Sunday, July 3, 2016

Chava Mark regains consciousness doesn't know her husband was murdered

Michael Mark with wife Chava, who was seriously wounded in the attack
The seriously wounded victim of Friday's deadly drive-by shooting attack south of Hevron regained consciousness early Sunday afternoon.

Chava Mark was left in critical condition in the shooting, which killed her husband Michael and injured two of their children who were traveling with them in the car at the time.
She has been in a medically-induced coma ever since, as doctors fought first to save her life, and then to stabilize her condition. She underwent a serious of major operations for multiple gunshot wounds to her upper body. Her 15-year-old daughter, who also sustained gunshot wounds in the attack, is hospitalized with her in moderate condition.

On Saturday night, doctors announced that Chava's condition had stabilized, but cautioned the full extent of her injuries were not yet known. 

Chava awoke from her coma as the funeral procession for her husband makes its way from their hometown Otniel to Jerusalem's Har Hamenuchot cemetery - via the site of the deadly attack which claimed his life.

She is not yet aware of her husband's death.

The attack occurred late Friday afternoon, as the family were making their way down Route 60 in the Hevron Hills region. 
The Arab terrorists who carried out the attack overtook them, raking their car with gunfire and causing it to flip, killing Michael and wounding all three passengers. 

Some 20 bullets were fired at the innocent family in the attack.

Son of terror victim Rabbi Mark eulogizes father: 'I’m drowning in the depth of your absence'

 Joshua said on Sunday as he eulogized his father Rabbi Michael “Miki” Mark who was killed in a terror attack on Friday.

“My heart is shattered in pieces,” said Joshua as he looked out at the thousands of mourners who filled the sanctuary and study of the Otniel Yeshiva, where his father had been the director-general.

On Frida, Mark was driving with his wife and two of his 10 children along Route 60 near the West Bank settlement of Otniel where they lived. He had been on his way to his mother’s house for the Sabbath to help her celebrate her 80th birthday.

Palestinian gunmen shot at their car, killing Mark and injuring his wife Chava and two of their children. 

At the funeral, Joshua said of the attack, “God took what he wants and now what should we do, who do we curse?” he asked. 

Mark’s son Netaneal recalled how he had spoken with his father every Saturday and plied him with questions. “Now, who can I speak with?” Netaneal asked.

His father, he said, was a “renaissance man” who was also kind and gave endlessly to those around him. “Everything he touched turned to gold,” Netaneal said.

Mark’s daughter Orit began her eulogy by crying repeating over and over again, “Father, I love you.”

She recalled how only recently, he had hugged her and sworn her would never leave her.

“And now God has taken you,” she said.
“You added so much goodness into the world. You did so much for others and for us. You gave us everything we wanted with a full heart. You accepted us as we were. You never abandoned us, even when we did something wrong. Now we are here and you are absent.”

President Reuven Rivlin said at the funeral, “Jewish blood is not worthless. We promise - over Miki's grave - that we will continue to fight terror unequivocally, and without fear. We will fight, and we will win. The IDF and the security forces will cut down the accursed murderers who killed Miki. Nothing will cure the pain. But the light of the way that Miki paved will not be extinguished. May his memory be blessed, and may his soul be bound in eternal life." 

Mark’s body was carried out of the yeshiva to slow mournful singing of the prayer, “God of mercy.”

As the funeral procession made its way along Route 60 to Jerusalem Har Hamenuchot cemetery for burial, Mark’s family stopped to say the prayer for the dead at the spot, where the terror attack occurred. 

Settlers from the Jewish communities along the road stood along the highway waving Israeli flags. 

The IDF had soldiers positioned all along the road and closed off the entrances to the Palestinian villages as the funeral procession passed. Unable to access the road, the Palestinians stood watching the slow funeral procession.

Mark’s wife Chava remained at Hadassah Ein Karem hospital and was not at the funeral. She was unconscious from the time of the attack and until Sunday afternoon, when she woke up. She is listed in serious but stable condition. 

Mark’s daughter, 14, who sustained a gun shot wound to her stomach, was temporarily released for the funeral. One of his son’s who was also injured in the attack was sent home from the hospital on Saturday night.

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