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Satmar Rebbe R' Zalman Leib Makes Outrageous Statement vis-à-vis Meron


Loose translation:

"Williamsburg - 

Satmar Rebbe (R' Zalman Leib Teitelbaum) expressed his pain over the situation that recently occured in Meron ( zionist police controlling the site) in light of the tragedy that occured last year (on Lag Be'Omer).

Stating that this was previously the only holy place in Eretz Yisrael controlled and managed by "heimishe yeeden" and is now being managed by police of the State of Israel! "

How insane is this statement? Is this guy serious? He is in pain because the government put safety measures in place? 

Yes it was indeed the only holy place managed by "heimishe yeedin" and look what occurred? 

Needless death! 

The families want government control and so does everyone thats sane!

Hopefully the government will never again kowtow to these amateurs and incompetent gangsters! 

And what is it with the Satmar Rebbe that he is speaking about Meron?

The Vayoel Moshe, R' Yoel Teitelbaum z"l was dead set against any of his chassidim going to Meron on Lag Be'omer. He made many "drashes" against this minhag and mocked those who went. 

Why are R' Zalman Leib's followers filling Lufthansa Planes to fly to the Zionist State for Lag Be'Omer??

A few years ago, R' Zalman Leib started a brand new minhag in Williamsburg which was to make an official "bonfire" "hadlaka" on Lag Be'Omer. This at the time was to discourage his chassidim from leaving him to travel to Meron which left him with barely a minyan.

His brother, R' Aron yelled and screamed that this new minhag was against the shita of R' Yoel z"l. 

But suddenly R' Aron realized that his own  followers were abandoning Kiryas Yoel like poisoned rats and were filling the friendly skies to rush to Meron. 

R' Aron turned around one Lag Be'Omer and noticed that there was no one there.

He quietly decided to dump "the shita" in the nearest trash bin just like his brother did a few prior and instituted the "hadlaka" in Monroe, and prohibited the bochrim from flying to Meron. 

The Skverer Rebb also instituted this new minhag a few years ago of making a "Hadlaka" and  put a "Fatwa" against going to Meron on Lag Be'Omer for good measure. 

So going back to R' Zalman Leib, what was he thinking making this outrageous statement about Meron?

That's why you need to follow DIN to get the news behind the news, to get the "rare view."

R' Zalman Leib, even though he has his own "hadlaka" couldn't stop his chassidim from jumping his sinking ship and rushing to Meron. So he decided to rant at his Shalosh Seudeh that the  "evil Zionist are now controlling the only holy site that was previously managed by the (incompetent) heimishe yeedin" 

He came up with this tactic to discourage his followers from running to the Zionist State! To him this statement as bizarre as it was, was a necessary tactic. He couldn't just say "well, this is not what R' Yoel wanted, this is against his shitah" His followers are slowly coming around realizing that they were fed a diet of lies. The new generations of Satmar have visited Israel and have seen with their own eyes the miracles of the State and are scratching their heads, wondering how the "shita" fits in with reality. So R' Zalman Leib realized that he cannot just tell them about the "shitah" they would laugh at him.

I remember growing up when Satmarer Chassidim would say that the"medina will not last 40 years" this was in 1967.

 R' Yoel z"l said in 1956 that "in 20 years, they won't be any moisdos ha'torah left, and all the chilonim will assimilate."It's now 66 years later and even though we have our problems, there is more Torah learned in Israel than anywhere in the world. There are more Gedoilei Yisrael in Israel than anywhere in the world. In a recent survey by the Wall Street Journal they found that Israelis are one of the happiest people in the world. It has one of the strongest economies. 

And what is it with Chassidishe Rebbes that instead of talking about the parsha at Shalosh Seudois  they "ploppel" about all kinds of "narishkeitin?" 

US Colleges Ranked by Highest Percent of White Students ... Telshe, Bais Hatalmud & Torah Vodaas Top the list

Bobov College 

This has to be the funniest survey ever. The  research firm  College Simply made this survey and the majority of the "colleges" are all yeshivois! 

Below is a ranking of the 3586 colleges in the United States with the highest percent of white students. American Conservatory Theater tops the list with white students comprising 100% of the school's enrollment.

Grandchild of R' Akiva Eiger Makes Huge Kiddush Hashem at the International Mendeleev Chemistry Olympiad Refusing to Take Exam on Shabbos disqualifying Him from Competition


 Neta, (second from left) wearing a Kipa, at the international competition

My name Is Nechama Spielman from Kibbutz Tirat Tzvi. I think it's important to publish the following story:

*Neta Eiger*, an 11th grader from the kibbutz, traveled abroad to participate in the International Mendeleev Chemistry Olympiad. (By the way, Neta is a descendant of Rabbi Akiva Eiger, who was famous for his genius as a Torah scholar.)

