Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Ezra Friedlander calls the the Vicious Anti-Semite Kaine ..."very menthchlich"!

L-R: US Senator Tim Kaine, Ezra Friedlander (Shmuel Lenchevsky/The Friedlander Group)
The Kapo Ezra with his friend the vicious anti-Semite Kaine

Ezra Friedlander the "kapo" is ready to throw the entire Jewish people under the bus!
We have already documented that Tim Kaine hates the Jewish people. But Ezra could care less as long as he can lick Hillary's ass and get paid for it !
It amazes me the sheer arrogance and chutzpah of this lowlife. In yiddish there is an expression that describes this "whore" ..."a fardorbiner mench" a rotten person!
What a sickie ......!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ezra Friedlander, CEO of the Friedlander Group, which recently organized an event that included Sen. Kaine, described him as “very mentchlich,” gentlemanly.
“He is very down-to-earth and unpretentious. In the current political climate, that’s very endearing,” he said.
Mr. Friedlander was one of many who felt that the senator’s strong personal commitment to Catholicism would give him an especially sympathetic ear to the religious liberty needs of faith communities.
“A person’s background inevitably influences his outlook, and I think it will give him the ability to relate to the concerns of Orthodox Jews and should make us comfortable with the idea of having him as vice-president,” he said.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who doesn't swallow netanyahus garbage hook line and sinker is an anti Semite??

I've got news for you. Not everyone thinks like you...thank god. I for one am a frum Jew who thinks that Obama was one of the best presidents we've ever had. So get off your high horse and join all the rednecks of the world...drowning in hatred and self centeredness and vote as you please but others are entitled to their own opinions.

truthbetold said...

Look, the election is now a toss up. If Trump wins, then Friedlander is irrelevant, no harm, no foul. If G-d forbid Hillary wins, then at least someone from our camp has access to a Democrat White House.

In ant event, why do care how someone makes money? Everyone engages in pandering of one sort or another. You think that all Trump supporters mean it Leshem Shomayim>

The problem with Ezra Friedlander said...

Ezra Friedlander's pandering and flattery is not just a small nice remark or two. It is rather a major commercial enterprise of his, more like prostitution at times.

He recently, with Tim Kaine, in the Senate in DC honored 'Rabbi' Marc Schneier, a five times married, serial philanderer (video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsjbQXSHeCk), who was expelled from the RCA (Rabbinical Council of America). Hundreds of Modern Orthodox Rabbis spit him out the oisvurf Schneier, but the Chusid Friedlander honors him, with Kaine. Outrageous.

He endorsed and worked for open Lesbian Christine Quinn for Mayor of NYC. Recently though, right after so many scandals came out, he went to the Salute to Israel parade, shared a hug with NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio, stated that he was the best NYC Mayor ever (!), and accompanied DeBlasio through the parade, promoting him with a bullhorn.

It is obvious that Friedlander is master flatterer and phony. He is ready to flatter and pander to major, major oysvurfs, and honor criminals, as long as it helps his business. That is a major deficiency in my book.

Another major fraud of Ezra Friedlander is his promotion of Yitzhak Yehoshua as 'chief Rabbi' of the Bukharan community. He takes Yehoshua, in his exotic garb, to DC, as if he was some major Jewish leader, and has him promoted on the Talkline Radio of his associate Zev Brenner. In reality, however, highly respected Rabbis of Queens warned against Yehoshua years ago, for improper behavior, and he is a disputed figure even among his fellow Bukharans. But since Friedlander has him as client, Friedlander is promoting him as if none of these very serious issues with him exist.

Friedlander also promotes the non Orthodox NY Board of Rabbis with Conservative 'Rabbi' Joseph Potasnick, while working for Agudath Israel which is strongly against such groups. He also promotes other questionable clients. The more controversial ones he doesn't post on his website.

A real slippery character. A master flatterer. Last I knew, systematic flattery and deception like that were major violations of the Torah.

Herr Drumpf said...

Obama will be missed

Anonymous said...

#5.55, you sound like a J Streeter. Are you a Ramaz petition signer also?

Anonymous said...

I'd rather sound like a J streeter than a neo nazi.

Anonymous said...

You hate Israel, so yo're stupidly sounding like one anyway.

Anonymous said...

Your dense brain won't allow any semblance of nuance. So you're either right wing drinking the Netanyahu kool-aid or you hate Israel. And when the same Israeli government passed laws against charedim..suddenly they're incompetent and don't know what they're doing. But every dangerous right wing decision is nothing short of the word of God.

Anonymous said...

There is an American expression that comes to mind when reading of Ezra Friedlander's kowtowing to the ultra liberal politicians - Uncle Tom.

Ezra Friedlander the Hasidic guy from NY manipulates google results with SEO to promote himself said...

Ezra Friedlander, the Hasidic scam artist, evidently had someone do SEO for him so that if someone does an internet search, they will see his PR material promoting himself, rather than criticism. Hopefully some people will look beyond those early PR results, and dig a bit further, to find the truth on the Hasidic fraudster, the fraud that is the phony Ezra Friedlander.