Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Breaking- Berland Admits Forcible Rape of a Married Woman on Recording

From Frumfollies  Blog

Israel’s Mako news service posted a hetefore unrevealed three-year-old recording of Rabbi Eliezer Berland saying:

Totally, she was raped from beginning to end.
After, it she asked is it permitted, she asked after the first time I raped her if she is permitted to her husband [or whether she was an adulterous wife who had to be divorced].
Beyond any doubt she is permitted to her husband.
She did not understand what happened. She asked me, “What happened? What happened here?”
I told her, “You are not an adulterous wife; you are not an adulterous wife.”
Not once did she do this out of her own will.
She understood it as a divine mission to be the wife of the rabbi.
Berland was recently extradited back to Israel from the Republic of South Africa after a three-year flight spree over multiple continents and countries including The Netherlands, Morocco, Zimbabwe and a few others. 

He headed the formerly respected Shavu Banim faction of the Breslov Hasidic group. He still has dozens if not hundreds of followers who insist on his innocence. I do not know if their blind faith will survive these revelations.


wake up Yidden said...

Will Reb Nachman of Breslov still pull him out of gehennom by his peiyos, since he went to Uman?

Anonymous said...

The recordings are inconclusive. There are detractors of his who imitate his voice perfectly. Suddenly after 3 years they find tapes.The only credible claims are the women accusers and that will be decided in court.