Sunday, December 18, 2022

Mirel Dzilowski Mother of 11 Severely Injured by Chareidi Protestors on Motzei Shabbos in "very serious condition"

So far not a peep from the "Gedoilim." On the Anglo Beit Shemesh Chats, if someone tries to discuss this, he/she are shouted down by people screaming "Loshon Hara" 

I am afraid that if these illegal protests are not stopped immediately, someone will get killed. 

Just last week, in Beit Shemesh BET, these Chareidim surrounded a bus filled with woman and children, made it stop and threw rocks and bottles at the windows. The Gedoilim of Beit Shemesh are too busy giving Chanukah Speeches about the "yevanim" and do not have the time to deal with their Jewish brothers who are terrorizing the residents. 

Mirel Dzilowski, a 40-year-old mother of eleven, was seriously injured during a violent demonstration by ultra-Orthodox extremists and is hospitalized at Shaare Zedek Hospital. 

Mordechai, one of her relatives, told N12 this morning (Sunday): "Her condition is still defined as severe but stable and there is no change. We sincerely hope for improvement and ask that all the people of Israel pray for her." 

At the same time, footage from the incident shows the moment Mirel was hit that led to her serious injury.

"We thank the medical staff at Shaare Zedek who are doing sacred work to save her life," said another of Mirel's relatives. "We hope they will do everything in their power to make her condition better."

The demonstration, in which Dzhelovsky was injured, broke out following the arrest of a man suspected of setting fire to a cellular store, during which participants set fire to bins, blocked roads and vandalized traffic lights.

 Moshe, a devout ultra-Orthodox resident of the Mea Shearim neighborhood, said in a conversation with N12:

 "Such an event could have happened a long time ago to any of the residents of the neighborhood. Whoever is behind the violent acts is a small handful, we are afraid of them and all these years we have been against them. These men do not even represent their wives. This is a small and wicked group that we ourselves also suffer from. While we are in favor of holding demonstrations – but certainly not harming people or property."

The extremist faction living in the neighborhood opposes Israeli sovereignty and refuses to obey the police. 

Moshe added: "We think that these things need to be resolved through rabbis - and deal with the violence of the handful. Although we in the ultra-Orthodox community are in favor of demonstrations against Zionism - but of these extremists who hurt the woman who is now hospitalized - we are also afraid."

"They really instill fear here and anyone who opposes them will be terrorized , call him 'Muser' and hold demonstrations outside his home. So even though the silent majority is opposed, they remain quiet ," Levy said. "These are a few dozen who are simply terrorizing. Following the serious incident, last Saturday, in the synagogues there was a process of reckoning. Everyone is frightened and worried about the injured woman's condition."

The Jerusalem District made the case a priority and an investigation was launched.  Over the weekend, Jerusalem District police officers worked to trace the identity of the suspects, and more arrests are expected in the coming days.

Shlomi Touboul, commander of the Lev-HaBira police station in the Jerusalem district, said: "More arrests are planned over the next few days. The Jerusalem Police is investing significant effort, and many Special Patrol Unit and Border Police forces are working hard against these rioters and rioters."

"Two and a half months ago, a telephone store in Jerusalem's Geula neighborhood was set on fire and the police arrested a suspect in the act, a resident of Beit Shemesh," Touboul said. Following the arrest of the suspect, significant riots began by hundreds of extremists who damage infrastructure, throw stones and eggs at police officers and roll over bins. As a result of the tin rolling, a resident of the neighborhood was seriously injured."

The ultra-Orthodox extremist demonstrations in Jerusalem following the cellular protests have been going on for months, during which huge bins are being thrown away, stones and eggs are being thrown, and roads are blocked in a way that could harm civilians and police officers. The police take the incident seriously and state that they will take action against any violent disturbance of the peace, damage to infrastructure, or an attempt to harm civilians and police officers.


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There’s no such thing as Gedoilim, not anymore

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