Thursday, December 22, 2022

Netanyahu Gives Jordan Peterson a History Lesson He Won’t Soon Forget


Dr Jordan B Peterson and Israel Prime Minister-Elect Benjamin Netanyahu discuss the history of Israel, its status as an embattled nation, the importance of the struggle for statehood, why and how the PM came back from political demise, and his vision for the future.


(0:00) Coming up
(1:25) Intro
(4:03) Moses and the first settlers
(10:55) Response to the Palestinian claim
(16:07) The basis for a claim
(22:55) Making something of it
(26:04) The refugee problem
(30:00) Ultimatums and progress
(33:34) Herzl, Bipartisan world support
(39:38) the Balfour Declaration, Hitlerism
(44:40) The importance of power and productivity
(50:50) PM Netanyahu’s goal, the three pillars of peace
(51:48) Steps toward economic freedom
(55:55) The fat man thin man diet
(59:50) Brush with political demise
(1:04:00) Bibi: My Story
(1:04:40) What guides a leader vs a politician?
(1:10:00) The Abraham Accords, Obama
(1:17:00) Israel and Donald Trump
(1:18:38) Why has the process stalled with Biden?

1 comment:

Frum but normal said...

Jordan Peterson, did not need this lesson from Netanyahu.
He is more of a bible believer than Bibi would ever be.
His belief that Israel belongs to God's chosen people is much stronger than 95% of the Knesset members.
Just google his latest speech in Israel.

Guaranteed, had Peterson somehow been Israel's Prime Minister, Yehuda and Shomron would have been annexed a long time ago.