Monday, July 18, 2016

French leader calls for ban on Jews wearing kipa in public! Satmar Encourages Jews to remain in France!

Far Right: French National Front leader Marine Le Pen has called for a ban on Jewish headgear

Just this past week, all the Satmar weeklies were chastising the Zionist State of Israel, because they were reasonably encouraging French Jews to make Aliyah! 

All, and I mean ALL European countries are soaked with Jewish blood, yet the Satmars have learned nothing from past history, trusting the Christians and the Muslims to be kind to the Jews, and are busy re-writing history, writing lies that the Arabs lived peacefully with the Jews until the Zionists came .... 
One just opens the Rambam's Iggeres Teiman to see that Satmar History is a distortion of the truth!

Now these crazed anti-Zionists are telling French Jews to stay put in France.....
and are totally fabricating stories about what they call "Yaldei Tzarfat" the children of France!
They are telling the naive sheep that the Zionists are taking French children and are making them into chilonim....
What crazy stuff????

Hey Satmar? Are those children orphans???? They don't have parents?

Aren't the parents of these children sending them to those Chilonei institutions?

Is Satmar telling us that the parents are Chareidim and sending them to Israel without any supervision, and the Zionist are grabbing them at Ben Gurion Airport and shipping them to chilonie schools???

How sick are these Satmars.... and now they grabbed R' Markiel Kotler to help them fund raise for this fraudulent endeavor!
I say it's a fund raising gimmick!

If they are really sincere, open up schools like the ones R' Aron Kotler did, ala Chinuch Atzmaie and ask the parents if they would agree for their children to attend....
but no .....another propaganda gimmick against the Zionists!
Mesheegeh Umetoreh!

Far right politician Marine Le Pen has caused outrage across France by calling for the banning of the Jewish skullcap in public.

The leader of National Front won a fifth of the popular vote during the first round of May’s presidential election on a largely anti-Muslim immigration agenda.

Now in an interview she has called not just for a ban on the wearing of Islamic veils in public, but also the kippah – leading to France’s most senior Rabbi to describe her view as ‘deeply deplorable’.

Her inflammatory words come at a time of heightened tensions caused by a Paris satirical magazine’s decision to publish a series of cartoons mocking both Islam and Judaism.
One of the images in Charlie Hebdo shows a Prophet Mohammed character being pushed around in a wheelchair by a Rabbi.

Ms Le Pen told Le Monde that all religious headwear should be banned ‘in shops, on public transport and on the streets’.

‘It’s obvious that if the veil is banned, the kippah should be banned in public as well,’ she said. The French parliament passed a ban on full-face coverings, including the Islamic veil in 2010 and the law came into force last year. 

Miss Le Pen, whose infamous father Jean-Marie Le Pen is a convicted racist and anti-Semite, also called for a ban on public prayers.

And she said kosher and halal foods should be outlawed in schools, along with foreign governments being allowed to pay for mosques.


Anonymous said...

The same Satmar criminally insane Romanian gypsy bastards in the years before world war two, told Jews not to emigrate to Palestine (when it was still possible),and of course we all know what a terrific advise that turned out to be

Meir Herszberg said...

Meshugener hater Yossel!

The Zionists successfully imported and SHMAD hundreds of thousands of Sfardi Jews, stole thousands of Yemenite babies from their families.
But you soneh Yisroel are busy with satmar.

What have YOU done to help ensure that French olim stay Jewish in your Kookish paradise??

Dusiznies said...

Meir Herszberg
Let's not go there ... Meir..
Satmar stole as many Sfardi Jews as the Zionist did ...go on utube

Shmad? What Shmad?
satmar boys especially the Yemenite converted Satmars are going off the derech by the thousands ...yes by the thousands ...
the satmar kidnapped Yemenite boys and girls, brought the to the USA and married them off to the Satmar the crap is hitting the fan..
In Israel, the Zionist may have placed some of those children in irreligious kibutzim, but all married Jews and never assimilated there wasn't any Shmad...
unless you don't know what Shmad means>...
Meanwhile the Zionist are the biggest supporter of Torah and there is more learning in the Zionist State than in the entire world and the entire Jewish history!
As far as the French olim are concerned:
Those who go to Israel frum are frum in Israel also...those not frum who make Aliyah...may or may not continue to be not frum ...but the chances of them marrying a Jew is far better than if they continued living in France or if they moved to Williamsburg!