Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Williamsburg Being Duped by Their Rebbes & Askanim to Attend a Dinner In Honor of Democrats on "Chuf Alef Kislev" December 15


The typical Chassidisher Yid living in Williamsburg, knows nothing on what is going on behind their backs and how they are being misled by the Askanim and even their Rebbes. 

They, just like their grandparents back in Hungary and Romania are being led to be slaughtered like sheep. 

When I say slaughtered, I mean spiritually. 

Every child in Williamsburg knows that both Satmar Brothers hate each other's guts, but what they don't know is that these brothers and their askanim, colluded in a scheme to destroy the Chinuch of the "tinokas shel bais rabban," in order to get Federal and State grants.

To facilitate this massive "Chillul Hashem" they called for a dinner on December 15 to honor the leaders of the Democrat Party, which will include Senator Schumer. 

All those Democrat leaders have voted for laws that are directly detrimental to Jewish Values. They have voted to mandate having LGBT agendas, and subjects that include introducing and allowing  transgender woke ideas to the holy vulnerable innocent heimishe children. 

The askanim and the rebbes have sold their souls to these degenerate politicians all for Federal and State funds.

The Headline above the "Kol Korah" in a message to the leaders, reads:

Hypocrites, Judenrat, Kapos


Anonymous said...

Why would this be news?, would we expect anything better from these two Jew hating and Israel hating kapo rat TeitelBum brothers.
These two filthy swines,spend millions of dollars yearly besmirching and denigrating Eretz Yisroel in the eyes of the world, via their antisemitic NUTRINA organization.(it’s not Neturai Karta) it’s completely supported and run by the Satmar sewer rats

Color Commentator said...

The mechaber is an unwitting stand up comic. Come to any Litvisher yeshiva to darshan this tzettl & the bochurim will be in stitches, bowling over with laughter, blown away by his colorful hyperbole that is unique to Chassidishe kanoyim.

Cohen Y said...

Sad tragic, accurate though