Israel sent its six best young chemists to the competition, and Neta was one of them. He excelled in the first two stages of the competition but, unfortunately, the third and most important stage, a laboratory examination, was held last Shabbat.

Despite earlier promises to allow him to take the exam on Friday or Saturday night, he was ultimately not allowed to do this. In our view, Israel should have insisted upon allowing this as a matter of policy, and not as a personal favor for Neta.

Ultimately, Neta did not take the exam on Shabbat. From our perspective, he passed another kind of exam. His kibbutz and his school in Sde Eliyahu are preparing a world champion's reception for him. He prepared three entire years for this competition and is an outstanding chemist. Tonight he returns to Israel, without a trophy but with an abundance of faith and devotion to eternal values."

When a popular Radio DJ Finds out what Jews Call the guys that open the lights on Shabbos


One Brave Girl on Tel Aviv College Campus .. Kol Ha'Kovod"


Camala's "work together, work together, work together, work together, work together, " gibberish


Patterson New Jersey On the Way to Hell


While you were enjoying your Chulent this shabbos the Satmar Funded Neturei Karta Were being "Mechaleil Shabbos"

There is no "eirav" and they were holding signs accepting drinks in a "Reshus Harabim" me'doirissah! 

Bennett weighing removing terrorists' families to Gaza


Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on Sunday night ordered the Diplomatic-Security Cabinet to examine the option of demolishing Israeli terrorists' homes and removing terrorists' families from Judea and Samaria to Gaza, as per Justice Minister Gideon Sa'ar's (New Hope) proposal, Galatz reported.

The report is sourced to three ministers who participated in the Sunday evening meeting. Both of the proposed processes are legally complex and there is opposition within the defense echelon as well.

According to Kikar Hashabbat, it is estimated that Bennet is trying to present a right-wing diplomatic stance, in light of the possibility that Israel may soon hold new elections.

According to the report, Sa'ar said during the discussion that, "We need to advance the demolition of terrorists' homes in Israel as well, and weigh removal from Judea and Samaria to Gaza. This is crucial in light of the current situation."

On the demolitions, Sa'ar said that the legal side is prepared.

Bennett responded with an instruction that the National Security Council examine the issue, adding, "We need to see what else is possible in this current [terror] wave, what other tools we have against terror."

The Prime Minister's office responded to Galatz by saying, "We do not discuss what is said in Cabinet meetings."

Of 2,658 Reporters Killed, Only Abu Akleh "The Machsheifah" Gets 18.2 M. Results!


Israel has been excoriated since the death of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh,  despite the fact that it is likely she was killed by Palestinian terrorists. Additionally, even if she was accidentally killed by IDF fire, Israel has a right to carry out counterterrorism operations against terrorists actively planning to murder Israelis. Journalists who enter war zones do so at their own risk.

But beyond the above facts, Israel advocacy expert Tamir Wertzberger noted the ridiculous double standards Israel is held up to. “From 1990 to 2020, 2,658 journalists were killed in war zones, with Iraq, Mexico, the Philippines, Pakistan and India topping the list,” Wertzberger wrote. “Twelve of them were Al Jazeera journalists, seven of whom were killed in Syria, two in Iraq, one in Yemen, one in Libya, and one, of course, in Jenin this week.
235 journalists have been jailed, with Turkey topping the list with 67 prisoners, Egypt-21, China-20, Eritrea-16, Saudi Arabia-14 and Belarus-11.”

“There were no special discussions or decisions by the UN Security Council for any of the above, or such a huge media reaction. Call it what you will. I call it anti-Semitism!”

In a video, a spokesperson for the Israel Advocacy Movement says: “The death of Shireen Abu Akleh exposes the media’s hatred of Israel. Brent Renaud was a Time journalist killed in Ukraine this year. When you type “Brent Renaud” and “Time” into Google, there are only 277,000 results. Pierre was a Fox journalist also killed in Ukraine, he has 190,000 results. Oleksandra was also from Fox and killed at the same time, she just has 30,000. Danish was from Reuters and killed in Afghanistan, he has 407,000 results.”

“Shireen Abu Akleh was the Al Jazeera journalist killed in unconfirmed circumstances. Her death generated a staggering 18.2 million results!”

“Over the last two decades, 487 journalists [2,658 were killed in the past 30 years, according to the International Federation of Journalists] have tragically been killed in war zones. None of them received this level of coverage. This frenzy is being driven by the media’s uncontrollable desire to demonize Israel. And as Israel couldn’t be blamed for the other killings, their deaths barely registered.”

