Tuesday, July 12, 2016

R' Chaim Brisker, R" Yosef Sonnenfeld & R' Elizer Finkel, all sent out invitations with wives' name spelled out!

A new Chumra! 
We are all frumer than the Gedoilim of the previous generations. We are even frumer than our Holy Torah.... because now, almost all invitations just write the Mechutan's name and they write "V'reusoh" and "his wife"! 

But in the Torah, the wives of our avois and our leaders are clearly spelled out!
Did you know that R' Chaim Brisker's wife's name was,  Lipsha?
Did you know R' Chaim Yosef Sonnenfeld's wife name?

" Yosef


Anonymous said...

This is the BEST BLOG POST you ever wrote! Thank you!!!

Peleg said...

It musta been about 30 years ago... The Aguda of Baltimore had a n'shei which had a newsletter. Now, keep in mind, this is an organization for women and by women. When they wrote about a member, her name was always something like, "Mrs. CHAIM Friedman". Soon, since it is an unnecessary appellation, we may totally dispense with giving our daughters first names altogether.

Some of us are totally nuts!