whose name appears in the Ministry of Education database too and actions will be taken against the school.

The Eida and Satmar are warning they will not make exceptions and those found in violation will be ousted, adding they will only have themselves to blame.

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