Monday, July 25, 2016

Kaine Refused To Sign Letter Urging Robust U.S. Military Aid To Israel

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Alan Dershowitz: 

Kaine’s Boycott of Netanyahu a ‘Mark Against’ Candidate

In another seemingly antagonistic move towards Israel, Hillary Clinton’s pick for running mate Sen. Tim Kaine was revealed to be one of only 17 senators not to sign a letter urging President Barack Obama in April to increase the U.S. military aid package to the Jewish state.

The letter, sponsored by Chris Coons and Lindsey Graham, was a bipartisan appeal to Obama for a “robust” new military aid package “that increases aid to Israel and retains the current terms of the existing aid program.”
Eighty-three senators signed the letter while 13 Democrats, three Republicans, and one Independent declined to do so, including Sen. Bernie Sanders.
Since his appointment, Kaine has come under fire for holding seemingly anti-Israel views, including staunchly supporting the Iran deal, which he called “a dramatic improvement over the status quo.” On Friday, Breitbart News noted that “Kaine was ultimately unwilling to heed the concerns of Israelis across the spectrum from left to right.” The report further noted Kaine’s decision to join anti-Israel radicals in Congress in boycotting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech.
 Alan Dershowitz, a staunch Democrat and emeritus law professor at Harvard University, stated in an interview on Sunday that the decision by Hillary Clinton’s vice president pick, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, to boycott Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress was a “mark against” the candidate.

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