Sunday, July 17, 2016

101 Muhammads Jailed by U.S. Anti-Terror Agencies Since 9/11


U.S. anti-jihad agencies have jailed or arrested 101 men since 2001 who are named for Muhammad, the reputedly final and perfect prophet of Islam, despite President Barack Obama’s insistence that Islamic “violent extremism” – and the 101 Muhammads – have nothing to do with Islam.

One hundred Muhammads are listed in two Senate documents describing 711 arrests or convictions since 2001, when Khalid Sheikh Mohammed sent Mohamed Atta and 18 others to destroy the Twin Towers.
On July 5, immigrant Mohamed Bailor Jalloh was charged with aiding terrorists, making him the 101st Muhammad. 

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Anonymous said...

The most important and the most dangerous (Hussein) Mohammad is missing from that list,and this terrorist sympathizer and America hater and traitor could very easily be found by law enforcement officers as he resides at 1600 Pennsylvania ave,