Sunday, December 18, 2022

Chareidim of Meah Shearim Now Going After Optical Stores


Chareidim in Meah Shearim continue to wreak havoc in the neighborhood. 
After Thursday’s violent protest in which a woman was seriously injured by a dumpster rolled by youths demonstrating, on Saturday night Chareidie hooligans smashed the window of Optica Halperin, an optician located in Kikar Hashabat. 

Chareidim sprayed foul-smelling materials in the store after smashing the glass window and causing significant damage. The attack occurred at about 1:30 AM.

Sources close to the Chareidim told reporters that the reason for the vandalism was the fact that the store had recently shown pictures of women in its ads. Police from the nearby Lev Habirah station arrived at the scene and opened an investigation. Employees from the store were alerted and asked to come and guard the store, whose doors had been left open. Police left the scene soon afterwards and are continuing their investigation.


Al ayleh ani boichiya said...

A child came across a montage (someone showed me a picture of it) that was signed by YSV Monsey students but the child put it out in this week's trash due to the heartache that it induces. The students were bullies or mean or otherwise indifferent to the victimization. It was covered up & worse by administration because protecting YSV's 'good' name is uber alles.

Getting that off my chest before it's time in a couple hours to be freilich.

Funny Stuff said...

There are commercials that play first, at least one, sometimes lengthy.

Anonymous said...

Memories of Kristallnacht? Nebach, the perpetrators are obviosly not taught about the mitzvah of Ahavas Yisroel..obviously, they should be punished for this...And taught about not judging your fellow Jew and that not everyone is like you..Really sad...