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“I Urge Jews To Leave Russia Before It’s Too Late” Chief Rabbi of Ukraine R' Moshe Azman:

 Chief Rabbi of Ukraine Rav Moshe Azman is urging Russian Jews to leave the country before it’s too late.

“Today I would advise the Jewish communities of Russia to leave the country, and many are already doing so,” HaRav Azman said last week in an interview with Voice of America.

“I was in the Soviet Union and tried for many years to go to Israel,” said Rav Azman, who was born in the Russian city of St. Petersburg. “Therefore, when everything closes, it will be difficult to leave. The rhetoric in Russia is very dangerous. The rhetoric there now is worse than the Soviet Union.”

Rav Azman decried Russia’s preposterous propaganda against Ukraine as being led by Nazis. “They themselves act like Nazis,” he continued. “So who do they ‘denazify?’ They kill people, torture, rape. This is called ‘denazification.’ They invented this theory to justify their crimes.”

About 5,600 Jews have made aliyah to Israel since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began on February 24.

There are almost 200,000 Jews in Russia, making it the seventh-largest Jewish community in the world.

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We are "Jews" we are Against "Yisrael"


"Cake" is now also a Gender ... this girl is serious


How many Al Jazeera Journalists Have been killed


Did you read the Haftorah this past Shabbos?

 For thousands of years, Jews read passages from this week's Haftarah and waited. On Shabbat morning, after reading from the Torah, they again read these stirring passages from the Prophet Jeremiah .

Jerusalem is in the midst of the Babylonian siege. These are the last days before the destruction of the city. The Prophet Jeremiah, who had been thrown into prison, is commanded by G-d to do something that makes no sense: to buy a field in the nearby city of Anatot.

Jeremiah responds by drawing up a bill of sale, gathering witnesses, and executing the real estate transaction, despite the horribly dark realization that the nation is going into exile. And then, in that very moment of impending doom, Jeremiah makes an astonishing statement: "Houses and vineyards shall again be purchased in this land." (Jeremiah 32:15)

Two thousand years have passed and you are invited to check the prices of real estate in Jerusalem, to look at the cranes and new buildings going up in its neighborhoods, to walk in its beautiful alleyways -- and to discover that Jeremiah was right. Houses and fields and vineyards are being purchased in this land.

This chapter in our history gave hope to those reading about it for generations. It is an expression of the incredible potential of our people, both collectively and individually, that is now coming to fruition. Just as in the past, positive developments that today seem to make no sense can occur all of a sudden. And just as this prophecy of Jeremiah has been fulfilled, others will be fulfilled as well. It's possible. Ultimately, it's actually essential, although we cannot see at the moment how the future will unfold, as G-d says to Jeremiah a few verses later: "Behold, I am the Lord, the G-d of all flesh. Is anything concealed from Me?" (Jeremiah 32:27)

May we continue to see prophecies fulfilled. Shavuah Tov

Hillary Clinton ordered to turn over 'Russiagate' emails


Saturday, May 14, 2022

Moon goes blood red this weekend: ‘Eclipse for the Americas’


A total lunar eclipse will grace the night skies this weekend, providing longer than usual thrills for stargazers across North and South America.

The celestial action unfolds Sunday night into early Monday morning, with the moon bathed in the reflected red and orange hues of Earth’s sunsets and sunrises for about 1 1/2 hours, one of the longest totalities of the decade. It will be the first so-called blood moon in a year.

Observers in the eastern half of North America and all of Central and South America will have prime seats for the whole show, weather permitting. Partial stages of the eclipse will be visible across Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Left out: Alaska, Asia and Australia.

“This is really an eclipse for the Americas,” said NASA’s Noah Petro, a planetary geologist who specializes in the moon. “It’s going to be a treat.”

All you need, he noted, are “patience and eyeballs.”

A total eclipse occurs when Earth passes directly between the moon and the sun, and casts a shadow on our constant, cosmic companion. The moon will be 225,000 miles away at the peak of the eclipse — around midnight on the U.S. East Coast.

“This is this gradual, slow, wonderful event that as long as it’s clear where you are, you get to see it,” Petro said.

If not, NASA will provide a livestream of the eclipse from various locations; so will the Slooh network of observatories.

There’ll be another lengthy total lunar eclipse in November, with Africa and Europe lucking out again, but not the Americas. Then the next one isn’t until 2025.

Launched last fall, NASA’s asteroid-seeking Lucy spacecraft will photograph this weekend’s event from 64 million miles away, as ground controllers continue their effort to fix a loose solar panel.

NASA astronaut Jessica Watkins, a geologist, plans to set her alarm clock early aboard the International Space Station.

