Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Moshe "langeh booooord" Isenberg Refuses to Give his wife a Get



Wrong Messenger said...

Sad what this woman is going through but it's a mistake to farm out advocacy to that lousy prutzah "Flatbush Girl". This should be left to askonim like DIN that don't carry all that sick baggage.

Didan Notzach? said...

Why is Morristown putting up with this?

Cohen Y said...

Completely unaware of this particular situation and it may be tragic as implied. But the source is less than useless.She is another"everyone come cheer me on"anti rabbi rabble rebel rouser

IIRC as per a venerable older rabbi the ratio of agunim vs agunos in his out of town community is roughly 6: 1!

Anonymous said...

Let's not shoot the messenger thereby watering down the pure evilness of this rasha!

Femineest said...

I don't know the details one way or another but why did she go davka to a feminist beis din? Is she being too harsh to not give the marriage a chance when she should? Or is she truly a victim?

Frum but normal said...

The Halacha says, a woman can free herself from a marriage, by either of two ways, by the death of the husband or a GET (divorce)
Some forty years ago,a similar filthy sewer rat like this one who refused to give a get.
Some askonim took this case in their hands (literally) .They accosted him and literaly beat the filthy rat to a pulp, tied him up and took him straight to the cemetery in New square,dug a grave and threw him in.
They started shoveling the dirt,when it reached his nose , he was asked for the last time “are you giving the GET,whereby he answered in the affirmative.
They took straight to Beis Din where a Get was already prepared,and the Get was given.
That’s the only way you deal with these filthy rabies infected sewer rats

LES AYM said...

That's what SHOULD happen but since Rabbonim are all males. They don't try hard enough to free agunos. So they're "machmir" on the women's cheshbon so as to avoid a "forced get".

Cohen Y said...

False , more of the same though
Experience has shown on the contrary they're bending over backwards for the females, because they are aware and most males have education and therefore won't run to the courts like females do nowadays and bring the system into disrepute
Therefore they sacrifice the Males often, with the presumed alibi it is OK because they are doing it to save the standing of the of the system