Sunday, July 17, 2016

Breslov Rabbonim: Distance Yourself From The Man Called Rabbi Eliezer Berland


A number of prominent Mashpi’im in the Breslov Tzibur have released a kol korei instructing chassidim to distant themselves from Rabbi Eliezer Berland, who remains imprisoned in Johannesburg awaiting extradition to Israel, for sex crimes!

Rabbi Yaakov Meir Schechter, Rabbi Shmuel Mosher Kramer and Rabbi Nosson Liebermentch signed the kol korei, speaking out against Rabbi Berland in harsh terms.

They explain Rabbi Berland errs in the essence of his derech, as well as his basic understanding and teachings of Yiddishkheit and as such, poses a true threat. The also highlight they have no connection to him and his derech whatsoever, as should be the case with all true Torah-believing Jews.

Shuvu Banim officials respond, explaining the kol korei is not at all surprising, citing the rabbonim who signed have little-to-no influence in the chassidus today and as such, the kol korei is all but meaningless. 

They explain this small bunch has always been on the outside looking in and they attack rabbonim who bring people back into the fold, such as the tzaddik from Yavniel ZT”L and mashpiah Rav Meir Brenner Shlita, “all emanating from their hate for Sephardim and baalei teshuvah…"


Anonymous said...

What took em so long ? did it really take these bozos two full years to figure it out?

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Berland's group has been trying to prey on people's sympathies and offering brachos to get money to help him. How did he get money for all his travels?

Unknown said...

Took them time to find out the hard way that they'll be unsuccessful with the coverups.

Unknown said...

בעולמם של חרדים: הרב הצדיק רבי יעקב מאיר שכטר מכחיש כל קשר למכתב שפרסמו ביום שישי בשמו מתנגדי הרב ברלנד ואומר כי זה מזוייף

Anonymous said...

While Berland is scum...this letter is forged!