“Hopefully, we can be up in time and be at the right place at the right time to catch a good glimpse,” she told The Associated Press earlier this week.

Arabs grabbed journalist's casket against her family's wishes


The Israel Police said on Friday that Arab rioters took the casket of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh against the wishes of her family during Friday’s funeral, forcing the officers to intervene.

“Plans for the funeral procession of Shireen Abu-Akleh were coordinated in advance by the Israel Police together with the Abu-Akleh family,” the Israel Police Spokesperson said in an English-language statement.

“On Friday, about 300 rioters arrived at Saint Joseph hospital in Jerusalem and prevented the family members from loading the coffin onto the hearse to travel to the cemetery – as had been planned and coordinated with the family in advance. Instead, the mob threatened the driver of the hearse and then proceeded to carry the coffin on an unplanned procession to the cemetery by foot.”

“This went against the wishes of the Abu-Akleh family and the security coordinations that had been planned to safeguard the large number of mourners. The Israel Police instructed that the coffin be returned to the hearse, as did the EU ambassador and Shireen Abu-Akleh's own family, but the mob refused.”

“Israeli Police intervened to disperse the mob and prevent them from taking the coffin, so that the funeral could proceed as planned in accordance with the wishes of the family.”

“During the riot that was instigated by the mob, glass bottles and other objects were thrown, resulting in the injury of both mourners and Police officers,” the statement concluded.

Israel came under fire over the violence that broke out during the funeral. US President Joe Biden was asked whether he condemned Israeli security forces for the violence and replied, “I do not know all the details about what happened at the funeral of Shireen Abu Aqleh, but I know that an investigation must be opened.”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki earlier in the day described the footage from the funeral as “deeply disturbing”.

“We have all seen those images, they’re obviously deeply disturbing. We regret the intrusion of what should have been a peaceful procession,” she told reporters.

Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the US Ambassador to the UN, tweeted, “Deeply distressed by the images from Shireen Abu Akleh’s funeral procession. The tragedy of her killing should be handled with the utmost respect, sobriety, and care.”

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Zera Shimshon Parshas Behar


Toldos Aaron Extremists Destroy Shrine for the 45 Who were killed in Meron and will block any special services to them.


I am sure that you read about Police violence against the Toldos Ahron protestors at Meron.  The police were extremely brutal, something they wouldn't dare do to Arab protestors. 

Just two days ago, in Meah Shearim, police used violence against those who were flying the Palestinian flags and yet when Arabs were doing the same thing in the heart of Yerushalyim they looked away.

I am against violence especially against Jews and of course Jewish violence against other Jews. Meah Shearim have repeatedly stoned and almost lynched Chareidie soldiers in uniform that went to chap a minyan there. But when police use violence against them they scream Nazi.

What led to the police brutality against that Chareidie extremist? I am not justifying it, but I wonder if you know what led to the confrontation? 

The families who lost loved ones in Meron put up a shrine in Meron with candles etc.But this doesn't  bode well with the Toldos Aaron extremists who believe that they own Meron, and so they destroy it on a daily basis. 

Why don't they want it there? 

Because it reminds them that the stampede that unfortunately took place last year in Meron that took the lives of 45 innocent people in the most brutal way, with Jews stepping on other Jews that fell, was their own fault. 


For years the police and the government agencies warned them that Meron on Lag Be'Omer was a catastrophe waiting to happen, but they not only ignored their warnings but wanted the police to stay far away from the site; they didn't want any Zionists oversight. Even though that at the Kotel, Mearas Ha'machpeila and Kever Rachel something that the government controls, it is always safety first! 

The Chareidim in charge refused to follow government regs vis a vis illegal structures and didn't care and ignored crowd control rules.

Chareidim know very well that the blood of those trampled to death is on their heads.

Even after all this, they still refuse to abide by any regulations and do not want any Zionist police on hand. 

Going back to what happened with the Toldos Aaron extremist and the cop.

The families of those who were murdered by their fellow Jews decided that come this Lag Be'Omer they will have a small service to commemorate the 45 dead,, and with permission of police they set up the place with loud speakers. 

Toldos Aaron gangsters don't want the commemorations and say that this was never a minhag and therefore they won't allow it.

There is never a minhag before one starts a minhag.,the minhag of eating "ge'hakte leberlich and eyer mit zvibal" is also just a minhag, and when did that start? 

And what is so wrong with saying a couple of kapitlach tehillim for our fellow Jews that were killed in the most horrible way on this very day and on this very spot? If this is what brings them comfort, why deny them this ?

