Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Belz Chasid, Riki Ferster becomes a Weightlifter!

Three years ago, Riki Ferster was a Chassidishe girl in the Belz community. Today at 16 , she is a captain of a weightlifting club.
Riki went off the derech with her parents and 8 siblings!

Mee Ke'amcha Yisroel!


Joe Putz said...

I thought only Gerrers are built like that

Anonymous said...


The name is Ferster and it's a rachmonus on them all.

Anonymous said...

Mee Ke'amcha Yisroel!? Not this OTD!
Of course you're proud of this kind of "yisrael" which is the opposite of am "Yisroel"

Yehuda said...

It is a beautiful story' jews are known as a cosmopolitan Religion of individuality and happiness Boruch Hashem