Sunday, December 25, 2022

30 Years After Policeman Was Murdered By Terrorists, His Son Officer Shai Neutralizes Kafr Qassem Terrorist

  Israeli police released a startling detail regarding the terrorist attack which occurred in Kafr Qassem on Thursday night. The policeman who succeeded in neutralizing the terrorist is the son of a policeman who, exactly 30 years ago, was kidnapped and murdered by Hamas terrorists.

In December 1992, 29-year-old policeman Nissim Toledano was kidnapped by a Hamas terror cell which demanded the release of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, a Hamas leader, in return for Toledano. Despite Israel’s agreeing to negotiate, the four terrorists murdered Toledano and his body was found on 15th December 1992 (22 Kislev 5752). The terrorists were later caught and sentenced to life imprisonment but released in the 2011 Shalit deal.

On Thursday evening,(29 Kislev 5782), Nissim’s son Shai was the commanding officer of the Border Police unit operating in Kafr Qassem when a terrorist attempted to shoot at policemen and ram them. Shai acted quickly and neutralized the terrorist, thus preventing his comrades from more serious injury.

Police saw Shai’s actions as a closing of the circle after his father had been murdered by terrorists when he was only two years old and he later joined the police, following in his father’s footsteps.

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