So this extremists went up to destroy the loudspeakers who was warned repeatedly by the cops to stop. He totally ignored them and so they grabbed and beat the living daylights out of him.

I am not justifying the violence but just wanted to give you the background something you won't see in the  media.

Bennett Angers Chabad Because He Told the Truth When He Compared the 5th Rebbe’s ‘Passive’ Approach To Herzl’s Activism


I'm no fan of Bennett and cannot wait for his coalition to collapse. Having said that, Bennett actually told the truth that Chabad's policy is against having a state, and that the Rebbe wrote that Jews shouldn't "go out of exile by force, "but do nothing and wait for things to happen from heaven. 

Bennett correctly pointed out that looking back in retrospect this policy discouraged Jews to make Aliyah who could have saved their families. 

Chabad went crazy when Bennett correctly pointed out that "“in this context we need to view the historic intervention which Herzl led, bringing us from passiveness to initiative." 

Chabad responded by stating that “Bennett forgot to mention in his speech a number of important details and who in truth did prevail historically: Herzl wrote in his diary (1895) that he is unsure about which land to choose to establish the Jewish state, the land of Israel or Argentina, and similarly in his book the Jewish state he left the matter unresolved. He also entertained the idea of ‘mass assimilation’ of Jews as a possible solution to antisemitism and only later reneged and called this a ‘mistaken thought’.”

Chabad is being disingenuous because they are comparing an assimilated Jew whose heart broke witnessing anti-semitism as a reporter reporting the trial of Alfred Dreyfus, to a Frum leader who should have known better.

Herzl initially thought that the solution to anti-semetism would be to assimilate but he was quickly disabused of this idea by rabbanim who he contacted. Not having any Yeshiva background he proposed that Jews move to Uganda. When he was told that Jews would only emigrate to Eretz Yisrael, he immediately embraced this idea and put his whole heart and soul in making this happen. 

Interesting to note, that Chabad did embrace Herzl's idea of moving to another secular country and promptly moved to 770 Eastern Parkway. Satmar and Skver also loved Herzl's idea and established cities in the "treifene medina" New Square and Kiryas Yoel. They never gave Herzl any credit for this. 

To be fair, it is important to point out that the rebbe did establish Kfar Chabad in 1949 for the recent immigrants from the Soviet Union and survivors of WW2. But this was not because it was in Eretz Yisrael it was simply Chabad's policy to establish communities all over the world, even in countries that murdered their ancestors;  none of the Lubavitcher Rebbes ever visited Kfar Chabad, and 770 was what Chabad preferred. 

With all of Herzl's faults, he proved to be 100% correct. An honest approach to history would require the Chareidie world to admit their mistakes but that will never happen! 

I must add that I am a great admirer of Chabad but the facts don't lie!

During a special Knesset session marking Herzl day, the day that Herzl was born, (10th Iyar 5620) Prime Minister Bennett spoke in the Knesset and quoted chareidi rabbis including the 5th rebbe of Chabad, Rabbi Sholom Ber Schneersohn, who opposed Herzl’s initiatives.

Bennett said that a “prominent chareidi rabbi” wrote in 1900: “We mustn’t listen to them on this matter to reach our redemption with our own hands. To go out of the exile by force. We aren’t allowed. All of our hopes and expectations are that Hashem should bring us Moshiach in our days and our redemption will come through Hashem Himself.”

Bennett gave his own interpretation to the words of Rav Sholom Ber and said that they mean that “we don’t need to act but rather to pray and to believe that things will happen by themselves.”

Bennett also quoted the rabbi of Lodz, Rabbi Eliyahu Chaim Meisels, who he said “placed a cherem [ban] on all of the Zionists.”

Bennett continued stating that “in this context we need to view the historic intervention which Herzl led, bringing us from passiveness to initiative. I believe in this way, I believe in less grumbling and more getting up and taking responsibility even at very difficult moments.”

The prime minister added that “I am a believing person. My faith in Hashem means that on the one hand I believe in Hashem but this does not exempt us in this land, in this world from doing all that we can to influence reality. In the end I have trust in what Hashem will decide, but we need to recognize that in our human comprehension things appear to be bad, there is not insurance that everything will work out well.”

Bennett angered Chabad chasidim by portraying the 5th rebbes words in this way. The chabad site COL responded by stating that “Bennett forgot to mention in his speech a number of important details and who in truth did prevail historically: Herzl wrote in his diary (1895) that he is unsure about which land to choose to establish the Jewish state, the land of Israel or Argentina, and similarly in his book the Jewish state he left the matter unresolved. He also entertained the idea of ‘mass assimilation’ of Jews as a possible solution to antisemitism and only later reneged and called this a ‘mistaken thought’.”